Species of the Colonus Pact

This is just a place for me to more publicly draft ideas for each of the 8 Colonian species and get feedback from the community (or at least anyone who’s interested)


Vanti (Jagged Scale):

Mandi (Soldier):

Mandi (Worker):


Priest (Order of Kvath):

Priest (Order of Ousa):






Colonian Species Relations as of 3 ABT:
Loves - Scytherians, Krim
Likes - Yipsid
Dislikes - Jellies, Priests
Hates - Mandi

Loves - Ytharans
Likes - Yipsid
Dislikes - Vanti, Scytherians
Hates - Jellies, Priests, Krim

Loves -
Likes - Mandi, Yipsid
Dislikes - Vanti, Priests, Jellies, Krim
Hates - Scytherians

Loves - Vanti
Likes - Krim
Dislikes - Yipsid, Mandi, Priests
Hates - Jellies, Ytharans

Loves - Scytherians, Jellies
Likes - Vanti, Mandi, Yipsid
Dislikes - Krim, Ytharans
Hates -

Loves -
Likes - Priests, Yipsid
Dislikes -
Hates - Vanti, Mandi, Ytharans, Scytherians, Krim

Loves - Scytherians, Vanti
Likes -
Dislikes - Jellies, Priests
Hates - Yipsid, Mandi, Ytharans

Loves - Priests, Jellies, Mandi
Likes - Scytherians, Ytharans
Dislikes - Vanti
Hates - Krim


Main Branch of the Vanti Royal Family



So, as to actual “debate” stuff, I guess I’ll start with the Krim

So, who are the Krim? (Note that these are obviously generalizations, and do not all apply to the species as a whole)
The Krim are a species residing in the Colonus Pact, which allied themselves with the Loyalist side during the Purification war. The hold much disdain for the Mandi, Ytharans, and Yipsid (especially the Yipsid), who they see as traitors and scum. They hold a deep distrust for the Priests and Jellies, as they see their religious vanity and perceived godhood to be dangerous and unwarranted. They have a great fondness for the Vanti and Scytherians, the other major parties of the Loyalist side, and see them as interesting species who have shown themselves to have compatible beliefs with the Krim code of honor. The Krim are inquisitive, orderly, and secretive, but incredibly loyal to those who have earned their trust.

What are the Krim?
The Krim are a species originating from BrightSpace, or more specifically, being decended from groups of BrightSpace Ghost “colonists” that found their biology changed after an extended amount of time spent in realspace. The Krim naturally absorb light, although their bodies are unable to efficiently make use of it, which can lead to skin damage in certain conditions. The Krim also communicate using light and are never known to speak, even though they are biologically capable of speech. The Krim can only survive in extremely high pressure environments, or else they’ll go “feral” and revert into a psuedo-BrightSpace Ghost form.

*What Are BrightSpace Ghosts?
BrightSpace Ghosts is a broad classification of all life either native to or created within BrightSpace, being completely made out of light and having different forms depending on the type.

Uh, I guess this is where I leave it open to any suggestions or questions


Krim Conceptions of the Afterlife: Hell
The Krim believe in a cycle of reincarnation in which one’s actions in life will land them in one of many afterlives, with the goal being to reach the “true” (best) heaven after many lives.

However, the Krim believe in two “true” hells, from which most will never return from should they ever find themselves entering their halls. The ancestors of the Krim are believed to be the only ones to ever be granted pardon and allowed to leave, although millennia of suffering had left them barely distinguished from the demons that tortured them.

The first of these hells is Illuminos (illuminos), or BrightSpace, the great disk of light that shines above all of reality. Illuminos is an ever-shifting realm of light and pain, always hungry for more prisoners and more demons to watch over them. Those who find themselves in Illuminos will be turned to light, stripped of their identities and bodies and forced to endure punishment with not even their memories left to anchor themselves to.

The second hell is known only as the Abyss, the pit over which all of reality precariously hangs. The Abyss is empty save for the everdark, the seeping shadows that smother even the light of Illuminos. Those in the Abyss are doomed to an eternity of isolation and helplessness, and all the other punishments caused by a life of sin.