State of the Assembly — End of Year Report 2022



There was only one vote this month, that being on an amendment to update the Times Act to fit the newer forum.

Code Title Result
A2212.01 Updating the Times Act Passed


Code Title Status
[2239.AB] Updating the Times Act Passed


According to the Legislator Committee Act, in order to keep their legislator status, legislators must have voted in at least half of all votes in each month (given that there were at least two votes in that month), as well as maintain a nation in the South Pacific. Since only one vote finished this month, legislators needed only to maintain a nation in the South Pacific to keep their status.

The list of legislators whom the Chair recommends the Legislator Committee to revoke the legislator statuses of is in the table below. If your legislator status has been revoked, you can always reapply. You can also find the legislator roster for this month attached at the bottom of this post.

Forum Username Nation in TSP Reason
@aflyingcat Marainta Nation CTE’d
@Aguakate Aguakata Nation moved out
@Cloud Malducro 2 Resigned
@Darthvader Democracy and power Nation CTE’d
@dominioner Indominioners Nation CTE’d
@Freedom2614 Freedom2614 Nation CTE’d
@Gengland Gengland Nation CTE’d
@InsomniacAizawaSimp The Socialist Soviets Nation CTE’d
@Legend New American Dictatorship Resigned


This year has been quite eventful for the Assembly of the South Pacific—Local Council abolishment debates, the commencement of a Great Council, and a plethora of resignations. (Un)fortunately, we managed to not pull out pistols and duel to the death after a gruelling argument, no matter how cool that is (just ask Aaron Burr).

Some hard-hitting stats: This year, there were 48 discussions introduced to the Assembly, by a coterie of 18 unique proposers. Of those discussions, there was a slight majority of 24 constitutional matters brought forth, and the vast majority of bills—25—were amendments to existing legislation. Only 2 original Acts of Assembly were introduced.

Of these discussions, only 2 failed—55% was passed by or received the Assembly’s consent, and 38% were either archived/closed or revoked. There were 33 votes, and 1 discretionary edit from the Chair.

The Assembly was at its highest membership this month, at 103 legislators; the average was 72. The highest voter turnout was 52 legislators present, with A2201.05 and A2201.06 tied; the average being 44 present.

Below is a bunch of charts that took way too long to make and contain extra data not discussed here. You can open the images in a new tab for a higher image quality. Some terminology is used that might be confusing to some:

  • The Assembly passes bills, and (advises and) consents to nominations, treaties, or executive orders;
  • The Assembly confirms nominations, but ratifies treaties and executive orders;
  • Proposal is used here to mean a discussion without a drafted bill, i.e. a concept.

Anyways, Happy New Year’s to you all—here’s a free complimentary drink along with some cake for all you legislators out there!

Types of discussions introduced.

Discussion Results
Results of every discussion.

Tracks the number of ayes, nays, and abstentions per Assembly vote.

Legislator Count
Tracks the legislator count and turnout for each vote.

TSP Legislative Activity — December 2022 (157.6 KB)
Journal of the Assembly — Discussion 2022.pdf (50.3 KB)
Journal of the Assembly — Unique Proposers 2022.pdf (32.3 KB)



All Legislators recommended for removal by the Chair have had their legislator status revoked by the Legislator Committee.

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