Social Liberal Union Embassy

Hello! Herein lies the consulate for the Social Liberal Union, our nearly twelve year old corner of the NationStates multiverse and long-time mutual maintainer of on-site embassies with your fair region. While never a region of great size, we’ve long taken great pride in the quality of our community, its constitutional law, our library, and many more things besides, and are equally proud to be friends of The South Pacific.

If you’d like to learn more about our region’s recent happenings as of the time of this posting, please consult the most recent edition of our monthly newsletter, or this month’s domestic update:

The Union Tribune, August 2022 Edition
September Regional Update

Future updates will be posted here by our region’s ambassador to yours! Right now, that’s me, SLU’s World Assembly Delegate and Chief Executive of our Office of World Assembly Affairs, but it’s liable to change in the future.

Thanks for having us.

Election results are out!

(Now former) Minister of Domestic Affairs Erynia and Draconia has prevailed in their campaign for the World Assembly Delegacy of the SLU, winning handily with a final tally of 15-3. They now go on to serve in the positions I oh-so-recently held myself. Ministerial nominations are now open and the process of assembling the next Cabinet begins.

On my way out the door as Chief Executive of the Office of World Assembly, I unveiled a new set of resources for the region, all of which are linked in this master dispatch.

You can find my farewell address here.

Thank you for creating your consulate. Cheers!

Greetings! Here is another brief update for you all on recent events within the region.

The October 2022 Ministerial Elections have concluded, with the ministries now being composed of the following public servants:

Goncar, as Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lost Slokasians, as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Osagh, as Minister of Immigration
Ramelia, as Deputy Minister of Immigration
Anaaxes, as Minister of Domestic Affairs
Prplia, as Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs

With nearly 20 votes cast in each race, member state participation remains high and growing relative to regional size, which has now eclipsed 250 nations among a population boom.

In addition, the people of the Social Liberal Union are now witnessing the first use of anti-RMB spam legislation since the inauguration of the 3rd Constitution. A trial of the accused is now underway in the regional court of law and instructions have recently been issued to the jurors.

In other news, another edition of the regional newspaper has been released, featuring an Op-Ed on how Marxism instructs compatibility with the support of transgender people in their struggles for liberation, the most recent domestic updates, and an introduction to regional roleplay by stalwart contributor and long-time member state Harndon.

Link: The Union Tribune, September 2022 Edition

A poll was run by Domestic Affairs on the likeability of candy corn, which proved strangely divisive (I hold that those who actively enjoy candy corn need to go on a long palette cleanse).

Link: The Most Divisive Poll (Candy Corn)

Finally, a scary flag contest with a dystopian theme is wrapping up, with voting underway. Check out the region’s entries here and root for your favorite.

Congratulations to the newly elected Ministers!

Hello! A quick one for you all, this time including a little extra information at the end about the status of my Senior Ambassadorship here on behalf of the SLU. First, though, the business.

On October 27th, the nation Free of Russia, whose trial I mentioned last month, was found guilty on all charges, a verdict rendered, and sentence issued in the first exercise of the region’s moderating legislation on spam. This was widely regarded as a successful use case by the region of the untested law.

The October edition of the Union Tribune (link) recounted our region’s haphazard response to Z-Day and featured another helpful installment of our world building guide for new players of NS.

Earlier today, Courelli was re-elected to a successive term as Chancellor of the Social Liberal Union, drawing in a 13-0 victory while running uncontested.

On a personal note, I decided late last night to allow my over two year-old nation, Toonela, Cease-to-Exist, after determining that my vision for its role in interregional gameplay was simply not viable in the current meta. My maintenance of our consulship here will, as a result, terminate in approximately 29 days.

In the meantime, any important business of note in the SLU relevant to TSP will continue to be passed along here until the next Ambassador takes my place.

Greetings, TSPers! It’s been too long. While I am not your assigned ambassador at the moment, I am the SLU’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and this embassy is badly in need of an update.

Recent News

Back in May, new opt-in notification roles were rolled out for players using the SLU Discord server, Chancellor Ramelia won a second term in that role following a rerun confirmation election, and I joined the Domestic Affairs staff once again in order to launch a new interactive roleplay scenario in the regional Discord server.

On June 6th, the May election for the position of World Assembly Delegate ended with the victory of Speaker Pro Tempore Maelstrom Republic over his sole opponent by a margin of 2 to 1. An-Astral succeeded Maelstrom as Speaker Pro Tempore, per the appointment of Speaker Helvurium.

Regional nominations for the June 2024 Ministerial Elections are currently underway. The victors will be inaugurated as Delegate Maelstrom’s Cabinet.

That is all for the time being. Thank you for reading.