Standard Resolution on the Ryccian Junta's Invasion of Doge Land

Esteemed member states,

The Central Bailtemmic Republic, like many other nations, is gravely concerned by the situation in Doge Land.

In particular, several states have initiated unilateral, uncoordinated acts of military support for Doge Land. These actions have no legal standing in international law and show a blatant disregard for existing avenues of diplomacy, mediation, and conflict resolution.

This august Forum has already begun processes designed to keep rogue international actors in check with the adoption of Resolution 15 (2022). It is deeply saddening to see members of this Assembly disregard that ongoing process and instead resort to unilateral military aid.

It is deeply irresponsible for individual member states to use military force outside of their territory, regardless of their intentions, without careful consideration and deliberation through the World Forum. The Charter of the World Forum lays outs its goals clearly: to ‘maintain peace, order, and stability,’ to ‘facilitate the development of cordial relations,’ and to ‘create an era of peace and prosperity.’ Reckless interventionism is directly opposed to all of these aims.

Therefore, the Central Bailtemmic Republic urges the adoption of the following standard resolution that condemns these reckless actors among us. If we are to move forward, we must move forward as one.

World Forum

RES 16 (2022)

Emblem of the World Forum

Assembly of the World Forum

Distr.: General
3 October 2022

Resolution 16 adopted by the Assembly on 3 October 2022

Addressing international intervention in Doge Land

Section A — Standard Measure(s) Adopted

  1. For foreign nations conducting military operations within the territory of Doge Land, whether on land, by sea, or in the air, the standard measures adopted shall be those listed in resolution 1d, section F, clause 2, subclauses (a) through (h).

  2. For foreign nations providing indirect military aid to Doge Land, including but not limited to providing arms, ammunition, training, and other wartime supplies, the standard measures adopted shall be those listed in resolution 1d, section F, clause 2, subclauses (a) through (f).

Section B — Explanation of Necessity and Proportionality

  1. Direct military intervention in the conflict, or supplying weapons, ammunition, training, or other military assistance, without any international plan for conflict resolution does nothing but aggravate the conflict and increase the risks posed to the lives of civilians and the prospects of post-war recovery.

  2. No motions have been proposed on the floor of the World Forum Assembly to authorize the use of force in Doge Land. The unilateral actions taken thus far reflect an active decision to intervene and deliberately avoid consultation with the World Forum as a whole. This Assembly can not and will not allow such actions to escape its notice.

  3. The measures established in this resolution are suitable to discouraging military intervention in Doge Land in violation of international law. The adoption of formal complaints and light sanctions will serve as a deterrent against continued and/or increased intervention. For cases of direct military intervention, referral to the International Court will allow a deliberative judicial body to make a final determination on the legality of intervention that bypasses the World Forum.

  4. The measures established in this resolution are appropriate to discouraging military intervention in Doge Land in violation of international law. The standard measures adopted are different in cases of direct military intervention and indirect military support in order to remain proportionate. Furthermore, standard measures up to light sanctions or the calling of the International Court are of much less potential harm than the risks of uncoordinated and reckless intervention in Doge Land and the potential to prolong and exacerbate the conflict.

Section C — Implementation

  1. The World Forum hereby condemns the decisions of individual state actors, made without consultation or deliberation with the international community, to intervene in Doge Land or to support either side of the conflict.

  2. The World Forum Assembly hereby forwards the preparation to file a case at the International Court regarding the use of force by certain member states in Doge Land without international authorization.

  3. The members of the World Forum shall implement light diplomatic and economic sanctions with a particular emphasis on military materials.

  4. The contents of this resolution shall apply to all states and non-state actors in the past, present, and future who intervene in or support the conflict between the Ryccian junta and Doge Land. However, if this Assembly authorizes the use of force in said conflict, these measures shall not apply to any states that begin intervention following the adoption of such an authorization.

