The Age of Utopia for PM

Hello TSP, I’m The Age of Utopia, here to campaign for the position of Prime Minister! I’m a lot newer here than most of the more notable people, I first joined TSP a bit over a year ago. However in the time that I’ve been here I’ve been quite engaged with the community, mostly the A1-0 rp and SPSF. I joined A1-0 in July of 2022, and joined the SPSF in July of 2023. In the two months following me joining the SPSF I ranked second in terms of updates attended. I haven’t held any office in TSP before, and would definitely need competent ministers, but I am not new to governing a region. Before my time in TSP I served as the executive delegate of multiple medium regions.

TSP is a great region which I want to see continue to flourish, and I want to do my best in serving this region, which is why I’m running for PM. Ensuring a wider variety of choices in an election is key to getting the government you need. The more options there are, the more likely you will find the one you want to vote for.

The SPSF is one of my favorite parts of TSP, and I want to see it continuing to thrive as much as it is already. As PM one of my focuses would be on recruitment for the SPSF, recruiting with RMB posts, TG campaigns, and recruiting people on the TSP discord.
One of the other ideas I have for the SPSF is a card reward program to encourage continued activity and reward those who pour hours of every day into defending innocent regions.

Roleplay is the thing that kept me engaged with TSP for the majority of my stay here, and it holds a special place in my heart. My goal with the RP community is to extensively recruit for it, and make it easier to access. My plans in terms of getting people engaged with the RP community is through RMB posts and TGs, as well as hopefully getting an extra-cannon event going to help get new people involved.
I know that the RP discord is being merged with the main TSP discord, but so far that seems to be taking a bit of time. Until they are fully merged it is vital to ensure new RPers are able to find and join the TSP RP server. When I first joined the TSP RP community I didn’t even know of its existence for quite a while, which kept me from getting as engaged as I would have liked, and I want to keep that from happening with others.

As I mentioned earlier, I have had no experience holding any officer position in TSP before, and haven’t been here for as much time as most people who are part of TSP’s government. This will likely work against me slightly in this election, but it can also hold an opportunity. In the case that I win, or even get a significant portion of votes, it would make an excellent example to get people engaged with the government. Such an occurrence would be a great piece of material to break down ideas of a hegemony in the eyes of newcomers, or others who haven’t been here for long.

Conflict of Interest
I am a soldier in the SPSF
Despite being an active participant in the A1-0 RP, I am not a member of the Pacifica RP
I am a RO in the region of Equit
I am a resident of The Social Liberal Union
I am a citizen of Wintreath
I am an RO in Bluecrown Keep


Given your focus on the SPSF, I’m curious your response to EmC’s question from Sir Zanny’s campaign thread:

I do not support an amendment to regional law to allow such a thing. If TSP finds the need to go on an offensive, then we can go through the assembly.

I am not against our fellow defenders’ invasion of Solidarity. They are not in the wrong, TCB is. TCB violated the sovereignty of TNP and fully earned the attack on Solidarity.

If it were the case that ours hands weren’t tied militarily I would not support TSP participating in Solidarity. We would have no obligation or reason to to do so.