Sterilized Psychology in Space (LSF, TFS Vs. UES Andrei III)

(OOC: This is a follow up RP from the Wormhole War. Two Emeraldian Pilots, shot out of space, are taken to the Sahiria Station Medical Research Hub, for treatment of their injuries, as the TFS Admiral Eliza departs for the front lines of the SDR-TFS War.)

Sahiria Station Medical Research Hub

Forty Six Stardate after ABH-003 Withdrawal

Dr. Clare Halycon sat waiting in the hangar Bay of the Sahiria Medical Hub. She had two patients, who were scheduled for drop off today, who were humans. Claire had read up on humans before they arrived, and still wasn’t sure what to expect. She sat patiently on one the chairs outside the hangar, watching the shuttle plop onto the hangar bay as she looked up to see the door open and see a few people, Faith and two paled skinned humanoids she presumed to be the two humans. She walked up, curiously inspecting the two humans before the awkward silence was broken by Faith

“They’re all yours, Hali.”

“Oh, alright. I’m Dr Claire Halcyon, call me Dr H, Dr Hali, or Claire. I’m the Psychiatrist at Sahiria Medical Hub. You are…?”

Claire quickly glanced at her notepad

“Ah! Joshua Toslov, and William Nelson, right? It’s good to meet you, now let’s get moving, I don’t want to block out the hangar, it’s the only open spaced one. We can finish our introductions later.”

Claire walks towards the hangar’s exit before waiting for the two humans, as the shuttle took off back towards the TFSS Admiral Eliza.

“Well? C’mon, we don’t have all Thirty Six Hours to spend here.”

*A Serniani Day is thirty six hours long


Commander Tolsov and Lt. Nielson

(LN)“It’s Nielson, not Nelson ma’am.”

(JT)“At least you seem more welcoming than Faith did. Good to meet you, I’m Commander Joshua Tolsov of the United Emeraldian Navy, and this is Lieutenant Will Nielson.”

The two aviators joined Claire at the Hangers Exit, seemingly happy to be off the Eliza and away from Faith. Tolsov did suspect something was off with Claire though.


Sahiria Station Medical Research Hub
Dr. Claire Halcyon

Claire’s face flushed with embarrassment when she was corrected by the young aviator, but quickly regained her composure, and can be seen adding an I to Nelson

“So, this is Sahiria. It’s a medical hub on the outskirts. We usually don’t get casualties, so they decided to put you here.”

Claire walks out into the hallway, continuing to talk as she walks

“Triaging Point. Not in use, most of the time, as we usually get communications on who’s coming in. If we need to use it, it’s here. Wards and rooms branch off from the hallway up ahead, colloquially the main artery.”

Claire takes the pair of aviators through the main artery, ending up in a room with chairs and tables, the smell of food

“Cafeteria. Not the best food in the world, but it’s leagues better than whatever was fed to you onboard the Eliza. It’s an okay place to sit down for a bite, though I know you probably can’t eat with those respirators, and I would know. So, feel free to pick it up whenever, or if you need me to do it, I can. I get the stares too sometimes.”

Claire turns, and tilts her head thoughtfully.

“How does this place look so far?”


Commander Tolsov and Lt. Nielson

(JT)“Pretty nice facility, reminds me of many Medical Stations I’ve seen in the Union, although, this place does seem to be smaller than Union Medical Stations.”

Nielson remained quiet, although he seemed to at least acknowledge where he was. Tolsov looked around as a small quiet beeping could be heard coming from Tolsov’s flight suit pocket.

(JT)“Say Doc, mind telling me what you’re actually doing here? You seem a little too friendly.”

Unknown to anyone but Tolsov and HighCom, Tolsov was one of ERIDA’s many agents in the Military, always making sure the Military Stayed Loyal. Tolsov, having received training on how to sniff out spies, thought that Claire didn’t seem right. Every other Sereniani they had encountered thus far had been rather mean, heartless, gave off an air of suspiscion.


Sahiria Station Medical Research Hub, Cafeteria
Dr. Claire Halcyon

“Me? Well…”

Claire ponders for a moment

“I’m your psychiatrist. I’m here to make sure you don’t cause any mischief, and assist you with any recovery before we hand you off. If we can hand you off.”

She smiles and begins to walk away, though clearly she’s being watched by other staff, who look at her very disapprovingly, and her mood starts to reflect that

“We should get moving. Everybody’s get ancy. If we stay any longer there’ll be a riot.”

SSMRH Psychology Artery, Communal Space
Dr. Claire Halcyon

“Welcome to the Psych Art. It’s a small area. Not much to go around. The area’s been cleared out and we ended up installing a whole new oxygen system. Old one was junk anyways, and this one can switch between low and high oxygen as needed. Pretty cool right?”

“So, yeah. Your dormitories are on the left there. This is communal space. My office is straight ahead. Bathroom is on the right. If you need me, and I’m not in my office, I’m probably in my dorm, it’s on the top left. If you need me just knock. I’m a very light sleeper.”

“Oh, also, we use a 36 hour clock, so if you hear a reference to 32:00 hours, it means lights out. Most people sleep like eight to ten hours. Breakfast is at 8, lunch is at 16, dinner’s at 24. Finally, please don’t start a fight. Most people here have some form of weapon, because blah blah firearm proficiency, I’m administrati–”

She nervously smiles at the pair

“Please… Don’t tell admin I said that.”

Claire composes herself before saying

“Anyways. It’s getting close to dinner, you should settle in to your dorms. I’ll be hanging out in my dorm, should you need something just pop by.”


Commander Tolsov and Lt. Nielson

(JT)“Right, sure you are”

After walking into their dormitories.

(JT)“Okay, Lets see if I can transmit”

Tolsov punched in a message to the communicator he had kept in his suits breast pocket. He hoped it would transmit to any Emeraldian Ship in range. After that, he walked out of his dorm and knocked on Claire’s door.

(JT)“Hey Doc, I think we need to have a chat about something.”

Meanwhile, at the Wormhole…

Captain Mihai Bucar, UEN
UES Andrei III CLS-1278-03
“The Wormhole”

Mihai was looking though communications logs, trying to find a way to contact the 2 stranded pilots, until something caught his eye.
‘This is Commander Joshua Tolsov, transmitting to callsign ‘Lion III’, message received, me and Lt. still alive, being held at Medical Station, communicator beacon turned on.’
Mihai couldn’t believe it, he had just managed to get a message back from Tolsov, he had tried to see if ENC could maybe work, and to his surprise it did. He immediately contacted Rear Admiral Ludov that the Andrei III would leave through the wormhole and try a rescue mission. He was given clearance, but was told that this could be a one way mission.


(CM)“Make preparations to travel through the Wormhole, I want shields up the second we exit, and I also want our cloaking device on just in case. Lets get our pilots back”

(Bridge Crew)“Sir yes sir”

And thus the Andrei III traveled through the Wormhole.


SSMRH Psychology Artery, Claire’s Dormitory
Dr Claire Halycon


Claire panics. There wasn’t time to change back in a reasonable sense of time. She was… In a figurative sense… Fucked.

“Uhh… Give me a sec I’m changing!”

Claire finishes changing into a far more comfy shirt and pants, putting her hair into a ponytail, before looking at herself. She looked… Reasonable? Hopefully…

“Hey, so… Uhh… Do you mind bringing… The other one with you in here? It’d be easier to explain it… Without security down my throat…”

RNDFV Vigilant Watch
Defiance Class Battlecruiser Gen 2
Combat Information Center
Counter Mine Operations

“Helm, arrived at objective.”

“Shut down any observer stations, I don’t want the Feds to find out what we’re doing here.”

“Beginning Ewar, Time to restart, like an hour or so.”

“Probably enough time. Sortie our mod’d Shortbows and get 'em clearing.”

“Shortbows are sortiing.”

“Lock us in Geo Sych, I don’t want us to hit something.”


Commander Tolsov and Lt. Nielson

(JT)“LT! Get over here!”

(LN)“Coming, what do you want Commander?”

(JT)“Come on in, alright Doc, mind explaining what you’re actually doing here? If you’re wondering…”

Tolsov pulled out a small gold object shaped like a small shield. He held it up and Nielson jaw dropped. On the shield bore a star defaced by an eagle, with the text “ERIDA” written above and “1934, Royal Order 18, King Jason II” was written below.

(JT)“I’m apart of the Emeraldian Royal Intelligence and Defence Agency, which is the Union’s chief intelligence organization. I was assigned to the UES Colradia’s airgroup as its head air commander. I’ve been trained in how to smell out spies, and you reek of it, so to speak, so I would like you to speak the truth.”


SSMRH Psychology Artery, Claire’s Dormitory
Dr Claire Halycon

Claire gulped. She looked human, she seemed human, and she really wasn’t sure what they’d think. She was rather quiet, but starting talking to the pair

“So… I may have lied to you. I am not a Serniani. I am not a human. I’m a half human, or Half Serniani… And they don’t know that… The only spot that isn’t camera’d is my room, and I’d prefer to keep this quiet while we are discussing this. So… You might know about the civil war. I’m sure you’ve heard it tossed around by Faith or another of the doctors.”

Claire hesitantly shows a small badge, adorned with a purple rose. Her voice falls to a whisper, far quieter than before

“I’m a Directorate Naval Intelligence Agent. I also happen to be a psychology doctor. So, if you would kindly cooperate, I’ll be helping you out. Questions?”


Commander Tolsov and Lt. Nielson

(JT)“That would explain why everyone else was giving you dirty looks. Yeah, I kinda figured something like that was occuring, why else pull back from the Wormhole? Naval Intelligence? Interesting, do you have a plan? I would like to know since…”

Tolsov pulls out his communicator, beeping could be heard from it.

(JT)“Lets just say I have Company coming.”

Meanwhile, back at the wormhole…


RNDFV Vigilant Watch
Defiance Class Battlecruiser Gen 2
Combat Information Center
Counter Mine Operations

The light pitter-patter 21cm Mortar and 7.5cm Atlas Gun fire from the Shortbow’s is removing mines when the Wormhole lights up

“Contact, Wormhole!”

“We see it, maintain focus.”

“Multispectral Line, COMMO.”

“Aye, Ma’am.”

“This is the RNDFV Vigilant Watch to All Concerned. This is territory of The Scientific Directorate of Rosecordia. You are trespassing. Communicate Identification and Intention.”

SSMRH Psychology Artery, Claire’s Dormitory
Dr Claire Halycon

Claire nods slightly in understanding

“It’s going to take a few days for them to get here, since the GRS is being disabled in ABH-003. Wait, that thing’s pinging our location…”

Claire begins putting two and two together

“Well, we’re still far away, it’s still going to be a bit. I… Know there’s a DNIV in ABH-003, though. Maybe they’ll create a plan to get the three of us out alive? I don’t know really. Don’t bet on them being here in less than a day, though.”

“Alright, it’s time for dinner. I’m gonna change into something my fellow doctors won’t throw hands at me for, and please don’t aggravate them. Enough people want to kill me as is, and I prefer not sparking a fight right now. And please don’t come knock on my door when we return for at least twenty minutes. It’s very embarrassing on my end to see my skin change colors. You should go get ready.”