Tales Of The Great War

OOC: This can be the place where stories and tales from the Great War can be told. Stories will follow the general structure:

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Other than that, you can write as freely as possible, but remember, only GW stories.

Cmdr. David “Raven” Svenson
October 3rd, 1949
ERNS Faroe C-01, 7 Miles Off Of Oceanus, TCC
Ravens Personal War

The Faroe, known as “good old roe” by its crew, was visiting the TCC to let the crew relax and the ship refueled. It was scheduled to leave the next day to New Colradia and join the 1st “Colonial” Fleet. Cmdr. David Svenson or Raven as he prefers to be called was on duty on the bridge so Capt. Maria Terrace could take a relax day while the Cmdr. watched over. Raven was your typical military officer, he loved his ship and its crew. However, the TCC was at war and the Faroe being there was risky, as the Karnetvorians would potentially confuse it for a Terminan ship, but Emerald had declared complete neutrality at the start of the war, so that was the last of Ravens worries, until fate decided otherwise.

“The Hell?”

Raven heard what sounded like heavy aircraft above him. He stepped out onto the bridge wing and saw multiple Karnetvorian Naval Bombers. “Can they not see the Emeraldian Flag???” He thought as he ran inside and sounded the general alarm as bomb struck the forward magazine, causing the bow to arch up as the ammo deep inside the ship violently exploded. Raven was thrown across the bridge as he watched the arch explode violently sheering the entire bow off the ship. Raven was in shock, but quickly composed himself.

“Get AA crews trained on those planes!”

“Sir, we’re taking on water, and our AA crews aren’t aboard!”

“Well, get somebody to man them! I want water-tight doors sealed immediately and all non-essential personnel evac’d now!”

Another explosion rocks the ship.

“Bomb hit aft! WTD’s aren’t closing and boilers are down. Guns 1-3 are down, as are secondaries. AA guns have been shaken to pieces, sir, what do we do?”

“Abandon Ship”


“You Heard Me, we must evacu-”

Another ammo explosion splits the ship in two as the bridge deck is sheered off landing in the water where the #2 Gun would’ve been. Raven is washed away from the bridge, but the other bridge crew weren’t so lucky, either being thrown off the bridge or being dragged under. Raven surfaces and sees the Faroe split in two sinking quickly, he sees that every lifeboat wasn’t launched. Raven grabs onto a piece of the deck as he sees his ships final plunge. He is later rescued by TCC coast guard vessels, he is of only 5 who survived the sinking. He is sent back to Emerald to be transferred to a new ship as the Karnetvorian Rats apologize for the sinking, Raven, however would never forgive the Rats for sinking his beloved ship and killing his friends.

Cmdr. David “Raven” Svenson
December 14th, 1950
ERNS Clintstown CG-06, 3 Miles Off Of Nelsontown, New Colradia
Ravens Personal War

Raven after the Faroe Incident was transferred over to the Foxton Class Heavy Cruiser, ERNS Clintstown. The Clint was patrolling the waters off of the Colonial Capital, along with the Destroyers Shark and Dolphin. He was still furious about how quickly the Emeraldian Government had covered up the incident. “270, They covered up 270 lost souls, all to preserve Emeralds so called Neutrality” He thought, but, the Clintstown was still a good ship, as most Emeraldian ships were. He thought an assignment in New Colradia could let him clear his head, and Emerald had no enemies in this region. His new ship would be safe, until Fate again decided otherwise.

“Sir! We have an unknown Task Force entering our waters!”

“Can you identify what nation they belong to?”

The Radio officer radioes the Dolphin.

“Sir! They are flying Gianlucian flags, and…”

The Lt.'s face filled with dread.

“What’s the matter Lt.?”

“Sir, I just got a ditress call from the Dolphin. The Gianlucians just attacked them. They are going down by the head, Torpedo Strike. Sir, The Shark is engaging, should I radio for Colonial Assistance.”

Another Attack by a nation, This couldn’t have been happening again, But he wasn’t alone this time. The Clintstown had the Shark and the 8 ships of the Colonial Navy.

“Radio all friendly ships in the area for assistance, I want guns 1 and 2 targeting the Gianlucian Battlecruiser, I want Secondaries targeting Torpedo Boats, and I want Torpedo Crews targeting Gianlucian Cruisers.”

“What about Guns 3 and 4?”

“We aren’t at a good angle for them to fire, Helm plot us a course where we can train all guns at those Gianlucian ships.”

Suddenly, shells rain down on the Clintstown, piercing her weak deck armour. 2 Explosions rock the ship as the #2 and #3 guns are taken out.

