Shadow council - the Esgalost accord [RETCONED]

“Unknown vessel approaching the Gil Miria, this is traffic control. You are denied transit as you are refusing to communicate and not respecting the queue. Please identify yourself”

After a few painfully long seconds a tight beam hits the receiver

"Imperial clearance code A557ΨΔ . We request this conversation to be emediately burned from the records"

"Recived, burning commencing. You are free to transit. Long live the emperor. "
on the ship

“This was absurd, why didn’t we just activate stealth and pass trough unseen instead of using a clearance code and requesting for the conversation to be burned!”

Said captain Mirion. He was on the Dúath Sigil vessel Unseen 1, Calerost’s most stealthy ship, together with a few guards, a Dúath Sigil officer and princess Esgariel. Approximately the size of a droplet class corvette, every part of it was designed to be as stealthy as possible. It’s engine exhaust was fully cooled and shrouded, the surface was covered by absorbant plating, all of it’s weapons ware internalized, 50% of the power of it’s reactor was directed to the cloaking device. Spotting it would be borderline impossible. It was also equiped by a equally as stealthy lander shuttle, to allow surface missions.

“Gil Miria is the one place where one of these ships has a possibility to bedetected. Their sensors are created specifically to detect calerostan style stealth fields, to prevent all possible funny business. That is why we usually never use it, except the rare opertunity when we have a imperial clearence code, like today.”

Said the officer, then followed by princess Esgariel:

How do you think, captain Mirion, did the Dúath Sigil become so stealthy that most people belive it to be only a myth? They are experts that think of everything in every situation. Who would think of using the corona of a star to mask exiting mirial space, making it look like normal solar activity? Only the organization you didn’t belive was real untill a few hours ago."

Mirion sat in silence for the rest of the trip after that. He couldn’t believe the whole situation. Just a few weeks ago he was in Kalgyul making first contact by actident, and now he was heading to Esgalost to argue with the nation’s oldest allies: Galactya. Both nations ware interested in this technologically behind nation. Calerost was first atracted to it by the mirial anomaly in it’s territory, and later found out that they too have a warrior culture. They decided that it is a worthy endeavor to uplift them and bring them to the interstellar community as a ally and a proud, powerful nation. What did galactya want? Why was it so interested in this random nation on the other side of the sector?! Fanatic xenophilia and imperialism, that’s why. They want everything to be under their power. Calerost was foolish to ever ally with them he thought, they became just one more of the many that seem to be in Galactya’s sphere, not seen by most of the sector as anything but one of Galactya’s vassals. Praised be the exceptions, but that’s how it was. At least here Calerost will be able to assert it’s power.

“We’re in orbit. Move to the shuttle for the landing, i will wait for you in orbit.”

Esgalost once was a thriving colony in the post miraline reconstruction period. Some believed it to surpass even Celebar and become the center of northern Calerost. Some unexpected and sudden vulcanism, that lasts even to today, ruined all of that. Now the planet is covered by a globe spanning, massive ash cloud that blocks out most of the light and makes the planet unsuitable for colonization nor permanent inhabitation.

They landed Infront of the abandoned temple of Cuivië the highest, placed on one of the highest mountains on the planet, and waited for their guests. Both Mirion and Esgariel ware wearing sharp, black uniforms with silver details. Usually on meeting like this Esgariel’s outfit was ment to show the elegance and grace of the empire and edhel culture. This time it was ment to project power. Soon after them, a nother shuttle landed.


The Imperial Servitude was a special ship. While normally a DeciBomber, it had been outfitted with a series of Ferristian Cloaking Devices that made it perfect for high secrecy operations. Secondly, a Warp Bubble Dampener had also been installed (it was still a very new technology, but it seemed to be working thus far), so the ship was practically undetectable. There was no fusion exhaust to trace, since bigger Galactyan ships didn’t use fusion to propel themselves (technically speaking they didn’t even propel themselves), heat emissions and radiation were covered up by the Ferristian Shielding, and the gravitational distortions became so little that one would mistake them for nothing more than a slight fluctuation.

The Imperial Servitude reached the low orbit of Esgalost. The thick layer of pyroclastic clouds rendered the surface invisible, the volcanoes on the surface constantly pumping out their deadly fumes. The Empire should really offer to terraform the planet for Calerost. This once thriving colony was now a barren wasteland about to enter volcanic winter.

