Sir Zanny for PM

A Penguins Campaign

Hello TSP!!!

I am Sir Zanny, or as some of you know me by Trivalve. Unlike most people who have taken this position, I have only been here for two years. However, I do believe I have done well in integrating myself into this community. TSP has always held a special place for me. From its people to its democratic principles, I have always found it easy to get involved. Now I stand before you, campaigning to become your Prime Minister which to be completely honest I thought it would be a while before anyone would consider nominating me. But this is what I love about TSP, it’s so easy for you to move up and help this region, but it’s only possible if you a willing to put in the effort to get there in the first place. This is something I want to push if I make it in. We have so many new nations who could help this region grow and yet we see the same faces every day. It is my goal to help inform these new nations of the amazing work they can do to both give themselves a name and help push us as a region to new heights. This is one of the many ideas I wish to bring forward.

During my time in this region, I have brought a lot to the table. I became one of the first-ever Deputy Councillors in the region. I created and helped implement the regional songwriting event known as Swan Vision, I was apart of the Rules Review Committee, I served as a Local Councillor, and I am currently serving in Delegate Ebonhand’s Delegate Advisory Council. I still plan on bringing more though. Here is what I plan to do if I become Prime Minister based of the PMs responsibilities:

Increasing Participation

As I have already mentioned, I wish to bring in more new faces to our regional government. Whether that be just by becoming a citizen and voting in elections or becoming a legislator and helping build our region, we will make sure our region continues to have positive growth. I would like to promote our government on the RMB and help integrate our gamesiders into our offsites to help bridge the gap between the two. I will also be keeping an eye out for anyone I believe will be of great help to our region and give them the push they need to get more involved.

Regional Culture

I along with the Delegates Advisory Council have been working with the Minister of On-Site Events Legend on a plan to bring more life to the cultural aspect of our gameside. Legend has come up with an amazing idea. Though I can’t reveal any details as of yet, I can say that it is big and very exciting. If I become Prime Minister I wish to keep on working on this plan with Legend so that we boost our activity on the gameside and make an enjoyable experience for all.

I do also have a plan for the Discord, I wish to host more voice chats. Anyone can start a Discord call, but I want to boost it further. I want to have topic-based discussions at certain times, just chilling, maybe the occasional karaoke if we a feeling a little fun. I mean, we all love Slabs singing! There are many possibilities, and I would love to build our sense of community more by using voice chats to our advantage.

Inter-Regional Event

It is my desire to build our relations with our fellow Pacifics, and I believe we can do so with an inter-regional event. When I created SwanVision, I had no idea how it would turn out. Turn to now and it is one of the most loved events on TSP’s gameside. I want to build upon this further by proposing an inter-regional song contest to the other Pacifics. It would be amazing to see the Pacifcs come together for a friendly competition (and to hold it over them when we obviously win).

These are all the ideas I wish to bring forward and I hope they work out if I am elected in. I wish my fellow campaigners good luck and I can’t wait to see what they wish to bring to the table.

If you have any questions, ask away!

Conflict of Interest Disclosure


Sir Zanny (the South Pacific)

Trivalve (Crimson Spire)

Trives (Artificial Solar System)

Sodium Hydride (Artificial Solar System)

Current Positions:

Delegates Advisory Council (the South Pacific)

SPSF: Tidal Force (the South Pacific)

Head Internal Security Officer (Crimson Spire)

Past Positions:

Deputy Councillor (the South Pacific)

Local Councillor (the South Pacific)

Rules Review Committee (the South Pacific)

Governor (Crimson Spire)

World Assembly Delegate (Crimson Spire)


It seems to me that you have a notable focus on the TSP itself, which is great, but is there anything in particular that you keep in mind regarding Foreign Affairs?


Well yes I do want to build our relations more with the Pacific’s, the event will be a significant help in that matter but outside of just the Pacific’s, good communication and collaboration on ideas is a goal of mine for our Embassies.


Hi Triv! I am very proud of you for throwing your hat in the ring when so many people (myself included) have declined to run this term. Democracy thrives on participation, and I am very excited to see how you expand on your platform and respond to questions.

For now though, just a couple of questions.

The SPSF is a part of TSP I (clearly) hold very near to my heart, but I don’t see it mentioned in your campaign. In such a tumultuous time where many allies and others may seek aid from our forces, do you have any plans for the SPSF? This includes plans to bolster our numbers, encourage activity, or anything that comes to mind really!

Also, what would your Cabinet makeup look like? By this I mean what ministries would be a part of your Cabinet, not who would be a part of it.



It seems like you have a very regionally focused plan for your tenure as Prime Minister, and that is great!

However, as CS and Silvae have mentioned, military matters and foreign relations are important. You need not mention names, but do you have people in mind who can assist you in those fields that would pass Assembly confirmation?


Ahh yes, I did forget to include the SPSF. I was meant too lol. I was going to do quite a lot of advertisements in the RMB and the occasional (some people hate multiple telegrams) TG. I would like to boost more on the card offers as they seem to work well.

I am probably going to go Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Cultural Activities, Minister of Gameside Statistics (I forgot to mention as well but I would like to supply the RMB with interesting stats every so often), Minister of Defence, and maybe one more to be determined

Yeah I definitely have names in mind, some of them have back ups as well if they decline.


What are your stances on the Roleplay community? How would you go about maintaining roleplay visibility, ensuring that the Roleplay community has a voice, and how would you go about coordinating events, whether that be internal, or with other regions? Is a Minister of Roleplay a possibility or would this get pushed into another ministry?


A minister of roleplay is where I am leaning to on my final ministry position, I would like to bring the region of knowhere back into light again as it definitely isn’t as active as it was during the alliance RP period back in 2021-2022. I also feel like allowing certain alliances to be recognised if the roleplayers in our community decide to bring them back. Maybe some planned rolepay events as well.

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A question about recent events for now:
What do you think about the current TCB vs. TNP war? Should TSP somehow help or would it be a “waste of time”?
If it continues and you are elected, will you do something about it?
Thanks in advance :))


It is in my honest belief that TSP should not be involved. We no longer hold a treaty with TNP and from what I know we have never been raided or attacked by TCB. Therefore I believe it is not our war to fight. So no, if the war continues if I get elected, I will not get the region involved.

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We do not currently have the legal authority to participate in some of the offensive operations that our fellow defenders have engaged in against raiders and their affiliates. Do you support amending regional law to allow the SPSF to participate in such operations? Additionally, while our hands are tied militarily, that does not mean that our hands are tied on the political front too. With that in mind, and kind of extending the first question, do you support the offensive operations that our allies have undertaken, including in Solidarity?

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As mentioned to Silvae, I do not desire to bring this region to war. As a Defender region we should be spending our military resources on restoring/repairing regions that have been raided, not wasting them on occupying a region that brings us no benefit other then to say “Ha! We took over”. Politically I wish to be able to support a peaceful resolution to the conflict, hopefully something on the lines of letting go of Solidarity if TCB does not continue to harass TNP. The chances of this happening a low but we might as well try.