Shattered Glass - an Emperor's coup

-148 BBT-
Sooï, the Sooï-Parna-Kïvenos Free State
Dovian Star Republic

Unrest, riot, protests, mass strikes, looting, crime, poverty, instability, corruption, nepotism, collusion, inflation, immorality, and decadence.

All these words perfectly describe the situation of the Dovian Star Republic during it’s last few years. All it takes is a single swoosh to see it’s entire rotting core collapse. But what that single swoosh is is anyone’s guess.

A bang went off, and another, and another. Tarascan is once again in a state of emergency as the city is engulfed by protesters protesting the worsening living conditions to the point where it was borderline impossible to buy food as uncontrollable hyperinflation made sure one’s monthly salary could barely buy a week’s food.

But in the backdrop of this instability, this near-constant anarchy, many still find their faith in a better future, and many believe that restoration of the old monarchy is key. While the autocratic rule of the old empire was a painful memory, it is more fondly remembered due to the worsening of the so-called “reformations” made by the Republic.

In a small, dimly lit, rundown bar somewhere in the city’s tight alleyways, a small group of people gathered in a private lounge to discuss a plan for the future. They were former members of the infamous Black Hand, the empire’s old secret police which became a secret society. The organization was also known to be hardline imperialists, which made it banned under the Republic. But, these people plans for something new. A new empire.

Then, the doors to their small private lounge open. A man wearing a dark brown cloak entered.

“Good evening, gentlemen.”


All the men in the room stood up, raising their hands up and extending three of their fingers, in unison they shouted.

“Hail, the Emperor, Atlan”

The man opens his cloak to reveal himself as Atlan Säara Milék vé Samasäaka Nöori’atlana Sandovï’i, the son of the one of the Säaka III’s two successors, and currently the most politically active member of the disenfranchised Imperial Family.

His activities has garnered attention from not only the authorities, but also monarchists and imperialists who seek to reinstate the Star Empire to its glory. Due to his activities, he has been picked as the most likely candidate for the next emperor in the moment the position ever opened once again. This is one of those moments.

Quickly, Atlan spoke to his crowd.

“Brothers, sons of Dova. For too long have we let this decadent nation stray from the true path, our true destiny into becoming the great power destined to rule all the galaxy. Let us once again guide this nation to the right path, to the path of glory, to the path of victory. Hail the Empire!”

As Atlan finishes his speech, his supporters in the lounge responded.

“Hail the Empire!”

The men pack their things, there is much work to be done.


The men leave to find the city in open riot as the people could no longer withstand their suffering. The local government has sent in planetary defense troops to ward off the protesters, but it only added more fuel to the flame.

Chants can be heard. "Down with the Republic! ", “down with the Republic!”, “down with the Republic!” People are fed up with the Republic’s situation. No one in the Sooï-Parna-Kïvenos Free State views the Republic as the institution that is capable of bringing the Dovian people out of its misery. As the protests continued, some of Atlan’s men came on top of a vehicle, and started shouting. “Hail the Empire!”

Suddenly, everyone shouted in unison. “Hail the Empire!” “Hail the Empire!” “Hail the Empire!”. At that point, Tarascans was no longer merely protesting for major reforms, they were pushing for a revolution. A restoration.

Atlan placed his hood back up as he walked amongst the crowds of protesters. He knew what this meant. The Restoration of the Empire shall soon come. All they need to do is wait for the right moment to strike.


Sooï, the Sooï-Parna-Kïvenos Free State
Dovian Star Republic

Governor Azal took a seat near the balcony of the Governorate Palace. He sips his tea as he listens to the news.

“Rioters in Tarascan turns towards Restorationism”

He scoffed. Another poor, sad attempt by idealists and conservatives to restore an expansionist nation who’s political system is of a bygone era. It felt ironic that the Empire used to crush these sorts of riots, only for them to use those same dirty tactics once removed from the throne.

But, it felt odd. While Restorationist rallies have happened since the creation of the Republic. This one felt different. It felt more weighted. But, he cares not for these things, as his guest arrives to his office. Azal greets three men in gray suits, and before long they pulled out a suitcase filled with more than enough Som* to feed the city’s poor, or maybe to buy Azal a new luxury apartment in Nova Dova.

“Thank you gentlemen, it is a pleasure doing business with you”

The three men left Azal as he continues to stare at the Som-filled suitcase.


The Som is the currency of the Dovian realm since it’s earliest inception. Existing well before the era of the Star Empire, it is a symbol of Dovian economic might and stability. The Som is divided into 100 Follis.


