Technocratic Federation of Serenina: Factbook

Name: Technocratic Federation of Serenina (Shortened: TFS)

Form of FTL: Waypoint Gate Guidance - Independent FTL Drive

Calendar System: Star Date (Day/Month/Year/Discovery Year)

Form of Government: Technocratic Democracy

Government Stance: Isolationist

Borders: DLPU, TWK (whenever map gets updated lol)

Population: 25 Trillion

The Technocratic Federation of Serenina (TFS) is an isolationist democracy from the Calixia Nebula. Her citizens live under a watchful gaze, however are generally given a large amount of freedom. Due to the Calixia Nebula, which makes long distance communication and travel near impossible, a set of stations keep the Federation together. These stations, known as compass stations, allow for long distance communication and travel by using gravity wells to sling information, cargo, and people from point A to B. That being said, FTL still requires an independent drive, being known as a Serenina Skip Drive.

Given the few people who live in this tiny federation, it is assumed that the star forming Calixia prevented most attempts at starfaring civilization. Records indicate that the first compass stations appeared 1,000-800 years ago, though some accounts claim 1,200-1,000 years ago. This discrepancy has led to mixed accounts from Federation historians.

-Account from WikiSectorA-10: TFS