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Members of the Forum,

The Peocracy agrees that conflict and intervention may be better suited as a unified and coordinated movement instead of multiple states making uncoordinated attacks. A conflict and intervention of this proportion does have the possibility of ensuring further unnecessary deaths in the field, deaths that can be solved through diplomacy.


The current intervention by the League of Cordilia and other allies of Doge-Land are not without discussion nor without careful and concrete planning. We coordinated the intervention in the wish for defense and neutralisation of the attackers, not conquest. All the nations involved have coordinated with Doge-Land and are under overall Doge leadership, and the reasons for war perfectly legal under international law through the usage of mutual defense pacts.

What of the sudden attack of the Ryccian Junta to Doge-Land, and the accumulation of their troops in Ikaranara. What of the nuclear stockpiling in Ryccia, which the Junta are trying to amass nearly 3x the Ryccian stockpile. What of the resorting of bombings in Termina and Izaakia claimed by the Ryccian Junta? The resolution proposed by CBR seems awfully one sided, considering the Forum has condemned the Ryccian Junta and have firsthand witnessed their atrocities and massacres.

The delegate of CBR seems so happy to brand Doge-Land and her allies as reckless and trigger happy. Huawan reiterates that we will not tolerate views of complacency of a psychotic dictatorship that promotes the massacres of people within and outside it’s borders, as well as possessing a nuclear arsenal that could cause a nuclear winter in this region. A state of a complacency for a government, one of which, the CBR seems so happy to adopt.

Thus, under the WF charter, nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right to individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a state. It is therefore Huawan’s stance, that the Peocracy of Huawan, the LoC and the government of Izaakia and Doge-Land most certainly does not need WF excuse nor permission in times where cool, steadfast and decisive minds are necessary.

We return to the time to the speaker,

Peonic Royal Delegate to the WF
Lord Gideon Kwah


Members of the World Forum,

We acknowledge the reasoning, an organized militar action would be preferable, but, we stand with Huawan and the LoC, we are protecting a member of the League, we don’t understand the reasoning of abandoning Doge-Land when they have allowed us to support them, it sounds like if the World Forum wanted Ryccia to invade our ally.

The World Forum has abandoned Cordilia for a long time, they didn’t take noticeable actions against the Junta at the time, and now we are the one who have to clean our home from international inactions.

We can agree to an organized action, but the World Forum has to at least accept that sanctions against nations that are trying to protect their home is not acceptable in any way.

The World Forum cannot control or punish actions of national defense, neither it can stop the nations that are allies and have mutual defense pacts of taking part accordingly.

We will continue to side with the LoC until logical decisions are taken by the World Forum, it’s preferable if they do it before Doge-Land gets invaded.

Andreus Savvidis,
Rhaynan WF Embassador.


International law grants all nations unrestricted rights to defend themselves against foreign aggression, therefore Sedunn cannot support a resolution against nations attacked by the Ryccian junta or their defensive allies.

Sedunnic delegation


Esteemed members of the Assembly,

It is telling that members of the World Forum wish to claim that this Assembly ‘abandoned’ them. The truth is clear: they abandoned the World Forum. They neglected to raise the prospect of military intervention in the World Forum. They displayed no initiative in coordinating the organized military action that they now claim is preferable.

It is also telling that nations which once advocated for the importance of the World Forum now happily ignore statements by countries declaring that they will not “recognize or adhere to any proposition” by this Forum unless it meets their definition of being “reasonable” and “not detrimental” to their national policy.

At one point in time, we voted to ensure members cannot “forever view their legislation above anything the World Forum decides on.” We believed in collective action, consensus-based diplomacy, and in peace over war. It is deeply saddening to see so many members happily invent new excuses for war without any attempt at the principles of collective action and consensus-based diplomacy.

‘Collective self-defense’ a nothing but a shield to hide behind. It is a shield of irresponsibility. It is a shield of masked imperialism. Where does the line of ‘collective self-defense’ end and the line of ‘overbearing interventionism’ begin?

