So Far Away, And Yet So Close (Enver-Thiucarro First Contact) [3 ABT]

Agent and Gorod were standing on the bridge of their flagship.

“Where are we going this time?” Asked Gorod.

“Somewhere very far away.” Replied Agent. “We were given the task to estabilish a landing point in the ‘east’. Through diplomatic, or other means.”

“That would explain the bigger than usual fleet. Why wasn’t I informed about it? After all I’m the one responsible for the other means.”

“With the whole Political Officers thing, I technically outrank you. Thankfully, I didn’t let it get to my head. Not like some of my colleagues.” Agent looked out of the starships window into the clouds of Underspace. “I think we can exit now.”

The fleet, consisting of roughly 10 000 ships, emerged into realspace. They were all black, oval shape and smooth. Each had an emblem on it, presenting a dark-red star with a rifle and a chain crossed on top of it.

“Begin scanning for xeno activity.” Agent commanded.

“Right away, sir.” The ships captain answered.


The Star Blimp “Exterminator” Amd three escort ships were patrolling near the planet of Pebriff when the scanners of the ship alerted the crew of an incoming fleet.

“An unidentified fleet has entered our radars. Nearly 10000 ships strong. What should we do, sir?” An aide asked to the captain of the Exterminator, Krasgar.

“Alert the Sixth Fleet of this unidentified fleet. If those ships are here to attack our hegemony like the filthy scum of the Commonwealth, then they shall feel the smite of our guns.”

The Sixth Fleet consisted of nearly 5000 Star Blimps, a multirole class of capital ships able to act as a star destroyer, a fighter carrier, and as an orbital bombardment platform. The Sixth Fleet is considered one of the most elite fleets of the Hegemony.

While the Sixth Fleet began moving en route to Pebriff, captain Krasgar attempted to contact the unidentified fleet.

“Unidentified fleet, this is captain Krasgar of the Star Blimp “Exterminator.” You are entering Thiucarri Space, territories of the Great Despot himself. Identify yourself or your fleet will be destroyed.” Krasgar said in a threatening tone.


“We have received communications in an unknown language, sir. It originated from one of four ships in orbit of a planet, which also appears to be inhabited.” The captain reported.

“Send it back home for translation. Hold our position for now. Power down weapons, but keep the shields and AS batteries online.” Agent replied. “Prepare to transmit a message.”

“This is Agent, Diplomatic Officer of the 1st Exploratory Taskforce. Our goal is to discover and estabilish contact with xeno cvilizations, but we are capable of inflicting serious damage if you wish to initiate conflict. Hail the Grand Comissar.”


“What are they saying?”

“These ships seem to be some sort of diplomatic envoy. Thats a rarity. What shall we do.”

Captain Krasgar gave a quick glance at the ships of this diplomatic envoy. He then gave his orders.

“Power down the twin turbolasers. Keep other weapons on standby. Inform the Sixth Fleet of this development.”

After a bit of waiting, the Sixth Fleet arrives into the Pebriff Sector. The Star Dreadnought “Decimator” Overshadowed the Exterminator and its escorts. Upper Admiral Gazukar established contact with the Exterminator

“Captain, this is Upper Admiral Gazukar. What is the situation.”

“A diplomatic envoy from an unknown nation has appeared. They wish to establish contact with " Xeno” Civilizations, which appears to include us."

“Very well. Get me in contact with their commander.”

After a short time, Gazukar’s Decimator sends a message to the exploration fleet’s flagship.

“Diplomatic Officer Agent of the First Exploration Taskforce, I am Upper Admiral Gazukar of the Thiucarro Hegemony’s Sixth Fleet. We have received your message and would like to discuss it further. Meet me and Captain Krasgar in the cruiser moving to the middle.”

As his message ended, one of the Exterminator’s escort cruisers entered into position in the middle of the two fleets. A shuttle can be seen entering the cruiser from the Decimator, and another from the Exterminator. Upper Admiral Gazukar and Captain Krasgar will meet these strangers in their ship.