A smaller shuttle detached from the main ship, transporting the two Galactyan Emperors. Piercing through the clouds, the shuttle reached one of the highest mountains on the planet, where it slowed down and started hovering close to the surface. A large staircase emerged from the shuttle’s surface, together with an enormous door opening on it’s side. Out of it, emerged the two Emperors.

"Here we are. Greetings Princess Esgariel. It is nice to see you again."

"Pleased to see you Captain Mirion. You as well, Officer."

"I have to say, we were quite surprised. It's rare that Calerost asks us to do stuff like this in secrecy."

"And this is a certainly particular place for a secret meeting."

"Well Nix, at least the temple looks alright. A bit rundown, but it's better than nothing."

"I hope a wall doesn't collapse on our heads as soon as we walk in."

"I don't think it would particularly hurt us, you know?"

"Oh I'm perfectly aware of that, but it doesn't mean that I want to go through the hustle of brushing off two centuries of dust, bricks and remains from my clothes."

"Fair enough. Anyways dear friends, I'd like to go in first if that's not a problem. See if the temple can even stand my weight. We'll go one at a time if that's fine for you Nix."

"It's not like we have a choice. From the looks of it, you barely fit yourself."

"Alright then. I'm going in. If the entire ceiling collapses on me, be sure to lend me a hand. Or two. Or three hundred. Whatever you're feeling."

"That... was a horrible joke. I loved it."

"Hehe, glad you did. I'm going in!"

The Empress ducked and entered the temple. The walls shook slightly and some dust did fall from the ceiling, but everything seemed relatively safe for the time being.

"It looks safe honey, you can come in. I think."

"If you say so."

Some more trembling and some more shaking, but the temple held well. A good construction, despite it’s age.

The three edhelerim, confused by the playful attitudes of the two eldritch creatures in front of them, entered the temple as well.


Soon after them entered Esgariel and Mirion, followed by their 4 guards. The playful and nonserious attitude of the Galactyan emperors was expected, but still highly annoying. The outcome of this council would dictate the future of Calerosto-Galactyan relations, and if it goes wrong could spell the end of a partnership that lasted centuries.

The inside of the temple was dark, but miraculously well preserved. A guard approaches the central altar and puts his backpack down, extending a wire from it and plugging it in. The lights turn on, lighting up the center of the room. The 4 figures walk to the center of the light, and negotiations begin. Esgariel spoke first:

“I hope you understand the magnitude of this meeting, as it has the power to forever change our relations. If we walk out without a agreement the sector will never be the same.”

“Here we end the argument of who and how will uplift Kalgyul, under who’s influence it will be. Or we add fuel to the fire, making it grow larger and possibly engulfing both of our empires. That choice is yours. With the mirial anomaly and similarity of edhel and Trarrusian culture, Calerost is staying in Kalgyul and establishing itself there, and that can not be stopped.”


"I'm sure of that. But it's not like we're just going to go away from Kalgyul."

"The Trrarrusians are such a promising race. And with our help, their potential is nearly unlimited."

"Galactya was like them once, a long time ago. More than 8800 standard years in the past, the Empire kept fracturing before it even got out of it's home system."

"Keeping us from advancing and pursuing the true race for the stars. But then, we learned. We learned how to truly cooperate, how to act as one, and how to achieve the greatest of goals."

"Kalgyul, and it's many conglomerated states, are still slowly learning that lesson, all on their own. But with our help, they'll learn. We will teach them, and help them overcome their struggles."

"Things like this do pay back in the end. I mean, your star empire itself is an example of that, although to a lesser extent. We helped you rise back from the rubble and cinders of the Miraline War, we helped you settle new worlds and crush down slavery in your bordering region of the Tiyanki Territories."

"And now we're united together, despite our differences. We helped and continue to help each other in the face of adversity, no matter how much we quarrel about our cultures. So, is what we are doing in Kalgyul so bad and detrimental to you, that we need to pull back?"

"Or do you want us to pull back just because you think we will purposefully push you out of Kalgyul?"


Before Mirion could anwser, Esgariel did it for him:

“No, we, or at least i, don’t think you will try to purposefully kick us out. I belive that for galactya to actively be working on upbringing them, especially with your centralized structure, would be… Overextending itself. Don’t get me wrong it will be the same with Calerost initially but thanks to our noble structure we can easily establish subdivisions, and the anomaly looks highly promising. Scans reveal that it has many of the same properties as Gil Miria which would mean it would block mirial entities and would be stable to be opened into a whole wormhole, which would be as i bet you can imagine game changing. I also think that if we both go for seperate uplifting there would be issues of the rate being culturally unsustainable for them, flat out overwhelming, clashes in the working of technology could cause accidents, and most importantly, clashing cultural influences could tear them apart. I think that you can agree that it’s a miracle that Calerost and Galactya get on well, and miracles don’t repeat.”

