Staffer Abolition


Per Cabinet Order 25, I’d like to request the following changes to the organization of the executive on the forums and on the Discord server.


  • Delete the Ministries of Engagement, Culture, and Foreign Affairs groups and categories,
  • Move all threads out of those categories and into the Cabinet category.


  • Delete all MoE, MoC, MoFA, and OWL staff roles;
Specific Roles

These are the roles I’m aware of.

  • MoC: Staff
  • MoC: RP Planning
  • MoC: Senior Staff
  • MoE: Staff
  • MoFA: Ambassador
  • OWL: Staff
  • OWL: Senior Staff
  • Archive all MoE, MoC, and OWL channels, #spsf-ops-planning, and #mofa-ambassadors-hall,
  • Rename #spsf-general-corps to #spsf-officers and extend access to SPSF Officers,
  • Create #executive-planning under the Government Halls category and extend access to all Citizens, with thread creation/management permissions granted to Cabinet Ministers.

My reasoning for requesting this change is twofold: both as a part of executing Cabinet Order 25, and as a means to simplify our government, in preparation for any possible changes as a result of the Great Council. I will be happy to answer any specific questions regarding this request.

This has been done.

Thank you. I’d also like to request that the unified executive application be removed since it no longer applies.

This has been done.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

Could this part of the PM’s request be implemented too, please?

Bump on the request to remove the executive application for the Ministries of Culture, Engagement, Foreign Affairs, and OWL.

This may be done. Or maybe I broke the wizard. Someone will notice eventually.

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