Thalapadian post civil war corruption investigation

A theread documenting the post war investigations into corruption in the navy and colaboration with the insurgents

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The thalapadian corruption investigation has for now given fruit. Multiple low ranking officers who have colaborated with the enemy have been arrested. The officers are from all branches of the military, but most common in the navy and space force. The search for who’s the mastermind still continues, but it has been boiled down to it being someone from the admiralty. Because of resisting the investigation grand admiral Adam Androu has been suspended from his position until the investigation is finished.

10:00, House of the Admiralty, Notilamini, Thalaladis

Adam Androu is looking at his papers. Tho suspended he still resides in the heart of the navy. He’s trying to cover his trail up. Suddenly a bang at his locked door. He looks trough the peeking hole. All color leaves his face as a look of terror appears. He rushes to the other side of the room, searching for a exit. Bang, this time louder. This is not a hand, but a battering ram. A nother bang brakes the door as Androu realizes there’s no escape.

Several policemen with their guns pointed at him enter the room.

“In the name of the Thalaladian congressional republic you’re under arrest for charges of treason, corruption, mismanaging government funds and embezzlement. Resistance will be responded to with force”

They put handcuffs on him and take him away.

And so falls the once mighty Androu political dynasty