Mirion saw the small opening and took over

“That is why I believe that there should be only one side uplifting, and because of cultural similarities that state should be Calerost. Besides, access to a wormhole will allow them to use our tech to it’s full extent because they will have a easy supply of mirions, and i doubt they have any access to genesis energy


"Wrong and also wrong. First of all Esgariel, I still don't think you truly grasp our administrative capabilities! Whether you want to admit it or not, Galactya has much more data and information to process than you do. More worlds, more projects, more people, more trade routes, the works. And we still have space for more things. Galactya itself is basically a giant brain, and the various Matryoshka Micronodes scattered through the Core Worlds offer even more space to process things. In addition to that, what makes you think we can't establish subdivisions? Our entire government and society runs on our strong biological inclination to cooperation and trust. Something that doesn't apply to your government. The Council Of Subspecies for example, does have all the powers necessary to eliminate me and my wife from the scene. But they don't. Do you really think your people would have done the same?"

"As for what you said captain Mirion, that's also not true. Only a small portion of our technology runs on Genesis Energy. Some weapons, some shields and a couple of generator types, but everything else is based on laws, materials and forces fully coming from Realspace. No interdimensional weirdness. Unlike yours of course. Your entire technology is based on a single extradimensional particle. Also Mirion, what do you even know about Genesis Energy? You don't even know where it comes from."

"I don't understand why we can't cooperate on this. We both agree on a rate of technological exchange that won't overwhelm the Trrarrusians, thus solving the problem of "overwhelming" them."

"We would also be showing them the benefits of cooperation, and showing them that it's possible to work united despite of each other's differences. Besides, a joint effort would also be beneficial for our nations on the political stage of the Coalition and the rest of the Sector. But I suppose you just don't want that."


“I do not grasp it’s origins as none of your people besides you don’t either, but i do not think you understand the weight of there being a new possible wormhole. Last time we found a new one approximately 10% of our population was killed. Even tho the scans her elevated highness mentioned are real they’re taken from one ship. One, non strictly science, ship, lead by a military officer. They’re not trustworthy. You want to establish Kalgyul into your sphere, as you did with many civilizations. How are we supposed to assume that you wouldn’t take the first chance to exploit your position and extract mirial DNA for testing?”

“Mirion, i will ask you to calm down, we have agreements with Galactya to not under any circumstances use mirial DNA”"

“i am aware, your elevated highness, but didn’t we have the same kind of agreement for our own sacred DNA? Didn’t we agree with them to not experiment with it or our people nor harvest our genes? And yet what happen? First the pitiful race of neoedhelrim was created and then they violated the rules again and manipulated one of our own to be experimented with merging into a hive mind just a year ago! How are we supposed to trust them with possible access to such dangerous and powerful DNA, please tell me, your elevated highness?!”

“Mirion i will once again ask you to calm down, and i won’t ask for a third time. You are not integral to this meeting and i can have you removed from it, and considering it’s secrecy i think you know what the results of that could be. Tho your concerns are understandable the way you are expressing them is antagonising Galactya. I am perfectly aware about last year’s experiment, and that Galactya went all the way to ensure that it was made right. I will ask you to put your personal grudges aside for the sake of the good of the Gil-atarnie. Have i made myself clear?”

Tho she still stayed calm but you could feel a weight behind her words. She was not going to let me his set her negotiations back.

“Yes, my princess. Forgive me.”

Mirion said and bowed his head down as a sign of respect towards Esgariel, but she could feel the anger bottled up in him. It is impossible to hide. But he couldn’t feel a hint of emotion besides calmness in her. It was a genetic trait of house Haerelben, there was a sea of serenity blocking almost all emotions from being sensed. They ware trained from a young age to be able to utilize this trait to it’s maximum.

“You’ll earn forgiveness if you follow my words for the rest of the meeting. Now, back to the topic. I agree with your idea, emperors, that trough a joint program we could eliminate the risk of technological clash, but we still have the issue of culture. That’s why i will still reccomend that one nation should take the main role, and with the cultural similarities and because we will already have a strong presence because the wormhole and i am to in a week travel to Kalgyul to discuss treaties with their leadership, i think that nation should be Calerost.”