We must ask ourselves why so many nations are chomping at the bit to intervene in this conflict. Is it collective self-defense? Is it a hastily constructed mutual defense pact, conveniently established just before the invasion? Is it to expand their own influence? An important question to ask is, if the goals here are truly only to defend Doge Land, why would these nations not even attempt to seek the support of the entire international community to do so through the World Forum? Would coordinated international intervention not assist in defending Doge Land? Even now, instead of seeking international support, we instead have public threats to not “recognize or adhere to” World Forum resolutions.

These are not the actions of nations concerned about collective self-defense. Make no mistake: these are nations serving their own, selfish purposes, and simply using collective self-defense as a shield. We must take action against such actions instead of simply accepting their justifications at face value without thinking critically about them.

Li Huang
Representative of the Central Bailtemmic Republic


In relation to the recent atrocity stated,

Its funny that the only nations who are not willing to stop the Ryccian threat are nations who have never even been indirectly touched by the crisis.

“Abandoning the World Forum”? We would abide to it if it was useful for short time decisions, but they are without a doubt the least effective institution in that matter.

It’s no surprise that Cordilia has lost faith in it, with proof of such little consideration to understand the situation of other nations from the members.

How dare anyone to judge the situation of Cordilia and their decision while being at the other side of the ocean above their comfortable thrones.

How dare anyone even considerate Cordilia nations to give their lands, their homes and their families to a dictatorial regime.

How dare anyone even think about taking decisions over a land they do not own.

That’s the real imperialism, this message goes to all comfortable nations who have not done anything to solve the situation except letting the terrorists win. We will not give up our independence because a lazy seat in Bailtem told us so.

This is our land, these are our allies, and we have every legal right to defend what we have built over centuries.

The World Forum left to die thousand of Romordians while they were in their nice, comfortable thrones deciding over if they should put light sanctions on a literal genocide built state, or stop the nations who were actually fighting for the liberation of millions of innocent people.

Now, members of the World Forum, the same beheading of the voice of action is happening in this organization, today.

Now the priority of the CBR is to let millions of people lose their homes and righteous soils, and probably die in an invasion, that they are basically supporting by inaction.

We will not accept any intention of the CBR to defend a possible genocide.

Members of the World Forum, these are the real imperialist actions that stop the nations and people of the South Pacific from fighting threats against their lives, the inaction and slowness of members of the World Forum who think they can govern from their comfortable palaces lands they do not own nor they live in, just because they think they have the truth, and they feel in the position of controlling the actions of other states.

We are done with this.

Andreus Savvidis
Rhaynan WF Embassador


If the CBR then asks for us to ask for international recognition of the current conflict and its aid. It is therefore Huawan’s vested interest to formally ask the WF to present aid towards the people of Termina, Izaakia, Ikaranara and Doge-Land, or aid to innocents in Ryccia that’s stuck in this war.

We then ask a request for an internationally coordinated policy in this conflict under the WF. If the delegate of CBR is worth his salt then we offer it to him to coordinate this instead of these hollowed threats and critiques.

Peonic Royal Delegate to the WF
Lord Gideon Kwah


I Agree with my colleagues from UPRAN and Huawan, the CBR is effectively attempting to give the Ryccian Terrorists more power over their neighbors. And to say that WE have abandoned the WF, while the WF completely abandoned my Country, even when nukes were involved, the WF just watched. I can see why many see the WF as inefficient, the decision making process takes too long. Its why the DCW lasted as long, its why Izaakia left N&GB an unstable state, and now, it might be why the Ryccians win this one sided conflict. I say, that the CBR are out of there goddamn minds with this resolution.

Howard Brown
UKED Delegate to the WF


Delegates of the Court.

Huawan agrees that there needs to be reform in the WF. As a founding member we realized that this was in our part an error, and thus we hereby vow for the WF to be more proactive in the stabilization of the region, and become a forum in which matters could be discussed and dealt with diplomatically.

