Sic Itur Ad Astra

Vulkanis Hrikon (Planet of Vulcan)
Malekandreikon Astaryeflota Kaanfederatya Fabrikatoreum (Confederate Starfleet Shipyards)

The Magma erupted through the ash covered ground as a White Shuttle flew over the stratosphere of the Planet Vulcan, descending gracefully towards the Confederate Starfleet’s Central Ship Yard. The Ash filled air started to fill with transports and ships, ferrying workers and equipment to the many bases of the Regional Security Directive, or to the Capital City at Ma’alekandrai Akirei, the City of Soldiers. As the Shuttle Landed, a Honor Guard Assembled, presenting their Rifles and standing to attention.

A Officer, in Maroon Uniform Approached the Shuttle, as a Figure in White and Gold, stepped out, flanked by two Ajs Klaanzma’an, Kharis Sabres in their hands, radiating with light.

“Manakashhrikon Kaarel, Velkomne to MAKEFA.” Said the Officer, Giving a Small Bow. before proceeding to walk behind the Ajeri Governor.

The Ajeri’s eyes turned gold as his pale white humanoid face was revealed as he took his hood off and wore. his White and Gold Peaked Cap.

“Admiral, you need not welcome me with formalities and flattery, I want Results, the Council of Regional Security wants Results.”

“I think you will be pleased sir, that the Drafting and Plans for the Cruisers has been completed and we have already finished 400 Cruiser’s main structure, all that is needed is the inspection, trials, and Technician Work.”

“Good, the Other Shipyards have already reached the 10,000 Mark of completed ships, More than 200 Billion Workers and 800 Billion Droids are on this Project and this ship yard has the most resources, but the least amount of reported production, why is that?”

“We have issued with the support and logistics sir, but I assure you, we aim for 10,000 completed total by the end of this month.”

“You better.”

The Governor looked out of the window of the gallery, towards the array of ships being built and small transports flying around, transporting workers and equipment. The Government had finally tapped into the resource rich potential of the Confederacy’s Star systems, and Massive Industrialization plans were underway. His Confederate State was to produce the most, he would make sure of it. Klafari Analashkaron was to be the industrial capital of the Confederacy, and he had already ordered for the construction of a further 1 trillion Droids for this and entire planets had become nothing but factories for the production of the Mindless Minions of the Klafari Analaskaron Government.

As he looked out, 10 ships had already been completed, and were being deployed to the West. Droid Swarms then simply moved on to other ship construction projects and got right back to work. The Confederacy, ws arming itself, no longer would it be a isolated forgotten region in the sector, it would be the force of conquest and security, for a better future, or that is what the CRS believed.