Stoinian Ports & Exclaves

The seas have long beholden the admiration of many in the Mediterranean Sea. From ancient civilisations such as the Dures, Tolosans & Phaloecians, the Mediterraneans have always been eager to venture on the seas. This admiration would continue for millenia and re-ignite again in the age of seafaring. Under the ambitions of the Myrian merchant Mikhal Malik, the Stoinian King Costin the Mariner granted him three ships to explore the western continent of Cordilia. Ushering a new age of exploration…

The three Stoinian ships under Mikhal Malik or Mihail Malican the first Stoinian-Myrian expedition to explore the island chain north of Transsuneria in 1482 CE.

However, these explorers would remain and found port cities which would become hubs of trade between the two continents. Yet remain within the firm jurisdiction of the naval merchant powers over time while they never expanded inlands. Instead consolidating their ports spread around the South Pacific.
Lasting to this day, these exclaves remain in the hands of Kingdom of Stoinia. Forging bonds between Cordilia, Crabry & Bailtem for over six centuries.

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List of Exclaves of the Sunrise Triad:

Host Nation Sovereignty Origin Exclave Name Alternative Exclave Name Foundation Transfer of Sovereignty
Ikaranara Stoinia Constadea Constadia 1572 1932 - 1955 (Ikaranara)
Ikaranara Stoinia Țardaș Tzardas 1558 1932 - 1955 (Ikaranara)
Pelinai Stoinia (Tolosa) Novaesium Nobizemura 296 BCE 428 (Salernan Republic) 1898 (Pelinai)
Pelinai Stoinia (Tolosa) Salernum Zholtograd 318 BCE 428 (Salernan Republic) 1898 (Pelinai)
Pelinai Stoinia (Tolosa) Salona Seberuniruna 312 BCE 428 (Salernan Republic) 1898 (Pelinai)
Pelinai Stoinia (Tolosa) Sirmium Samoryouruta 286 BCE 429 (Sirmian Triumvirate) 1832 (Pelinai)
Pelinai Stoinia (Tolosa) Tarraco Sorako 281 BCE 429 (Tarraco Republic) 1821 (Pelinai)
Pelinai Stoinia (Tolosa) Turicum Kororekomachi 292 BCE 429 (Turican Principate) 1783 (Pelinai)
Sugovia Stoinia Carea 1495 2021 (Sugovia)
Valora Stoinia Karelia (County) 1618 1814 (Valora)

Map of Exclaves of Stoinia: