Specjalność Jakuba (Jakubian Special)

The Jakubian Special is a News Agency owned and operated by the Jakubian government. Its purpose is to provide the world with news on the country of Jakub. This includes politics, economics, and other events that occur. It was formed recently, two months before President Ruskowski’s election.
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Car Bombing in Stare Miasto!

Prawdziwy Przód Molic’s “Yellow Group” has claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack in eastern Jakub. The terrorist organization that split off from Bojownicy o Wolność Molic has increased the volume of attacks in the Krainacringów region more recently, making the Jakubian Armed Forces go on high alert.

This time, a civilian vehicle that was outside the Stare Miasto Police Station detonated from an VBIED planted inside the trunk of the vehicle. The explosion took the lives of two police officers and three civilians who were outside of the building. The attack was a “response to the growing efforts to destroy the true government of Molic” — Vasko Petrović, Prawdziwy Przód Molic, “Yellow Group”.

Kerry Carterski, vice president of Jakub, calls the attack “a reminder for our people and our diplomatic allies in the South Pacific remain against the Molic loyalists”.

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