"Captain Mirion! How angry you are. So amusing. Now, I ask you a question. Who the hell do think you are you little brat?"

"What makes you think you can get that tone with us, Captain? We are the Emperors and the supreme leaders of an Interstellar Empire, and while we are often were chill and relaxed, we will NOT accept any disrespect from a xenophobic, insolent, deprecating NOBODY!"

"C-Come on honey, don't get too upset, Esgariel already told him to get back in his place, I'm sure we can just-"

"No Nix, I am not going to calm down! I'm tired, I'm tired of people hating on our people and hating on US for their own mistakes. Listen to me Mirion, and listen to me well! I know about your mother, and I know that you suffered, but her suicide is not a justification for your senseless hatred of us. And trust me, I know EVEN BETTER than you what it's like to lose someone you love, so you should do like me, and not let that sadness make other people's lives harder! We didn't take away your mother, nobody did! She was well aware of what she was going to through, we even BRIEFED HER for your gods' sake! But no, NO, you just have to blame it ALL on us. And I am TIRED of that. If I ever hear you offend one of my peoples again in my presence, you are going to be so, SO-"




"Sorry. I shouldn't have got so worked up for nothing. Forgive me, Princess. This is not the behavior of an Empress."

"Good. Anyways, Esgariel, you have made your point. We will grant you the honor of being the main technological exchangers for Kalgyul. However, we still want to maintain a presence in their territories for cultural and service exchange. It will be small, but we still want to have it."


“It’s alright, empress, I can’t say I would react much differently in your situation. Emperor i accept your condition as it is perfectly reasonable. A Galactyan embassy is necessary to our plans. Kalgyul must never know this meeting happened, and your people just… retreating from them would be suspicious. Besides that i think you’re at least deserving of that, when we already took the task of technologically uplifting them. Anything else you’d want to discuss on this topic?”


"Yes, actually. Before our first contact, we organized quite a number of cloaked data gathering missions, and we discovered some things that the diplomatic team we sent later confirmed at first contact. As you may know, the Trrarrusian Volumes are divided into 5 nations. We both made contact with the Central Kalgyul Administration, the most powerful of the five. And while this is good for us, two others might prove to be a nuisance."

"The Sulgry's State Junta is a sworn enemy of the CKA, and is also thoroughly xenophobic . The Plyusby Military Force is more collaborative, yes, but our data gatherings show that they are not to be trusted. They have a history of almost always stabbing their friends' back, if you get what I mean."

"While we could easily conquer them and force them to learn to be less... awful, that would not be good for our image in Interstellar Politics, and since the Coalition is still a newborn organization, we must not take any risks. Besides, the Trrarrusians have demonstrated a very self-destructive and sacrificial warrior culture, so a military conflict would just be them throwing themselves at us and getting annihilated in the process. I hope I don't have to clarify that we don't want that. Obviously."

"Thus, we think it would be wise to organize a series of infiltrations and sabotage missions in the SSJ and the PMF, as soon as they prove to be problematic. We suspect that the SSJ will increase it's hostility against our new friends as soon as it finds out they are getting into socioeconomic relations with us, so we should keep an eye on them as much as possible. As for the PMF we can just avoid dealing with them as much as possible. If we ever manage to unify or, at least, pacify the rest of Kalgyul, they will comply by pressure."

"We could of course organize some... "meetings" between the Panstellar Guardians and the Dúath Sigil to properly plan this out, if it interests you. You don't have to decide now of course, just make sure to consult your father about it."


“We share the same fear, we have done the same after our first contact. That is why we’re going to place a detachment of around 100 ships in terrusian territory under their command, but still adhering to our laws and commands too. It will make the rival governments reconsider any offensive action, and teach them a lesson if they try to so something. While that is happening we will infiltrate and destabilize the SSJ, it’s collapse is in our of our interests. I will inform the Dúath sigil, they will contact the panstellar guardians when they’re ready.”


"Good. The fact that they only answer to us, combined with their high autonomy, makes it all easier. Also, you will probably like them more than you like the standard Galactyan. They're not as... playful, so to say."

"A subdivision of the Guardians has aòready been sent to a Trrarrusian Military Base after one of the two Trrarrusian captains, the same one you met, gave us a "contact" number for the planet's Governor. We will build our Exchange Habitat in orbit of that planet, and that cannot be discussed. It is an incredibly small portion of our original plans, and is the BARE minimum we require. Whether you like it, or not."

"If it makes it easier to digest, we'll discuss every exchange we plan to do on that station with your "Grandfather". That way, if Calerost REALLY doesn't want the Trrarrusians to have a certain technology, the Empire can let us know in advance."


“Of course, the emperor will know of all of this as soon as i return and will most likely contact you. I don’t believe there will be a problem in the technology, but it’s good to have a option if something has the potential to cause trouble.”

“Now for a nother topic, even tho I wasn’t instructed to talk about it on this meeting, it’s a personal fear, but i still think it’s important enough: how will the Akropii react to all of this? This all is happening literally on their border and they are already skeptical of the coalition. We can’t let them take Kalgyul for themselves as with their conflicting views with us it would create a great imbalance in the coalition and possibly the extinction of the terrusians by their own hands, for the second time in their existence. If they get their hands on them it could lead to us possibly losing all influence in the sectorial east.”


"The Akropii will be problematic, there’s no doubting that. It’s almost certain that they will despise having Calerost’s direct influence right besides them, even if it’s an allied nation, and will do anything in their power to undermine your efforts. I wouldn’t be surprised if, very little time after we publicly announce our efforts in Kalgyul, the SSJ would start acquiring some mysteriously superior tech."

"The Akropii Republic has proven itself to be quite more problematic than we thought. They refuse any interference even from their allies, and they only want to reap the benefits of the Coalition without paying their rightful share of the price. Their promise of mutual defense is dubious at best, and proper technological exchanges are useless, as they limit themselves to selling their tech at stupidly high prices. We doubt that their membership will last long, if things continue to progress like this."


“The akropii have been a problem since the beginning. They’re a step away from being leaches, and you wouldn’t act nice to one sucking your blood, if you get what i mean. So we agree there, the akropii are to be kept out of Kalgyul at all costs.”


"Yeah, we agree. It’s not even because we need to keep Kalgyul all for ourselves, but because they would never even allow us to “share”. They don’t see us as allies, they just see us as shields."

"It’s an unpleasant situation, but one we suspected would come up eventually. If things really do start becoming proxy wars, then they will immediately pull out of the Coalition. Which isn’t that big of a deal anyways, seeing how we trade very little with them."

"We have been thinking about some espionage missions in the Republic. We were going to build a small fleet, about 50 ships. These ships would have a completely new design, and would be fully synthetic. They would be remote controlled, have a modified version of a Ferristian cloak, and would delete all info on their databases and self destruct if they were to be discovered. That way, not even their wreckages would be recognizeable. We were also thinking of sending virtual agents inside the Republic’s central net to gather as much info as possible."

"However, this is all still a big theoretical. It’s a fully realizeable plan, but we still have to study the Akropii systems more to discover how to circumvent any security systems or other problematics. If you wish to jump in as well, just let us know."


“We’re one step ahead of you there. We already have spies in the Akropii Republic. We had them since the coalition was founded. They ware always suspicious. But we didn’t do any major espionage. The problem with the akropii is that so much stuff is done completely virtually, for obvious reasons, and their security is very good. We still didn’t find a way to access any of their systems without being caught in seconds. But we’re at least good at hiding our identity, so they don’t know who is attempting to hack them.”


"Why am I not surprised... Anyways yes, I can see how their virtual nature could be problematic for you. It wouldn't really be for us, considering how we have been doing what they do for much longer and literally twelve times more, but GAI presents a challenge which we have yet to surpass. The barrier of the fifth toposophic remains unbroken in our Empire, but that is soon to change."

"To put it simply, the programs made by transapients up to the fourth toposophic could theoretically be matched by our own Lesser Archailects and Transapients, but the ones created by the Grand Administrative AI aren't, and they will continue to remain unbreakable until we too develop an intelligence that matches his own toposophic level."

"I suppose we could start supplying you with the appropriate codes to slip past the lowest of prioritized programs and the least defended virchworlds, but you'll pretty much be immediately spotted for anything else. Try to steer away of any transapient, even the ones just above the First Singularity."

"They are much more devious and cunning than you can image, probably on account of being more intelligent than you can imagine."

"For now though, embodied espionage should be enough. Memetic attacks from the Republic won't get through to our Empire, and thanks to us giving you our protection programs they won't get to yours, but keeping an eye on physical ships is still our top priority."

"The political situation in the Sector is really deteriorating."