Term lengths for executive office

Reviving this thread and the following proposal:




(6) Executive elections will be held every three four months, where the Prime Minister and all Cabinet positions will be up for election.

Elections Act

An act establishing elections for office

4. Offices of the Cabinet

(1) On the first of every January, April, July, February, June and October, the Assembly will convene to elect the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

I wouldn’t say I’m opposed to this. Nor would I say support so much to an extent that I’d die for it.

But I’ll go ahead and signal my support.

Hmm, why not make it three months for the Chair of the Assembly too?

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I imagine it is because the Chair does not have a fixed term.

I’ll reiterate the point @Belschaft made before, that this would need to be paired with a slim down of our campaigning period.

Candidates need to determine if they want to run before the elections start, rather than having a week for people to decide and put their name forward.

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I’ve noticed that there is a falter when campaigning begins, everyone seems to pause and ignore the jobs they’re supposedly doing. Would a condensed election cycle help or hinder this? Mind you I’m not really up on cabinet elections, so I may be off in left field here, but it’s just an observation that hopefully those who are more up on it can use.

This will only work if there are fewer offices to run for. Candidates for all 5 Cabinet offices knowing they want to run before the election starts is just not realistic. Candidates for one or two jobs is plenty realistic.

I don’t really accept that. If that’s the case, then the Cabinet positions aren’t valuable enough to keep around.

The only Cabinet position worth keeping around is a Prime Minister with actual power. But that’s another thread.

I support this–>

I remember reading some discussions (I do not recall from whom exactly, but this came from multiple people who did hold an executive office, which I have not) on how four months is either: extremely exhausting for those holding the executive positions or that one entire month is “wasted” on preparing for the “actual” executive term.
With nothing more to go off other than experience of other legislators and with this being a simple change that will (presumably) improve efficiency of TSP government, I support it.

Regarding Chair Discussions

I feel like there should be a different thread about this.