Sugovian-Cadisian leadership meeting

Friday, January 6th
4 p.m.

The sun peered in through the windows of Huelva’s Palace of Bórbon. The governmental neighborhood of Soria, home to the Prime Minister’s palace, main monarch residence, the national capitol building, and many other federal buildings, was loud and noisy as commuting traffic was hustling through the area.

Prime Minister Pedro Areces Garcia was preparing to rest, as he was exhausted after a busy day of constant meetings, briefings, and decisions to make. Just as Areces Garcia was preparing to head out of his office and enter his bedroom, one of his most trusted aides entered the room.

“Mr. Prime Minister, the Ministry Foreign Affairs wants you to offer a delegation from Northern Sugovia to visit Cadiz, with a trip making stops in Huelva, Valencia, select areas in Los Oviedos, and the Northern Sugovian border with Cadiz.”

Areces Garcia nodded his head, thinking about the trip. “Okay then, let’s send over an invitation to Northern Sugovia if the ministry says so. But make sure to check in with Minister Sánchez first!” He stopped for a moment. “Oh, and, any other important matters to be dealt with for the day? I’m thinking about taking a nap.”

The aide, Cristina Olmo, scrambled through her only semi-organized manilla folders. “Hmm, let me check.” She pulled out a document, crinkled and written in large Times New Roman text. It now seemed to axiomatic that her organization skills were at the bare minimum. “Hmm, this isn’t it.” She put the paper back. “Well Mr. Prime Minister, it doesn’t seem like that is so. That is unless an urgent matter needing your attention immediately arises quickly. But for now, have a nice rest. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” She left the room and slammed the door shut behind her.

Monday, January 9th
3 p.m.

Olmo walked into the office. She wasn’t holding any folders or binders this time. She placed her hands down on the desk. “Invite to Northern Sugovia was sent, expect to hear back from them soon. For now, we should wait. And remember about your meeting with Senator Ramos later! She’ll have a lot to say – so be prepared! I will or Jorge will hand over a binder for the meeting for you.”

Areces Garcia thanked her and she left the room.

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The Presidential Palace, Riverion
January 9, 2022

The new year was… interesting in to say the least. The Free Elbonian Movement started doing rallies all over south Sugovia over the arrest of three of their MPs, giving authorities one massive headache throughout the new year.

“It was to be expected, and honestly I expected worse” states the Minister of Internal Affairs, Abdullah Honiksmanne Hussein, “I expected at least paramilitary terrorists like the Elbonian National Army to start blasting their way into the Provincial Senate or something, thank the Almighty that didn’t happen.” he added further

An aide to the president then knocks on the door.

“Mr. President, you received an invitation by the Casidian government for a possible visit between our nations.” the aide said.

“Cadiz, eh? Isn’t that the country that closed an important port of theirs? Huelva if I’m not mistaken? That was big news there, I’ve heard.” The President asks.

“Yes, Mr. President, that’s the country.” the aide replied.

“Well, let’s start the new year with something positive, eh?” Minister Honiksmanne Hussein joked, “now, I’ll go grab myself a cup of coffee.”

“Would you like me to grab it for you, Minister Hussein?” the aide asked

“No thank you, Sara, I can do it by myself. Besides, a bit of walking never killed anyone.” Minister Hussein answered.

As Hussein walked out of the room, the President decided to turn the topic back to the visit.

“Well, Sara. Could you brief me down on our host country?”

“Of course, Mr. President. Cadiz is a Spaninol-speaking country just north of the province of Morhaven. They are a constitutional monarchy, and have large numbers of Catholic, Jewish, and Atheist population. And, as you said, there were things going on involving the port of Huelva.”

“Well then, thank you Sara, I’ll prepare for the visit.”

“Of course. My pleasure, Mr. President. I’ll inform the Casidian government that you are on your way.”

Sara left the room to inform the Casidian government, while the President prepares himself for the visit.


The Prime Minister was notified this morning that the trip itinerary has been sent.

Trip Itinerary
January 17-19, 2023
Landing in Huelva, trip to Valencia, and to the Burgos region where the Sugovian-Cadisian border is.
All lodging, food, and other essential needs will be provided.

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The Sugovian government have informed the Cadisian government that the President has received the trip itinerary that was sent. The President of Sugovia and his aides will attend as per the dates in the itinerary.