… it’s been six months already? Well, it’s been a fun six months, and today I’m campaigning for your approval to add six more! ^-^
please excuse the horrible campaign title pun

A Look Back

So, I promised a bunch of things back in July, so I’d like to quickly recap how they turned out:

  • The regular Endorsement Days were successful for the most part (I’ll conveniently ignore the December one where randomly nobody did anything :P), and we’re ~150 endos up from the start of the term
  • Besides adding to regional security, those endorsements have also been put to good use in the World Assembly, where we’ve had several close calls this term (whether in the final tally or in the battle for the lemming votes in early-to-mid stage voting) with TSP’s early Delegate vote playing an important role
  • The Delegate’s Briefings were published on schedule throughout the term, keeping the gameside updated on Assembly, Great Council, and general governmental proceedings
  • On the RMB (after I had accustomed to its constant chaos-on-fire state, which admittedly led me to drop my “Question of the Day” idea), the RMB Awards have established themselves as a well-liked institution
  • And lastly, behind the scenes, I’ve received telegrams from residents every day ‒ whether as responses to the Welcome TG with follow-up questions or just generally ‒ and tried my best to answer all of them in a manner that makes the Delegate easily approachable for further inquiries and helps especially the new players orient themselves in TSP for those first days of NS madness

My Platform

My plans for the next six months if you re-elect me are, for the most part, to continue the work I’ve been doing. Fortnightly Delegate’s Briefings and RMB Awards, regular Endorsement Days, early WA voting on the basis of the OWL vote, connecting with folks on the RMB and timely smiting of trolls and spammers (as far as my sleep schedule permits :stuck_out_tongue: ‒ but with the most likely happening replacement of the LC with a moderator team I’m sure we’ll get more stable on that front anyway), and installing a cake supremacist dictatorship. I would endotart actively to increase the Coral Guard endocap and enable us to strengthen our influence buffer (as well as adding more weight to our WA vote!), and keep the big red button in a safe pair of hands.

One thing that stood out in the first part of my term especially was the lack of regular in-game polls ‒ while traditionally the domain of the LC, I reckon this will also shift more to the Delegate’s side of things if the RMB moderators change happens. I may not be on Auphelia’s level of polls, but I would certainly give holding fun polls my best try!

A smaller suggestion from a few days ago on the RMB was to make a public RMB Awards leaderboard in between releases so people can check their standings. My idea for this would be a Google Spreadsheet “app” (similar to e.g. Kringle’s Election Management Portal, although not quite as cool because I’m not that much of a spreadsheet wizard :P) that both allows RMBers to see their current score and would make it easier for future Delegates to continue with the RMB Awards if they would like to do so ‒ currently, I parse all the data, evaluate it, and put together the award post manually each time, which might not be the most attractive task to continue for a successor, to be honest… :sweat_smile:

So, I hope I’ve lived up to my previous pledges during this term, and that I could convince you to approve my candidacy for the next! :cake:

Conflicts of Interest

I am currently Delegate of the South Pacific, a Coral Guard member, a Legislator Committee member, Ambassador to The Free Nations Region, and on OWL Senior Staff; former Chair of the Assembly and OWL Director. My nations are Tepertopia, Socialist Tepertopia, Free Tepertopia, The Class Council, and all nations in United Protectorate of Tepertopia.

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Though I can’t really vote, I give you my full support! I wish you nothing but success.

You’ve got my vote because of the pun.

Wann stürzen wir endlich diese Regierung und gründen den deutschen Bund des Südpazifiks?