Provinces of Sugovia

Sugovia, officially the Thirteen United Provinces of the Republic of Sugovia (Sugovian: Dreizenn Verenikke Provinz de Repoblik Sogowien; Alman: Dreizehn Vereinigte Provinzen der Republik Sugowien), is an Almannic-speaking nation located in Cordilia. As its name suggest, it is made up of 13 provinces, all of which were signatories in the Waißwasr Accords, which saw the 12 different monarchies and 1 special condominium state become a part of Sugovia.

Provincial map of Sugovia


Province Name: Second Alanian Hetmanate
Ruling House: House of Astorien
Hereditary Monarch: Hetman [placeholder]
Governor: [placeholder]
Capital: Frankstaadt (Sugovian); Sljeko Jina (Alanian Eskonic)

The Second Alanian Hetmanate, the Alanian Host, or simply Alania, is a province in Sugovia, bordering South Elbonia, Algaria, Leiyern, Oostgao, Riverion-Armonia, Algaria, and Sunland. Unlike the other provinces who’s majority people are of Almannic descent, the majority people in this province are Alanians, an Eskonic group who had inhabited modern Sugovia since before the Almannic migrations from Frastinia.

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Province Name: Kingdom of Algaria
Ruling House: House of Waißwasr-Osnabrück
Hereditary Monarch: King Frederick III
Governor: Ahmad Martin (DS)
Capital City: Waißwasr

The Kingdom of Algaria, or simply Algaria, is a province in Sugovia, bordering Semigaria, South Elbonia, Alania, and Sunland. The province is one of the five kingdoms in Sugovia, colloquially nicknamed The Big Five. It has a majority Catholic population (42%), with a significant Muslim minority (41%), as well as other groups of Christians making up the rest of the population.

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