Sorven Expanse military breakdown

This is a spot for me to explain in more detail how my Aurora military works. If you are not me (@Legend), you may not post on this.

The Sorven army has two parts, with a very small third sub-faction, but I’ll get to that after the other ones.

Anyway, the raiding part of the army is called the Fist of Winter, and the defensive army is called the Sheild of Despair. From the Sheild of Despair, the best warriors are picked out to join the Sorven Honor Guard, the elite protects of the King, the Merchant Queen, and the Prophets.

Fist of Winter

Sorven Warriors (one handed weapons: axes, sheilds, and swords)
Sorven Archers (regular or enchanted bows)
Sorven Ice Mages (runes and their voices)
Sorven Heavy Warriors (dual-weild weapons: battleaxes, great/longswords, and war hammers)
Sorven Berserkers (battleaxes)
Sorven Draugers (any)
Sorven King (Spear)

Favored Strategy:
The Fist of Winter prefers to employ a waved/tiered deployment of soldiers to preserve the strength of their better soldiers. The Sorven Warriors will rush the enemy while the Sorven archers reign arrows from above. Then, the Sorven Ice Mages will freeze the enemies and their weapons/shields, making them unbearably cold. Next, the Soven Heavy Warriors will smash into the enemy with extreme force. The Sorven Berserkers will certainly break through any remaining sheilds that the enemy has and make room for the Sorven Draugrs to rush in and decimate the enemies. If the army still stands, the Sorven King will enter the battle. The raid will only end once only one army remains.

Other Information:
The Fist of Winter have never lost but have suffered major loses.
While the Fist of Winter fights the defending army, smaller bands or raiders attack villages.
The Sorven Fleet will remain close to the shore (but undocked) for two weeks, after which it will depart. If the Fist of Winter is still alive, it will have to steal or build ships to depart.

Sheild of Despair

The Wraths (spears)
The Undying (shields)
The Terrors (swords)
The Despairs (bows)
The Godless (“Fists” and imbued magic)
The Agonies (fire trebuchets)

Favored Strategy:
The Sheild of Despair works in unison to protect the Expanse. The Undying will form a shield wall, and The Wraths stick their spears through the small gaps While they’re advancing, The Despairs fire their arrows over the wall. The Terrors guard the edges of the shield wall and surge ahead once The Despairs stop firing. The Agonies are in battle structures further back to guard against GMBs and GMUs. The Godless are rarely used, and while erupt from the ground beneath the enemy.

Other Information:
The Sheild of Despair is feared even by the Sorven people.
The Sheild of Despair is ruthless, and will torture captured enemies for information.
The Sheild of Despair is made up of mostly religious zealots, and answer directly to the High Prophet, not the Sorven King.

Sorven Honor Guard

Honorable Defenders (spear and hidden chainmail shield)
Honorable Lord Champion (Sword and magic)

Favored Strategy:
The Honorable Defenders stand at the shoulders of their person, ready to attack any threats, or defend themselves and their person from attacks. The Honorable Lord Champion Will stay ahead group and uses their magic to neutralize any opponents

Other Information:
The Honorable Lord Champion’s sword is largely ceremonial, and isn’t used often.
There are only 6 Honorable Defenders and 3 Honorable Lord Champions, 1 set for the Sorven King, 1 set for the Merchant Queen, and 1 set for the Prophets.
The Sorven Honor Guard are rarely used and tend to be found training other soldiers.