After a few hours Æriel has managed to translate the Thiucarro language and a shuttle took off from the Envari flagship towards the cruiser.

When it landed in the Thiucarro cruiser, first came out the 20 Black Guards, forming two lines. They were 4.5 meters tall and wearing completely black armors without any markings and holding rifles.

After them came out Agent. He was 4 meters tall and thin. His skin was beige and his eyes completely black. He wore a long, grey coat with red and gold markings. His officers hat was in similar coloration with a golden symbol of a planet on it. He had several medals pinned to his chest and a black pistol in a holster too. Two thin cables were connected to tubes on both sides of his face.

“Hail the Grand Comissar.” He said, in a monotone, emotionless voice. He spoke Thiucarro, but the movements of his mouth didn’t match the words he spoke.

“Hail the Grand Comissar!” The Black Guards shouted in unison.


“Karazai varga, Serugai Agent” the Admiral greets the recently arrived delegates from, what they assume to be, a far away nation. Both Gazukar and Krasgar are flanked by 4 Heiziho Guards, all four of which looked on blankly, their expressions covered by their helmets, giving only a slight hint of life. They were also joined by 4 Vikari-class droids, all of which had bloodshot red eyes. A translator droid and an archivist arrives alongside the Admiral, and both Gazukar and Krasgar took their seats.

“Please, have a seat.” Gazukar said to Agent, “would you or your… men… like to have a drink?”


Agent sits down and the Balck Guards line up behind him.

“With pleasure Admiral, it wouldn’t hurt to drink something. Don’t worry about its compatibility with my species, we tend to be more poison-resistant then most. My Guards don’t drink, at least in the context you used. They are allowed only limited amount of selected fluids to keep their combat performence at highest levels.”


“Of course. It is a surprise that you can speak Thiucarri, despite some noticable use of rather archaic words. Tell me, Delegate, Agent, where did you come from, who do you represent?”

A servant droid came into the room bringing drinks, most being fermented Blackfruit wine. Admiral Gazukar grabbed a glass before offering the beverage towards his guest.

“Please, Agent, enjoy this little beverage of ours”


Agent drank the whole content of the glass in one go. A quite sizzle could be heard from his mouth fir a short time, begore he begun to speak again.

“I come from the Grand Comissariat of Enver. I represent the interests of my nation and its leader, the Grand Comissar. My mission is to further our understanding if the sector and search for potential allies against the Coalition, which presents a serious threat to our and possibly your soveirgnity.”

“On who’s behalf do you speak, Admiral?”


Admiral Gazukar takes a sip from the Blackfruit Wine, a delicacy from his homeworld of Thiudann.

“I speak on behalf of my nation, the Thiucarro Hegemony, and my ruler, the Great Despot. Who’s realm extends far beyond the great Regunessian Expanse. I see that you also find the Commonwealth to be a threat, what a peculiar sight. It’s been a long time since we met someone with the common sense to say that the Commonwealth’s existence is a threat to our realm.”

Note: There would be a misconception moving forward. When Agent mentions “the Coalition”, Gazukar believes he means “the (Sapphire) Commonwealth”, since in Thiucarri the words for Coalition and Commonwealth are similar if not synonymous


“I’m glad to finally find a nation that thinks in the same way. For our common security, I’d like to propose closer cooperation between our states. The exact extent of this partnership will have to be determined, but I believe both our nations will greatly benefit from it.”

Everything was going as planned. The Comissariat now had a friendly state in the East, eager to fight against the Coalition and with similar ideological priciple. Maybe not all xenos were hopeless and fit only as slaves to the Comissariat.


“Indeed. Not many nations in the region take the threat of the Commonwealth seriously. While they obviously aren’t the most powerful nation, their very existence is an inherent threat to our civilization!”

