Teien (Teien Isles)

Teien’s Legislator Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation Teien Isles
Main Nation Teien Isles
WA Nation Teien Isles
Discord Seafarer#5810

Other Involvement
I've been under quite a few names:
  • Seafarer (my Discord)
  • Makoto
  • Celestiam, San Pera, Grizzli, Winged Bear, and a variety of former nations/puppets, but other than the ones listed above none were very relevant to anything.
Other Regions:
Not presently (I have in the past but CTEd everywhere)
I was never banned from NS

I was banned from Europeia in June 2018 for Lying on a Citizenship Application. Specifically, I concealed the fact I had held citizenship there previously (though not at the time I was applying). I was charged through its IC Court and sentenced to a 6 or 8 month ban (can’t remember exactly). After the ban expired I returned, obtained citizenship, and got elected to public office - so I believe there is no more bad blood over this.

Some R/D puppets of mine have been banned a few times as part of R/D operations. The only one I can clearly recall is Trovons (was part of the liberation effort and got banned by the raiders there).

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