This we promise you,

Peonic Royal Delegate to the WF
Lord Gideon Kwah


As International law grants all nations unrestricted rights to defend themselves against foreign aggression, Kliegme cannot agree to such resolution being adopted.

While some may argue that now is the chance to overthrow the junta, which I have to admit that I cannot make an argument against, it is also undeniable that there will be humanitarian crisis for all nations involved. Therefore, we stand with the Huawanese proposal for a WF-coordintion of humanitarian aid.


“Absolutely not. The state right to self-defense derives itself of the freedom from aggression and the principle of self-determination. While the latter might not be fully legally codified or accepted, freedom from aggression is.
As a reminder, an aggression is any conflict started by a party without a clear reasoning/justification for it. In this case, not only does the initiator of the conflict lack clarity, it lacks any attempt to give a reason for the initiation of the conflict.”

-His Excellency, designated Delegate and Ambassador of (the) AC of Viliakmon to the World Forum, Dimitrie Mucitani-Ioryi


Esteemed delegates,
the proposed resolution is an insult to the people who are suffering under the Ryccian Junta and the war initiated by it.

This is not a war provokes by Doge Land, it is caused by the Ryccian Junta.

I will use my time to teach you something, esteemed ambassador: all of the attacked countries, yes you heard me right, countries(!), have a right to defend themselves. International law, whether you like it or not, allows for self-defence and mutual self-defence. It is wrong to say that this war, this suffering is the fault of the LoC.

We have to admit, yes the World Forum has indeed made mistakes, acted to slow, or not at all. But our goal has to be to correct these mistakes. To act in time, to act alone, to act right.

This proposal, quite frankly, is not worthy of being proposed to vote and we appeal to the ambassador of the CBR to get some common sense and revoke the resolution.

Thank you.

Dr. Lina Frere,
Ambassador of the Republic of Eflad to the World Forum


Huawan does not agree with this resolution and the precedence it may set for conflicts in the future, furthermore, it is not covered by the charter of the WF.

We motion to switch to another agenda,

Peonic Royal Delegate to the WF
Lord Gideon Kwah


Esteemed members of the Assembly,

We agree with the sentiment voiced by many Ambassadors. This proposal is nothing but a farce by an isolationist state that wishes to impose its will unto the World Forum. What makes this case even more ironic is the fact that the proposing nation is one drenched in human rights abuses. On that basis alone, the CBR should be taken with all the salt in the world.

However, I cannot stand idly by as this ideology of deciding who can get to intervene. Tell me, how would the Great War have ended if there was a supranational body telling everyone not to intervene against the lust of unwarranted imperialism? Sallodesia understands the unwritten law of the gun. I would also like to add to the CBR that their current proposal would rather alienate more WF members than rally them. If this road is to be taken, we can expect more cases like Esfalsa. How would the World Forum be able to function properly then? Clearly, the CBR needs a lesson in international affairs and perhaps a medical visit to doctors.

Jengo Van Schalwyk
Ambassador to the World Forum of the Republic of Sallodesia


Dear Colleagues

I understand this subject has brought up many emotions. However, I must politely ask you to use this forum for productive talks and not empty insults. I believe we are fast approaching a consensus on the matter and advise any parties to voice their remaining concerns before we move to a motion to vote.

On the matter of the inaction of the World Forum, I kindly reiterate the Stoinian stance that if you want to take proactive actions, you must propose them to this forum. And certainly not demand it from the institution itself. The World Forum is an honourable institution so long as its members states maintain is values. The blood of the World Forums is its constituent member, not a certain body of the World Forum. Frankly, I understand the fury of some members, but I must say that such fervour is better concentrated through the drafting and proposing of actual World Forum resolutions than empty words in these halls.

Tudor Segărceanu
Speaker of the Assembly & Ambassador of the Kingdom of Stoinia