Rïn shipyards, K’alos
Sooï, the Sooï-Parna-Kïvenos Free State
Dovian Star Republic

Corporal Häk and his men patrolled the shipyards’ perimeter. Recent events in Tarascan have placed everyone on high alert. The last attempted coup in Sooï saw the use of the planet’s minimally guarded shipyards to smuggle weapons for the plotters. Häk and his men were there to make sure such a thing would never happen again. His comms turned on as his men were scanning some of the arriving ships and it’s passengers for any suspicious items

“Corporal Häk here”

“Corporal, this is Captain Karos. I’m here to inform you that three individuals of high priority will soon be entering the shipyards. I need you and your men to clear a way for them. Understood?”

“Of course sir. Can you give me a description?”

“The three individuals wear dark gray suits and ties with a dark purplish tint. The ship they will be boarding is on Platform 72. Please stand by.”

“Yes sir, if I may ask-”

Before Häk could ask his question, Captain Kalos closed the comms. Without waiting long, he organized his men to clear a path for Platform 72.

The men in suits entered the dockyards shortly after, flanked by bodyguards in gray armor. Most likely PMCs, Häk thought to himself. The men in suits and their guards entered the ship and soon after the ships engines were activated. Before long, the men left Sooï.


Kra’ava District, Tarascan
Sooï, the Sooï-Parna-Kïvenos Free State
Dovian Star Republic

The authorities, now armed with anti-riot gear, would force an end to the protest in Tarascan, though the spirit of the protest would continue.

Atlan once again gathered his allies in Réka’s apartment. Sitting on a small table in a dimly lit room. Police continued to crack down on the protesters outside, but Atlan and his allies knew this was only the beginning.

Réka, as the homeowner, opened their gathering with a speech.

“Today, we may have not yet restored the rightful Emperor, to the throne of the High Realm. But soon we shall, for victory comes after hardships. Hail the Empire!”

Réka raised his glass as others answered his hail. The Restoration of the Empire will happen, and no one will stop them. Not the republicans, not the democrats, not the constitutionalists, and not the anarchists.


Sovagaska district, K’alos
Sooï, the Sooï-Parna-Kïvenos Free State
Dovian Star Republic

Sovagaska had always been the “elite” district of K’alos. High skyscrapers and fancy restaurants dotted the district, keeping the city shining even at night. Days had passed since the Restorationists’ protest in Tarascan, and Governor Azal could only breathe a sigh of relief. His power remained well entrenched. Now with his recently secured money, he decided he could use a Dovian delicacy.

He had his driver bring him to the most expensive restaurant in the district, and arguably the entire city. Azal made sure he looks great for tonights dinner. He brought with him his wife and son, tonight shall be a great family dinner. As the car stopped at a red light, a man knocked on Azal’s window. Paying him no interest, the man pulls out a handgun, breaks Azal’s window, and proceeds to shoot him three times in the head. His wife and children could only scream in terror, the driver, attempting to contact police, was also shot. Not long after, the man planted something under the car before quickly leaving into the night.

An explosion was heard throughout the street. Police rushed to the scene, only to find Governor Azal, his driver and his family dead, and their vehicle burning in the streets. The killer had dissapeared through a dark alleyway as people rushed to the sound of the explosion. Only time will tell if this was a one-off attack, or a prelude to something greater.


As police cleared out the scene made by the unknown perpetrator, a detective was brought into the scene. But not some ordinary detective, it was the notorious bounty hunter, Kär Dëeki, known for his excellent skills in hunting known assassins, and someone who has been used as a tool to hunt down the perpetrators of these sorts of political assasinations. Though, the police are uncomfortable working with such a high profile bounty hunter which may or may not be considered a criminal himself, they knew the local police didn’t have the manpower or resources to conduct any meaningful search. Because of the lacking resources, President Kënsäaka Dénäari, decided to hire bounty hunters like Dëeki.

The bounty hunter/detective arrived at the scene, investigating around the crime scene. He immediately went to the police chief tasked with the investigation.

“What do we know so far?”

District Chief Déko, an elite member of Sovagaska district, gave the duty to his deputy, Grint, to answer the bounty hunter. It was unclear if it was the Chief was busy with the investigation, or simply believed he is higher in status to talk to someone like Kär Dëeki.

“Whoever the perpetrator was used homemade explosives, that’s for sure. For now the motive is unknown, but such a high profile attack on such a high profile district usually means-”

“Political assassinations”

“Exactly. As of right now we’re using all the resources available to us for the search. However the destroyed corpses of the governor and his family would probably be of little help to us, considering their current state”

“And what about witnesses”

“The street was empty during the crime. But people did report hearing gun fire, which means that the perpetrator of the attack most likely shot Governor Azal before blowing up the vehicle”

“I see. And how is the hunt for the perpetrator?”

“The Police Chief for the entirety of K’alos has sent all available units to hunt down the perpetrator. The entire city is, at the moment, under a lockdown. No one gets in or out. The search area is currently-”

“The entire city of K’alos?”


“Well then, thank you Deputy Chief”

“No problem”

Kär Dëeki looks at the burning wreckage of what was once the car of Governor Azal. He knew the hunt had only begun