Gazukar exclaimed furiously. Krasgar interjected

“Our hegemony has come into conflict with the Commonwealth several times throughout our history. It is good to know that we’re not the only one in this struggle”

Krasgar drank his blackfruit wine while Gazukar continued him

“That is true, it is rare to see a fellow like-minded nation when it comes to the threat posed by the Commonwealth.Of course, as you stated, the finer details are up for the diplomats to decide, but I will say, I find this encounter extremely beneficial”


“I’m glad that we are on the same page. I shall report this development to the Director. After that we are free to schedule a proper diplomatic meeting to discuss the terms of our partnership.”

With these words Agent returned to his shuttle and the the flagship. He went to his private room and using his personal computer, called Director Hoxha.

“How is your mission going, Officer?”

“Very good, Director. We have encoutered a nation known as the Thiucarro Hegemony. The appear to have previously encountered the Coalition and are not on the best terms. They are very eager for an alliance.”

“What about their ideology? How much do we need to hide from them?”

“Suprisingly, not much. They believe their species to be superior to others and while it isn’t true, it does place them above most xeno races previously encounyered by the Comissariat.”

“Then I give you permission to make this alliance official.”

“Thank you director.”

Agent smelled of pride, happines and ambition. Though it wasn’t official, it was clearly visiblebto everyone that Hoxha would be the next Grand Comissar, another one from a long line of moderates. With such an achievment, Agent had a good shot at becoming the next Director.


As Agent and the Enveri delegates left his ship, Admiral Krasgar contacted the hegemonic capital of Thiucarr. There he contacted the sub-ministry for first contacts and establishment of diplomatic offices. He filed a report for the encounter with Enver.

REPORT A106562-E
Name: Krasgar Thiudann Maragkar
Rank: Admiral
Subject: Encounter
We recently came into contact with another civilization from what we assume is a far away place. They surprisingly show knowledge of our tongue, despite their accent is noticeably foreign. They also seem to have a hostile view of the Commonwealth and are offerring a alliance against them. With our current lack of substantial allies, I would suggest we send a delegation to establish relations with them.

Krasgar submitted the report to the ministry hoping that it will not fall on deaf ears. His rank as Admiral would probably help his endeavor.


Elsen’s fleet reemergen into Realspace in the location of the planned meeting with an unknown Thiucarro representative.

“What do we do now?” Asked Gorod.

“We wait. They should contact us soon.” Agent replied.

“I’m still not quite sure about this diplomacy stuff. We are ment to subjugate xenos not cooperate with them.”

“You have to see the bigger picture. They will serve us, eventually. But right now the Comissariat has bigger issues then a random xeno state tens of thousands of lightyears away.”

“The Coalition. I can’t wait to stomp out these xenos. Who do they think they are to deny our birthright so fervently?”

“Given that one of their states calls itself ‘Galactya’, they believe a lot of things. It will only make it more satisfying to prove them wrong.”

Pride could be smelled on the entire ship, not only from Agent and Gorod, but other crewmembers as well who overheard their conversation. To them the belief in Envari superiority was as natural as the existance of gravity and talks of such grand conquest from their leadership were bound to inspire daydreams of glory and total Envari domination.

At this time the Thiucarro communication arrived, detailing the place and time of the meeting and the identity of the representative.


After some time leaving their guests waiting (quite literally) , the Thiicarri high diplomat Gar Gadon arrived in the designated meeting place. The small palace of Arak Agari which overlooked a blackfruit vineyard in the resort planet of Thiudann. The location was sent to their newfound “friends” the Enveri and they were greeted by Admiral Krasgar’s sixth fleet

Once the delegation from Enver arrived, Lord Gar welcomed them

“Greetings, Enveri delegation. I am Lord Gar Gadon, high diplomat of the Thiucarro Hegemony, please follow me” as he leads the Enveri delegation to a central room, where they will discuss the finer details of their future friendship


The Envari delegation greeted Lord Gadon with their standard “Hail the Grand Comissar!” and an introduction from Agent. They proceeded to the central room. They had to bend over in many places as the building was unsuited for individuals their size.

When they arrived, Agent sat down at the negotiation table, with his Black Guards standing behind him.

“May we begin the discussing the treaty of alliance between our states?”