State of the Assembly — September 2022



There were two votes in the month of September—one to make the Assembly confirm the Election Commissioner and the other to reform Assembly leaves of absence.



According to the Legislator Committee Act, in order to keep their legislator status, legislators must have voted in at least half of all votes in each month (given that there were at least two votes in that month), as well as maintain a nation in the South Pacific. Since 2 votes finished this month, legislators needed to have voted in at least 1 of them to keep their status.

The list of legislators whom the Chair recommends the Legislator Committee to revoke the legislator statuses of is in the table below. If your legislator status has been revoked, you can always reapply. You can also find the legislator roster for this month attached at the bottom of this post.

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason
@akhorton18 Brish Regrourk Failed Voting Requirement
@Cloud Marlducro Nation Moved Out
@Concrete Slab Concrete Slab Failed Voting Requirement
@emlikespiggies Sparkling Luxury Failed Voting Requirement
@Eshialand Klysevia Nation CTE’d
@Imperium Awesome Imperium Failed Voting Requirement
@moofoose North Historia Failed Voting Requirement
@Moon Emodea Resigned
@philipmacaroni Philippinia Nation CTE’d
@Rei Haranjil Nation CTE’d
@Taigama Taigama Failed Voting Requirement
@Vemcros Vemcros Failed Voting Requirement
@Yie Brania State Failed Voting Requirement

All Legislators recommended for removal by the Chair have been removed by the Legislator Committee.

Topic closed. Further inquiries should be done via the Office of Assembly Affairs.