Sugovian provinces

Riverion Province

Capital: Riverion (also capital of Sugovia)

The design of the flag uses two equal horizontal bands of red and white, with the coat of arms of Riverion in the center. The colors used in the flag is the inspiration for the flag of Sugovia

Sunland Province

Capital: Sundasval

The design of the flag is a simple blue background with three Crowns of Sunland, representing the three major dynasties that had once ruled over the Sunlandic Confederations, that being: House of Ruchsen (First, Second, Fourth confederation), House of Kirch (Third, Sixth confederation), and the House of Lichtenburg (later Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern) (Seventh/Imperial confederation).

Armonia Province

Capital: Two Kings

The design of the flag uses two equal horizontal bands of red and white, with a yellow sun inside a blue canton. The colors used in the flag was inspired from Riverion’s, which came into usage after Armonia became a part of Riverion through the Union Act, before eventually separating once more during the 20th century.

Lesser Sugovia-Alania Province

Capital: Middlefield

The flag is made up of two flags. On the left is the flag of Lesser Sugovia, which is a tricolor of red, blue, and white, which, much like Armonia, originated from the Union Act, as the areas of modern day Lesser Sugovia was ruled as a condominium between Armonia and Riverion.

On the right is the flag of Alania, the only non-Almannic region in Sugovia. The flag features a yellow background, a color used to represent Alanians since the 10th century, and a Alanian cavalryman, symbolizing the determination and strength of the Alanian people.

Elbonia Province

Capital: Rodenne

The flag of Elbonia consists of two equal horizontal bands of orange and blue, which had been used to represent the Elbonians since as early as the 12th century.

Algaria Province

Capital: Whitewater

The flag of Algaria consists of the Algarian Banner, represented by the multiple equal bands of green and white. In the middle is the coat of arms of Algaria, which is almost identical to that of Riverion. In the middle is a white lion holding a staff, a symbol of wisdom.

Semigaria Province

Capital: Westcliff

The flag is nearly identical, except the coat of arms is replaced with a stripe consisting of the white lion.