Starlight News: Private Server A0-P2334-n

Private Server A0-P2334-n
36/06/5999 P.E.

KardinalS: Hey did anyone hear the news?

Crimshawn: What like the new star system they found?

KardinalS: No the one about the festival

JoesBoes: Oh yeah they like announced it yesterday on the service

Crimshawn: What festival are we talking about??? (。_。)

KardinalS: They said that on the first ten days of next year or something there's gonna be a huge festival

UvniklasDDD: Yeah they want to like start era 3 I think

Crimshawn: Shit I didn't know that (Β°_o)

JoesBoes: Ahah I was kinda shocked too when I heard it, not gonna lie γ€œ(οΏ£β–½οΏ£γ€œ)

UvniklasDDD: Me too ^.^

CalBoi: As the only edhel in the server can someone explain why they're so important? I'm kinda low on info here lmao >_<

UvniklasDDD: They start a new era whenever something real important happens

Crimshawn: Or at least that's what they tell us XD

KardinalS: Yeah LOL you can't really tell when the last time it happened was like what 4000 years ago?

JoesBoes: Yup looked it up rn it's 4010 exactly

CalBoi: Oh ok makes sense. Why are they starting a new one then? (。・・)γƒŽ

UvniklasDDD: well this time I don't think there's like an event to justify it or something

Crimshawn: I think it was both because it's the start of the new millennium and because we met other star nations

CalBoi: Like Calerost?

KardinalS: Yep pretty much

JoesBoes: Also Ferristia and the Drakarii Imperium

KardinalS: Btw I met up with my Drakari friend irl last week

CalBoi: Cool! (^v^)

UvniklasDDD: how did it go?

KardinalS: It was awesome

KardinalS: He came to Erthanisk for vacation with his family and we met up and had star cream

Crimshawn: Thats nice ;D

Crimshawn: I also have a friend from Ferristia that I wanna meet up with but he's moving to another colony rn so she never has the time

JoesBoes: I hope you two get the chance to meet

UvniklasDDD: We're lucky that our empires have such nice relations

UvniklasDDD: otherwise we wouldn't be able to talk lol

CalBoi: Yeah we're lucky lol

CalBoi: But I still think that Calerost should dial down on the restrictions a bit

JoesBoes: Why is that? I thought they were very much OK with it

CalBoi: Yeah, but only with Galactya

CalBoi: Like if I want to go anywhere else I have to apply for 10 different documents

JoesBoes: Oh that's sad to hear

KardinalS: Yeah it's kinda shit

Crimshawn: I never get why other star nations are so uncertain on this kinda stuff

UvniklasDDD: yes lmao, like if I don't act hostile or do suspicious things than I don't get why you should keep away from me


JoesBoes: Trust me, things will change soon, I can feel it (β‰§βˆ‡β‰¦)οΎ‰

Crimshawn: We just gotta be patient!

CalBoi: I hope so T^T