State of the Coalition - March 2024

Hello to the Chair and the Assembly of the Coalition of the South Pacific:

As is routine, the Delegate must deliver a statement to the Assembly detailing the situation of The South Pacific and its democracy. The Executive has prepared such a report, which has been presented to and will be delivered by the Delegate.

I hereby request the Assembly be convened in a special session to hear the Delegate speak to the State of the Coalition.

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Chair of the Assembly | State of the Coalition

The motion has been recognised.

The Assembly is hereby ordered to convene on Government Island, on the 16th of March, in the year 2024, in order to hear our Delegate’s words on the State of the Coalition.

Colonel Llama, Serjeant-at-Arms of the Coalition, is ordered to escort the Delegate to these august Halls of the Assembly.


Mr. Chair, Honorable Prime Minister and Members of the Cabinet, Chief Justice Kris Kringle, and the Associate Justices, and to the most honorable Legislators of the Assembly;

The South Pacific is a pristine region and has been for the last 20 years. Throughout this time, TSP has inevitably seen change. Whether it has been a coup, a Great Council, or an ideological realignment, TSP has been fluid, constantly adapting to the surrounding circumstances for the greater good of the region. In order to remain the great region that we are today, we must adapt to the constantly changing circumstances around us and adjust accordingly.

This term has been one such example of change. With the recent introduction of appointed ministers and an unprecedentedly fiery raiding scene fueled by the addition of Frontiers, this term has seen plenty of new challenges. We must respond strongly to events both within our region and overseas to maintain our reputation as a powerful democracy and center of culture.

The State of the Coalition at midterm remains robust and sound. Our Minister of On-Site Events is bringing back the popular on-site festival SwanVision and being our bridge between the on-site and off-site, the Minister of Culture is bringing us new and unique events, and our roleplaying scene stays strong.

We are currently building embassies with The Region That Has No Big Banks and Alcris, and planning a joint festival with Democratic Socialist Assembly that will be announced soon. The South Pacific Special Forces are warding off raiders on the battlefield, effectively defending against raider invasions. As a member of JEFF, we survived the nuclear apocalypse and climbed to third-place after sustaining massive nuclear attacks.

Of course, we couldn’t have done all of this without you South Pacificans, with your presence and activity in this region making us one of the best regions in NationStates to be in.

Thank You.


Both appointed ministers and Frontiers were implemented a while before the start of the current term so neither should come as a surprise to the government. It is also said that “we must respond strongly (…) to maintain our reputation as a powerful democracy”, but what exactly is the government doing to accomplish that?

Mr. Chair, I motion for the special session to be adjourned.

Chair of the Assembly | State of the Coalition

The motion has been recognised, and legislators are permitted to go home and see their families, provided they admit that cake is superior to both ice cream and pie.

Vive la Coalition!

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I asked a question and expected an answer from the government. I would appreciate it if the Chair did not aid the Prime Minister in blatantly ignoring questions from their constituents.

Apologies. The Chair would like the request the Prime Minister @Banexet provide the individual in question with a response to their query at their earliest convenience.

This struck me as well — frontiers were introduced in April 2023, almost a year ago, while the first amendment to shift to an appointed Cabinet was adopted even earlier in March 2023. So when the Delegate declares that…

…what actually are the new challenges unique to this term that require us to ‘respond strongly’?

Creating ties with new regions while keeping ties with existing defender regions, resisting the ongoing spread of raider influence throughout NS.

Raiders have some of the largest-sized forces we have ever seen, with the raid of Europe showing that they can and will attack even some of the largest regions in the game. Additionally, raider piler forces have reached a near-insurmountable size (surpassing 200 in UEPU), which requires bringing in new regions into the defender fold.

That mid-term address didn’t tell us what has happened this term or what your plans are for the rest of the term. That’s concerning. As far as I can tell, your leadership hasn’t done anything this term - what we have gotten done is mostly Penguin and Henn exercising their own discretion to attempt to do things, while you drop by occasionally to throw a wrench without communicating. I wait to be proven wrong.

As others have pointed out, many of the changes you isolate either (a) didn’t happen in your term or (b) aren’t actually things you or your Cabinet did. Your mid-term address ideally highlights accomplishments and outlines future plans. It is an opportunity to take responsibility and to move forward.

Instead, you said…basically nothing. Just some buzzword platitudes about some (not so) recent events.

How will we be doing that?

How are they doing that? I am looking forward to SwanVision — it has an exemplary track record as an event.

How have those been going? What new events do you (or Penguin) have planned?

What has your Minister of Role Play been doing? What do they plan on doing for the rest of the term?

SwanVision has already begun, the first match of round one is underway. You can find the voting area in the regional polls, we found it to be the most visible without spamming telegrams containing a link to a voting thread every match. Each match will be declared in discord announcements.