Termina: A country of profit and opportunity

Official name: Termina Commerce Confederacy

Type of Government: Confederation

Current Head of State: Chancellor Amor Ikufube

Current Head of Government: Chancellor Amor Ikufube

Official Language: None

Spoken Languages: Austral, Hinomoto, Sedunnic, etc.

Official Religion: None

Description: The country of Termina is a loose coalition of city states and commerce guilds working together to make a profit. Their official motto is; make money, strike a deal. Termina’s economic policy is one that revolves around the sale of everything with cities specializing in a specific product or service. Despite their inherent desires to sell everything there are certain services such as housing, medicare, infrastructure, and defense that are “nationalized” to ensure that residents can remain relatively safe and keep the money circulating in the Termina economy. The government, the Termina Trade Guild (TTG)/Termina Commerce Guild (TCG), is responsible for managing the foreign relations with the outside region. The TTG is divided among three areas, a unicameral council where council members are directly elected by the city and local guilds, an executive where the TTG’s bureaucracy maintains “nationalized” services. and judiciary to deal with arbitration and criminal law.

Nationalized Service:

  1. Healthcare

  2. Affordable Housing

  3. Safe Banking

  4. Defense/military*

  5. Postal Service*

  6. Infrastructure development and maintenance

  7. Law Enforcement

  8. Justice

  9. Environmental protections

  10. intelligence

  11. other services not specified


Factions of the Termina Commerce Confederacy
As result of an Izaakian legislation limiting access to its markets the Termina Commerce Confederacy convened an emergency to determine whether to abandon trade relations with the United States of Izaakia and seek closer ties with other markets to replace the loss of revenue. The results of the emergency meeting were inconclusive as no city-state could agree on whether to abandon the Izaakian markets leaving it up to individual businesses within the Confederacy to do so at their own discretion. However, as the representatives of the city-states debated, new factions formed as some favored accepting some concessions for greater access to Izaakian markets while others favored Izaakia’s rivals in the Concordia Entente and Ryccia or pursued a more nuanced approach.

Pro-Entente City-States
Lead City-state: Higurashi
Leader: Governor General, Himiko Sugihara
Likes: Stability, Democracy, Human Rights, Peace, Honor, Earl Grey Tea, Sencha Tea, Chiffon Cake
Dislikes: Revanchists, Ultranationalists, Militarists, Disrespect, arrogance, liars

Other city states
Rimuru Valley
Xion Town
Rokomo Town

Pro-Izaakian City-States
Lead City-state: Vexen Village
Leader: Governor, Adelbert “Bert” Graham
Likes: Democracy, Aggressive foreign policy, Izaakia, Counting Money, snow, corruptible politicians and bureaucrats, Milk Tea (Hongkong Style)
Dislikes: Governor Rahl, Ryccians, heat, chaos, disrespect

Other city states

Pro-Ryccian City-States
Lead City-state: Kaiji Valley
Leader: Governor Adam Rahl
Likes: Ryccians, Metal working, Yorkshire Tea, wrestling, alcoholic beverages, especially Rum, boxing
Dislikes: Izaakians, Pompous politicians, Sober folk who refuse to drink, cowards and liars

Other city states

Neutral City-States (Status Quo)
Lead City-state: Clocktown
Leader: Chancellor, Amor Ifukube
Likes: Peace, stability, profits, classical music, Darjeeling Tea, Matcha, diplomacy
Dislikes: violence, excessive paperwork, dishonest and corrupt merchants

​​​​​​​Other city states
Kokonoe Village

Neutral City-States (“Nationalist”)
Lead City-state: Point Rain
Leader: Governor General Garek Nobel
Likes: “Patriots”, Competence, Power, Respect, Chaos, Earl Grey Tea, Hojicha, independent free thinkers, “honorable” merchants, Vodka
Dislikes: Platitudes, incompetence, disrespect, mob rule, cowardice, arrogance, shortsighted schemes

​​​​​​​Other city states
Vermillion City


City State snapshot 1: Clocktown

The City-state of Clocktown is the capital of the Termina Commerce Confederacy and formerly its cultural heart. Artisans from across the Confederacy have historically flocked to the City-state to learn to craft fine jewelry, clocks, watches, glass art and other luxurious goods. There are rumors that the city-state may have been named Clocktown due the predictability of schedules and work shifts. However, many Clocktown residents would take pride in these rumors saying that only the reliable can be called in like clockwork. Clocktowners believe that they are the decendants of proud clockmakers who founded the city-state in 900 bce and that Clocktown was named for these “guardians of time”. Although many terminan historians dispute this claim saying there were previous Terminan civilizations before the formation of the city-states with many city-states being formed just before the end of the 3rd century bce under different names before settling into their present names due to the nature of their respective government types.

Clocktown’s place as the cultural heart of the Confederacy would shift with the gradual expansion and transition of the City-state’s second largest Trading Guild, The Termina Commerce Guild/Termina Trade Guild (TCG/TTG). The Guild’s shift from local trade guild to a national “government” led to the creation of many institutions which had the unintended effect of driving away many artisans due to the increase to the cost of living. Although the Clocktown government made many strides to keep their artisans the final blow came with the invasion of Karnetvor during the Great War forcing many artisans to become war refugees fleeing the country and to friendly lands across the region with most settling in Higurashi.

The Government of Clocktown is a representative democracy with unicameral parliament and Mayor presiding over the city-state. The City-state, much like most city-states in the TCC are devised along specialized districts with a specific purpose (ie Residential districts, Financial District, Manufacturing District, entertainment districts, etc.).

The City-state houses all major government buildings for the TCG and foreign embassies allowing for the smooth facilitation of trade relations between the Confederacy and the region at large. A fact that has riled some city-states who believe that Clocktown unfairly holds a monopoly on access to foreign markets as officials from other city-states must travel to Clocktown for official business for minor issues not requiring the attention of the TCG.