Thalapadian arms manufacturing

This is a topic made to gather all Thalaladian military tech anounced in places to make it easier for people to see and decide if they want to buy something

Type: multipurpose fighter jet
Name: TAV-39 Nychtopterix
Manufacturer: Thalaladian aerospace industries

Generation: 4.5th
G limit:: 9, 11 in emergencies
Stealth: radar signature reducing design
Maneuverability: high
Crew: 1-2
Mass: 11,000kg
Carrier capability: yes
Main armament: 11 configurable hard points
Secondary armament: 27mm revolver cannon
Fuel capacity: 4.7t internal, 6.7t external
Operational range: 3500km
Maximum speed: mach 2
Additional: equipped with the latest in thalapadian tech, has strong radar and pasive IR airborne track equipment

Price: 115 million new, 80-100 mil used
Export status: being exported, deal with the government required