Shibuya-Kanon (Koganei)

Shibuya-Kanon’s Legislator Application

Question Answer
TSP Nation Koganei
Main Nation Chihaya
WA Nation Cerise Bouquet
Discord Kotoha Tanaka#4805
Other Involvement
Kotoha Tanaka (Discord)
Other Regions:
My personal regions: Gensokyo, 765 Production, Love Live, Sado, Shadow Legend, Aqours, Nijigaku, Nijigasaki, Liella, Grass Other regions where some of my nations also reside include: TNP (Byakuren), TP (Tojiko), The Glorious Nations of Iwaku (Seigana and Tottori). I've never been active in any of them though. And lastly: The Great Jurisdiction of Arkaenov; where my first nation (Divine Spirit Mausoleum) is guarding in memory.
England (Nijisanji-Nijigasaki/ currently partaking in defending).

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