Thalapadian Civil War


Members of the Court,

We have noted the recent events currently happening in Thalapadis, a civil war once more brews in Cordilia. To the point that we, the delegation of Huawan, would like to invite the caucus for deliberations. As well as invite the delegate of Thalapadis to explain the current situation in their lands.

Lord Roland Young
Peonic Royal Diplomat to the World Forum

"Thank you Lord Young for inviting me. I will keep it simple.

This whole revolt was started by one man: Van Mathis
Van Mathis is a Rykapadian political leader. He belongs to one of the major noble families in the old monarchy, actually the most major one. The Mathis family ware the monarch’s personal advisors. His father was killed in the Thalapadian revolution. He’s been vocally anti government since the start of his political career, but yesterday was something else. By holding the rally he broke multiple laws, most notably pre electorial silence, hate speach and the public peace act. His arrest was more than required as it was the only way to stop him. Initially it was speculated that he was drunk, but a test quickly disproved that. As he was taken away he urged his supporters to free him, which they did

This morning his supporters formed a mob in front of the police station where he was held. They outpowered the swat teams and broke in. It was atempted to transport Van Mathis away to a safer location but the police wasn’t fast enough. Never before in thapapadian history did something like this happen. The governor ordered the national guard to be mobilized to stop them, but he didn’t think that the contingent in Rykinisi is mostly Rykapadian. Van Mathis managed to turn them to his side, falsely claiming that the arrest was done to manipulate election results in the governments favor. Soon, with the national guard contingent on his side he marched on Thermopetri military base, where the Rykapadian soliders supported him, killing their general and joining his side. We have reports that since then multiple other military bases and contingents habe joined him, and are currently marching from their meeting point to Thermopetri. A evacuation is well on the way, but it’s doubtful that we will be able to evacuate a major amount of people before he arrives. A force made out of rykinisian thalapadians is defending the city, but they’re severely outnumbered and outgunned. We’re hoping that they will manage to hold their ground long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

We’re speculating that the revolt must have been planned for some time now, and that the seperatists have outside funding. We currently don’t have information on who they could be funded by, but a foreign government seems unlikely. "

Eva Anastoti, thalapadian representative in the world forum

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Esteemed delegate Young,

thank you for calling this meeting.
I have a question regarding the situation too. While I seem to understand, that your country seems unable to fight the insurgents on your own, which is why I can propose to you help from our government officially right here and now, I’m asking myself, whether it could be possible to go into negotiations with Van Mathis on a ceasefire until foreign nationals and willing citizens have been evacuated from the greater area of the battlefield.
It seems unlikely to me at the moment, we can prevent the attack, especially as long as we don’t know the people supporting Van Mathis and his movement in the background, but we can at least limit the live’s going to be affected by this upcoming attack.

Helene Meise
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Gianatla

Thank you on the question ambassador Meise

We have tried to establish contact with Van Mathis, but failed. He does not want to negotiate at all. Evacuation of Thermopetri is still under way, but it’s made more difficult by the Rykapadian population harassing Thalapadian citizens. We have information that most foreign nationals have already been extracted thankfully. We’re hoping that the evacuation will be finished untill tomorrow morning, as the situation on the ground isn’t looking good. We didn’t expect so much support for Van Mathis’es forces. After the civilians are evacuated we’ll start evacuating military forces as it’s clear that the city is lost.

Thank you for answering the question,

I need to pose a follow-up on this. While understanding that the demographic group of the Rykapadians seems to rally majorly around Van Mathis, I find it noticeable how this one single group is pointed out as escalator of the situation. We do not have the knowledge about what tensions between the Rykapadians and Thalapadians existed historically, so maybe you want to explain this a bit more too, but my question would be: How does the government plan to assure, that a potential escalation of the conflict will not lead to a genocide against either the Thalapadians or Rykapadians?

Helene Meise
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Gianatla

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To explain this question we need to go back to early thalapadian history

Ryccians first came to the islands when a ryccian warlord conquered the island of Rykinisi, shortly followed by the rest of the islands. Ryccians ware turned into the elite of the island, while ageans became the lower class. Eventually this sistem was standardized by the emperor, deviding the people into those of ryccian culture which he called Neufolk, nee people, and those of agean culture, Ageefolk, old people. The “Neufolk” had greater privileges than thalapadians, payed less taxes, and could serve in the government, while we ware sometimes even treated like slaves. Later thalapadians ware allowed to hold ranks in the military, but that didn’t change much as they ware still subservient to Rykapadian officers. When the revolution happened that order was destroyed. Revolutionaries also, fuled by centuries of acumulated rage, executed a lot of nobles and the whole of the royal family. A cultural belief in superiority, fall from power together with the bloodshead is what created the Rykapadians deep hatered twards thalapadians, although they are treated equally in the nation.

For the question itself: we can guarantee that no genocide will be comitted by the Thalapadian armed forces. The punishments for killing of innocents are as great as our legal sistem allows. We can’t guarantee anything for the Rykapadian side, tho the low thalapadian population in the curently ocupied area and evacuations will hopefully prevent that

Eva Anastoti, thalapadian representative in the world forum

"Dear Colleagues,
I am partially excited, as it is my first speech to this Assembly, and simultaneously saddedend, due to the subject we are talking on.
Ambassador Anastoti, I believe I speak for everyone in this high house, when I say that I admire your devotion to diplomacy and solution finding even in these difficult times. I applaud you for that, because diplomacy is the only way this conflict can end. Time has shown that in the end, nothing but sitting down and talking is effective. And that is what will happen. Both sides will have to sit down and talk to solve the problem. Whatever the solution may be, it will not be made on the battlefield but on the negotiation table. Bloodshed must be avoided.

It is our interpretation of international law, that the struggle of the Rykapadians is their struggle and theirs only. No other nation may interviene in the current civil war in Thalapadia. Unless the legitimate government asks the WF for help, it is our stance that any military intervention on any side is to be considered illegal under international law. Eflad sees fit to file a lawsuit before the IC against any nation which violates this law.

It is our hope that this conflict can end sooner rather than later. It will have to end, but it is the responisbility and goal of both sides to end it. Eflad is ready to asisst in peace talks.
Thank you!"

Jan Saat, Efladian Ambassador to the WF

Honourable Delegates,

As the discussed conflict has come to an end in something we can describe as a shotgun civil war, we therefore will end the debate on this predicament.

Tudor Segărceanu
Speaker of the Assembly & Ambassador of the Kingdom of Stoinia

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