"Damage Report!

“Guns 2 and 3 are gone, All gun zeros have been shaken to pieces, and portside secondaries are either gone or to damaged. Our Boilers have taken serious damage and we have lost the #2 Funnel.”

While Raven is thinking, he sees two torpedo trails heading right towards the ship.

“Torps in water! Helm can we turn?!”

“Negative, the Rudder is jammed. We can’t turn.”


The two torpedoes hit the bow and amidships. Causing even further damage. Raven knew the ship was doomed.

“Sound Abandon Ship Alarms”

“Yes Sir”

What remained of the Lifeboats were launched. On one of them Raven watched as his second ship sank beneath the waves. His Lifeboat was picked up by the Colonial Ship NCCS Trout. The Trout and two other vessels made their way back to Emerald. Raven had heard of what had happened to the ships in New Greenston Harbour. This wasn’t an accident, it was war.

Cmdr. David “Raven” Svenson
March 2nd, 1951
ERNS Prince Lucas BC-22, Copenhagen Harbour
Ravens Personal War

He lost another ship, more lives were lost, However, unlike the Faroe Incident, Emerald and the DA declared war on those Frankist Gianlucians. Raven, for his quick thinking and being able to save a large portion of his crew, was promoted to Cmdr.(II)(OOC: due to the Faroe Incident, he still couldn’t acheive Captain Rank, so was promoted to the Rarely given Commander II rank), which meant he could take command of a Battlecruiser, the ERNS Prince Lucas to be specific, named after Lt. Cmdr. Lucas J. Nelson/Prince Lucas, who dissapeared with the ERNS Jason I. So, Cmdr.(II) Raven was know on the bridge of the Prince Lucas, not knowing that today, he would lose yet another vesssel, to an older foe.

“Prince Lucas, this is the ERNS Birds Of Prey, we are taking fire from Karnetvorian Cruisers, I repeat, We are Taking Fire from Karnetvorian Cruisers.”

“Roger that Birds Of Prey, notifing command now. Raven out. Command, this is Lucas-22, BoP-05 is under attack by Karnetvorian Cruisers, Prince Lucas and 3rd Fleet are mobilizing now.”

“Roger that, you are cleared to engage”

"Helm, set a course towards the rats fleet, Gun control, I want Guns 1,2, and 3 ready to fire, along with secondaries, helm make sure we go broadside.

“Yes sir, seting course.”

“Yes Sir, readying guns 1, 2, and 3 for Broadside fire.”

The Battlecruiser moves into position as they see the remains of the Birds Of Prey slowly sinking.

“Main batteries target the enemy Battlecruiser, Secondaries target Cruisers.”

“Acquiring target now sir.”

Shells rain down on the Prince Lucas as she fires her salvo at the Karnetvorian Battlecruiser. The Number 3 gun violently explodes, as it is launched almost 300 ft into the air, landing in the water.

“Damage Report!”

“We have taken damage to Fore Mast, Funnel #2, and we have lost Gun 3 and engine room reports that the boilers are damaged.”

“Sir, we’re taking on water in the bow”

“Prepare to fire another salvo, I want watertight doors sealed immediately, and prepare lifeboats, just in case.”

The ship fires another salvo, hitting a cruiser in front of the Rat Battlecruiser. Secondaries eye multiple torpedo boats getting to close and open up on em, not noticing the torps that are in the water. The torpedoes strike the bow and amidships, the bow takes even more damage, although, the torpedo belt armour stops the amidship torpedo from creating a hole, but the watertight doors are shaken apart.

“What was that?!!”

“Torpedo hit sir, seems only one hit the bow”

Damage control radios the bridge.

“Sir! We’ve lost watertight doors forward of the engine room, and we’ve lost the pumps.”

“Roger that, patch it up as best as you can.”

“Yes sir”

More shells strike the damaged ship, the engine room takes a hit, starting a flood in the engine room. Gun 2 is taken out, and Gun 1’s control room is flooded.

“Damage Report!”

“Engine room reports flooding, all guns are down sir, we’re defenseless!”

“Abandon ship”

“Yes sir”

Yet another one of his ships is gone, as he steps onto the lifeboat, he looks back at his now smoldering vessel for one last time. The lifeboat is lowered, and as they row away, the ship slips beneath the waves. The next day, Emerald declares war on the rest of the Imperialists. Cmdr.(II) Raven is commended on his quick thinking and planning. The Wreck of the Prince Lucas is declared a war grave, although, her wreck has yet to be found.

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