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Government Overview
Want to see a full list of all members of Government in Thaecia? See this dispatch here.

World Assembly Delegate: The Ambis
Vice Delegate: Actias

Prime Minister: Marvinville
Deputy Prime Minister: Rayekka

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Brototh (Cinema)
Minister of Defence: Islonia (Altys)
Minister of Domestic Affairs: Pap Sculgief
Minister of Culture Affairs: Toerana V
Minister of Legal Affairs: Snowflame
Minister of Communications: Isopi

Secretary of Roleplay: Islonia

Speaker of the House of Commons: Santa Marana
Chairman of the Senate: Rayekka
Leader of the Assembly of Roleplay: Toerana V

Chief Justice: Sunipi

Electoral Commissioner: The Islamic Country of Honour

Important Dispatches
Thaecian Information Hub
Thaecian Press Releases
Thaecian Law Registry

In addition to the main embassy post I’ve got our August-September Update to relay! Be sure to check it out :d

Dispatch: NationStates | Dispatch | Thaecia Press Release | August and September 2022 (make sure to upvote it!)
Forum: NationStates • View topic - Embassy of Thaecia | November Update

Thank you for delivering this update and setting up shop, Atlys! Congratulations to Thaecia on its N-Day performance

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It is time for a Thaecia Foreign Update!!! Sadly there’s not as much as last time, but the next will be juicier since we’re having General Elections soon!! Stay tuned™️

Dispatch: NationStates | Dispatch | Thaecia Press Release | October 2022 (Don’t forget to upvote!)
Forum: NationStates • View topic - Embassy of Thaecia | November Update

We’ve recently had general elections so I’ve updated the main post to reflect this! More in depth coverage about them, including the stellar turnout of 83 votes, will be done in the next monthly update!

Finally, despite Cinema taking on my seat as Minister of Foreign Affairs (once she is confirmed by the Senate), I’m continuing as the main representation outside the region and probably continue to deliver updates here unless we assign someone specifically to y’all! So feel free to reach out to me for anything Thaecia. :slight_smile:

Congrats to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Senators, and Members of Parliament! It’s awesome to see such a huge turnout too. Nice!

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Helloooooooo it’s [November] update time!!! We’re a tad late due to our minister being sick during the early days of December–but she seems to be doing better now!

As a quick summary:

  • the last general election reached 83 votes!
  • we had Hunger Games with Aros Elyium!
  • we signed a treaty with the Alstroemerian Commonwealths!

and more!

Dispatch version: NationStates | Dispatch | Thaecia November 2022 update
(Don’t forget to upvote!!)
Forum version: NationStates • View topic - Embassy of Thaecia | November Update

Additionally thanks y’all for coming to the December Hunger Games! :heart: