State visit of the Grand Duke of Nasphilitae to the Weisserstein Empire

State visit of the Grand Duke of Nasphilitae to the Weisserstein Empire

(Events of: 0300AM CET APR 25 – 0500AM CET APR 30)

✧His Royal Highness, Grand Duke and Head of State of Nasphilitae | Dawson Ernst
✧His Serene Highness Peer of House Fieldler | Amenofen Fieldler
✧His Hghness Earl Christopher Faustinus-Risinger

✧His Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Emperor of @Weisserstein and King of Lichtenburg and Prussia | Willhelm II of House Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern
✧Crown Prince of Weisserstein | Willhelm of House Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern
✧Imperial Chancellor of Weisserstein | Friedrich Thomas Müller
✧Nobles of House Risingen


Day I (Prose):

  • The Delegation of The Grand Duchy of Nasphilitae were welcomed by an honorary parade of Ceremonial Guardsmen in Kaiserslicht on the first day of their State Visit to the Weißersteiner Kaiserreich.

  • The Peer Amemofen Fieldler and Earl Christopher Faustinus-Risinger were greeted by Imperial Chancellor Friedrich Müller, Crown Prince of Weisserstein Wilhelm, and Nobles of House Risingen at their Meerblick Palast in Kaiserslicht, before travelling to the honorary parade themselves.

  • The Grand Duke and Head of State of Nasphilitae, Dawson Ernst was formally welcomed, by the Kaiser of Weißersteiner Kaiserreich, Wilhelm II of House of Lichtenburg-Hohenzollern at the Imperial Pavilion. During the Ceremony, both country’s National and Royal anthems were played.

  • Afterwards, Kaiser and Grand Duke joined The Serene Highness, the Crown Prince and the Imperial Chancellor; and His Highness Earl Christopher Faustinus-Rissinger and Nobles of House Risingen, in a procession along The Lichtenburg Royal Hall near Meerblick.

  • All parties then attended a Memorial Site, celebrating the 70-year anniversary of paying respect to the veterans of the Garanian Emergency, an event in which Risingens returned to Weisserstein, after being found by Nasphiliti vessels, during the course of the Kliegmian War of Independence.
    During which, a State Banquet Speech of the Grand Duke of Nasphilitae was given, in which he addressed the Weisserstein public:

“I am honored that we have another opportunity to demonstrate the cultural, historical and economic importance upon which the relations of both our countries are built upon.”

[…The Grand Duke continues in Alman…]

“What matters to the commoners, of all which I have notified the Kaiser that we will discuss, is that this visitation will provide opportunity to all citizens of the Kaiserreich. In the form of a permanent economic arrangement, in which the Grand Duchy of Nasphilitae will supply, The Kaisserreichs’ Industrial developments in the fields of Military Engineering and Production. It is also vital to inform the people that the Ambassadorial Mission will be open upon conclusion of this visit, opening an active channel of formal communication which will be available for the citizens of both our countries’.”


Kaiserslicht Imperial & Royal International Airport
08:54 AM

Reichskanzler Friedrich Müller and Kronprinz Wilhelm awaited the honored guests from Nasphilitae, accompanied by members of the Imperial Guards, on Kaiserslicht International. As the plane from Nasphilitae arrives, the Crown Prince greets the Grand Duke, Dawson Ernst, as well as the Peer of Fiedler and Earl of Faustinus-Risinger.

“Your Majesty, Grand Duke Ernst, it is a pleasure to meet you.” the Crown Prince greets the Grand Duke of Nasphilitae with a handshake, “My father sends his regards. He apologizes for not being able to greet you upon your arrival, though he will greet you later in the Imperial Pavillion.”

The Imperial Guards began playing the anthems of Weisserstein and Nasphilitae. The Crown Prince and Chancellor greets the other members of the nobility who had also arrived, welcoming them to the Land of a Thousand Crowns. The delegation from Nasphilitae were then escorted to the Meerblick Palace, along the eastern coast of Kaiserslicht, which would be their place to stay. There, a member representing the House of Risingen, Prince Heinrich, were also there to welcome the Nasphiliti delegation.

“This is where you shall stay for the night. Among one of the estates of the Imperial Family.” Crown Prince Wilhelm remarked. “I hope you will enjoy your stay.” he added.


Day I


Aware of FIeldlers’ and Feusinus-RIsingers general disinterest for the political realm stemming from religious differences and records prior to “Sola Victorem”. Mindful of Konevenagels’ (subsequently Emmersons’) somewhat different stances;
The Grand Duke informed the delegation: “There will be certain pecularities which might culturally shock you,” before turning towards Earl Emmerson; “This will be televised. Pay no attention to the potential mishaps.”

Dawson followed the Ernst tradition: Walking upstraight, noticing but without notable reaction to the Kronprinz and ReichsKancler instead. He shook both of their hands in a firm manner, forcing the “House Ernst formalities” of a greetful smile: “Pleasure is mine, your Kronprinz Highness. It is alright.” also greeting the ReichsKanzler: “Pleasure to meet you!”
Earl Quinlann walked with haste, an attribute of Konevenagels and their Earls. A handshake, and a head-nod were given.
Peer Amenofen Fieldler and Earl Christopher Faustinus-Risingers stood out: styling an older formal dress code and with a dead-pan face when observing the awaiting guards.

Night I, Day II:

The Pavillion Dinner:

The Pavillion dinner was attended by the Grand Duke Dawson Ernst and Earl Quinlann Emmerson; and Kronprinz Wilhelm and the Kaiser. The conversation with Ernst was void, responding shortly and only when asked. Quinlann successfully filled this gap, entertaining trivial talks with both the Kaiser and the Kronprinz.
Upon being excused to the restroom, the Earl Emmerson explained to them: “Do not mistake the ‘lacian’ mannerisms of His Sirene Highness — they’re (the Ernsts) not known for being talkative.”

The Meerblick Palace:

The Meerblick Palace was much warmer. Amenofen Fieldler greeted the Prince Heinrich Faustinus-Risinger joyfully, before presenting his relative: Earl Christopher Faustinus-Risinger in a modestly royal manner.

Day II and III, Pavillion Delegation:

Day two saw the Grand Duke spending time with the Kaiser; while Earl Quinlann was delegated the tasks of arranging mutual Embassies with the Kronprinz and ReichsKanzler.

The Grand Duke and the Kaiser agreed to open mutual Ambassadorial Missions. Ernst elaborated that: “Nasphilitae has an additional, higher level of diplomatic representation, termed ‘High Ambassador’. The difference is that the latter have certain authorities in Nasphilitae itself as well. Outside, they’re the same.”

Ernst expressed willingness to traverse the urban landscape and architecture of Kaiserlicht, recommending to the Kaiser to either meet with the rest of the Pavillion Delegation or continue his work, not wishing to intrude on his schedule.

Earl Quinlann and Peer Fieldler spent their time with Kronprinz Wilhelm and the ReichsKanzler, laterjoined by the Kaiser.
“Did HSH Ernst mention anything about his previous visit to Vixbridge?” asked the Quinlann; “Only the odd institution of “High Ambassador” and its pecularities to that of a regular Ambassador.” Amenofen and Emmerson nodded.

“H.H.E. Turner”, whispered Peer Fieldler to Earl Emmerson; “I know, but not now.”

“It’s related to the Alman Group. The Grand Duke was informed that Austra was an observer and delegated this task of obtaining the same status for Nasphilitae to me. Such is the procedure. Is this agreeable?” asked Earl Quinlann.
To which, after consultation, an affirmative answer was given. “Thank you.”, said Quinlann, which was odd.

Day II-III, The Meerblick Palace:

Prince Heinrich Faustinus-Risinger found both Peer Amenofen and Earl Christopher awake very early. They were admiring the nature around the Meerblick Palace. Noticing the Prince, Peer Fieldler approached first, to take a stroll with the prince.

“Very unostentatious, is the grandeur of Kaiserlicht typical?” to which Heinrich confirmed; “Hm. I suppose, then, that the coarse greetings were a show a respect, as I’v presumed.” The Peer turned around to the nature, complimenting it for “Modesty. VIrtuous, a sight. Adequately beautiful.” The Prince seemed joyful with the description.

“One more thing and I shall leave you to arrange the continuation of the marriage with Earl Christopher.” (…) “The Anabaptist Congregation exists, fully organised?” Answer was confirmative. “If lack of funnding or attendance arises, feel free to contact me at any time. Do not tell this to the rest of the Nasphiliti delegation.”

Day IV/Night V:

The collective delegation signed agreements for:
A. Mutual Ambassadorial missions.
A-b. The Embassy of Nasphilitae to Weisserstein will be headed by Christopher Faustinus-Risinger.
A-c. The Embassy of Weisserstein to Nasphilitae will be headed by George Heinrich von Faustinus-Risinger; situated in Fort Masontown, Street “WaterWill”, where the planned Embassies for Tepertopia, Cimbria, and Pelinai are planned.
B. Observer status of Nasphilitae in the Alman Group.
C. Continuation of the Faustinus-Risinger lineage by mutual inter-marriages.
C-b. Opening of a Natural Science College in Weisserstein, funded by the Simple Anabaptist Church.

The marriage ceremonies took place in the central Simple Anabaptist Church of Weisserstein, attended only by Amenofen Fieldler, Christopher Faustinus-Risinger, and Prince Heinrich Faustinus-Risinger. Although open commuion exists in Nasphilitae, the rest of the Delegations were cautious not to mistakenly intrude.


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