Stories of The Emeraldian Civil War

June 12th, 2023
Undisclosed Location
King Joshua VII

It had been a brief battle, a very fierce one at that, but his majesty and the Royal Guards ultimately lost. Joshua was captured and held in a prison, although, he did not know where. He found it odd, why keep him alive? It had been multiple days since his capture, he had lost count. At least he knew his Family had escaped to Stoinia, and he hoped Prince Edward could lead a liberation against the ERF. He was alone in a padded box, with only a barely functional toilet and uncomfortable bed, no windows, constant beatings by ERF Guards, and irregular rations. He was starving and badly bruised. He sat alone in his own thoughts, until the heavy iron door creaked open and he was blindfolded. When the blindfold was taken off, he was in a different room, tied to a chair, and facing a camera of some sorts. In the corner, he could see Vice Minister Xander Sven. He spoke with severly chapped lips.

(KJ)“Why did you betray me?”

Xander smirked as he pulled up a chair opposite of the King.

(XS)“The ERF is far older than you think my friend, it was founded during the 1800’s, and strived for an elective monarchy akin to Sedunn, but eventually became disillusioned after the USI was founded. We took their ideals of Republic over Monarchy to heart. We know the USI is nowhere near perfect, but I, and many others, want to make Emerald a new home for Republicanism. That is why we partnered with the Radical Communists, to establish a functional two party system where both parties can discuss their visions and make compromises to make the people prosper. Of course, that means that you and your family must die, along with all other monarchs, including those that are dethroned.”

(KJ)“You’re mad, you know that? You’re trying to disestablish a system that has worked for literal centuries, and try to destroy traditions long established. I also know that you dislike Religion of all forms with a burning passion, so I can only imagine what you have in store for all the Religious people in Spiras and Cimbria, along with any other places you invade. So why am I here and still alive?”

One of the Guards signalled to Xander that the Camera was rolling and broadcasting. Xander moved the chair away and pulled out a CE-2021 pistol and racked the slide back.

(XS)“You are being executed live, any last words your majesty?”

Joshua stared back at the camera, wondering if his family was watching.

(KJ)“I am King Joshua VII of Emerald and the Union, Duke of Centralia, King Of Emral, Heir to the Denvari, and Commander In Chief of All Union Military Forces. I will serve in my duty as King Of Emerald and uphold peace, unity, and democracy at any cost. I will serve the people and make sure I take responsibility in my acti-”

Joshua was shot through the head, falling limp. Xander kicked his chair over to make sure it was off screen, before firing 7 more times into the monarch. King Joshua VII was dead, which means that the heir will have to take up the reigns.


This Thread has been Retconned, King Joshua is still dead