St Abbaddon Consulate


Hello TSP,

St Abbaddon is excited to have a consulate here on your new forum platform. I must say, it looks phenomenal. I hope over the course of time, we can strengthen our relations with one another! I will be posting updates and will certainly be using this consulate to be active! For now I will be the main ambassador for here until we get a permanent appointment done on my end! Until then please feel free to check us out and ask questions! Thank you for letting us be here! Can’t wait to see what is in store for everyone here!

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Welcome to TSP (and our new forums)!

Please help yourself to a lampshade and glass of SPIT!



St Abbaddon has published its new edition of the St Abby Times!! Please enjoy!! NationStates | Dispatch | St Abby Times

Today the Chief Elder announced changes to the St Abbaddon government. Unanda moves from the Elder of Foreign Affairs to Elder of Internal/Cultural Affairs to help the region focus on increasing activities. We welcomed our newest government officer, Ngozichukwu, who will be working under Unanda! The Chief Elder and Monarch will be covering down in the Foreign Affairs department until a permanent successor is named! This is the official lineup for the St Abbaddon government going forward!

St Abbaddon is still highly active! We are currently working on Dream World, our interegional RP!

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What regions are partaking?