Seeing the Watchers: Calerost-Weisserstein first contact


Giltiria is the largest telescope ever constructed by Calerost. It was constructed for one purpose and one purpose only: seek out alien life. And after years of doing so, it found it.

It found the signs of a emerging FTL civilization surprisingly close to Calerost, a bit more than 200 light years from the national borders. They called them “Gweinrandirim”, young wanderers. There was great excitement among the scientists, but the data wasn’t publicly released untill there was more info. The excitement didn’t last long, as soon after their discovery the Miraline war started, and suddenly they waren’t important anymore. The telescope got moved to a different system so it would be more useful in the war, and the Gweinrandirim ware forgotten about.


The grand royal archive was a masive data storage center, containing all the scientific finding of the Edhelrim, every recorded pice of data by every probe, every lab, and every telescope. While preforming regular maintenance, a archiver found the data gathered by the Giltiria supermassive space telescope, and quickly presented it to his superiors, who sent it to their Superiors, who sent it to the imperial court. Soon enough the telescope was back in Aglagil and observing. The small emerging FTL state was now a mighty star empire. It was decided that silent spy probes will be sent into their systems to gather data, to get to know the aliens and decifer their language, and eventually preform first contact. They waren’t going to forget about them again.


The first contact fleet was getting into place to exit mirial space. Unlike the first contact with Galactya this one was going to be peaceful and diplomatic. The fleet was made up from 3 starbrakers, a show of the might of the star empire. It was going to inspire awe. All ships soon come into formation, and prepare to brake into realspace. In realspace there’s waves, and then a flash of energy as the ships enter.


Fort Beacon
Biekenwelt Circle, Weissersteiner Empire
173 BBT

The atmosphere is calm in Fort Beacon, an imperial space station near the edges of the Biekenwelt Circle. The station had been used for refueling nearby military vessels conducting patrol and the research of a nearby nebula.

The commanding officer of the space station is a certain Captain Gottfried Johannes von Amberg-Sulzbach, a member of the landowning aristocratic families of the Empire. He, however, had no interest with the Imperial political arena and instead focuses on military matters. He was well decorated, and gained a position as commanding officer of Fort Beacon relatively quickly.

Though, this was not the position he wanted. He wanted to serve on the frontiers between Weisserstein and Dovia. Things had became tense in the border ever since the Weissersteiner System, followed swiftly by Porva, Zan Corvin, and Zaria, declared their collective independence in the Vor-Arï War, where three different claimants to the Dovian throne threw the Star Empire into a succession war. These systems then formed a new star empire, with Weisserstein at its center. The rising star that is Weisserstein was now once again faced with a plausible threat as neighboring Dovia had pushed to reclaim its rightful lands.

He was contemplating his position until suddenly, out of nowhere, a massive flash of energy hit the station. Upon realization, the Captain got on his feet and demanded a status report.

“Mein Gott, what was that?”

“An energy flash sir, from the Vorbieken.”

“What? What happened?!”

“We’re not sure sir, it appears that an energy flash just appeared in our scopes-”

“Sir, we’re picking up waves from the Vorbieken, we believe them to be starships. We also believe they’re the ones that created the energy flash.”

“Starships? Are they Dovian?”

“Unlikely. The signature of these ships differ from that of the Dovian Star Empire. Not to mention the distance. They also seem to be very large in scale, much larger than anything we’ve seen up to this point.”

“Are they hostile?”

“Unknown, sir.”

“This is a delicate matter. Contact the Imperial Capital and inform them of this discovery. Klaus, attempt to establish communications with these ships. Siegfried, keep our defenses on high readiness and all available starfighters on standby, just in case they prove to be hostile.”

“Yes, sir.”

As the station attempt to establish contact with the three massive ships headed in their direction, second-in-command Lieutenant Nikolaus Gothenburg took to the bridge of the station.

“Do they even speak our language?”

“Well, looks like we’re about to find out.”

“Communications established, sir.”

“Thanks Siegfried, patch me through!”

Captain Gottfried quickly attempts to establish communications with the unidentified ships. The air in the room is tense, as no one was sure whether these ships, larger than anything they’ve seen, were friendly.

“This is Captain Gottfried Johannes von Amberg-Sulzbach of Fortress Beacon, please identify yourselves.”


Fleet admiral Thanguriel was sitting on the bridge of the Tararan in full forma publica. As a noble she could wear her noble garbs instead of a military uniform. She usually didn’t practice that, but today was a special occasion. She was expecting that soon she will be meeting with the Gweinrandirim, or as they called themselves, Weisserteiners, soon in person.

She opens a chanel and starts to speak

“We hear your call for identification and ask you to not be afraid. My civilization has been observing yours for centuries, captain, and seeing how much progress you made, from w barely FTL civilization when we found you, to a mighty empire, surpassing even it’s former masters, we have decided that it is time to reveal ourselves to you. I am fleet admiral Thanguriel Gannalcar, and my nation is the Gill-Atarnië Calerost, star empire of Calerost. We request to meet face to face.”


A shiver went down his spine when Captain Thanguriel Gannalcar said that. The Calersotans have studied his civilization for centuries, and perhaps even longer than that. They’ve been here, watching, without even Weisserstein ever knowing. Alien encounters aren’t anything special, as the Weissersteiners have expanded quite rapidly as of late, discovering new alien species here and there. But none are like this, certainly none had ships of those gargantuan size.

He quickly turns his attention to Hans.

“See if you can find anything in the old Dovian archives about the Star Nation of Calerost.”

“Yes, sir!”

As Hans surfs through the old Dovian imperial archives, he knew he had to take these Calerostans in.

“Prepare to open up the landing bay. Maintain defense readiness.Oh, and, send word to the Capital, we might need someone of higher stature.”

Captain Amberg-Sulzbach, Lieutenant Gothenburg, a set of droids, and a squadron of Schutztruppen went down to the landing bay, in full military attire, and awaited their unexpected Calersotan guests.


The shuttle, escorted by two corvettes made it’s approach to the station and eventually landed. First came out a core of guards. Thanguriel picked marines instead of centurions as she knew what a shock it would be to have heavily armored troups just enter the ship. She wanted something lighter.

After that she, in full noble garb, exited the shuttle. She felt that the Weisserteiners ware suprised how similar the edhelrim looks to humanity, even tho to anyone’s knowledge they waren’t related. She made a small bow and shook the Captain’s hand

“It is a honor to meet you captain, you and your empire. I’d never imagine it would be my job to make first contact with Weissertein, as you call yourselves. When we discovered you, we gave you the name Gweinrandirim, young wanderers. Our observation then was sadly interrupted for a whole century because of what was the deadliest war in our history. But after we found you again, burried deep in the royal archives, we couldn’t again get out eyes off you. And so we have decided that today is the day that we make contact with you, in hopes of friendship and cooperation between our states, for the good of both.”


“The honor is all ours, Captain.” Captain Gottfried says as he shook hands with Captain Thanguriel. He gave a signal to his soldiers to stand down.

A sense of relief washed over him, either because of how human the Calerostans seem, giving him a sense of relatability and commonality, or simply the fact that the Calerostans are here for friendship. Though the latter still seemed odd, Captain Gottfried seemed to trust these Calerostans enough to believe their intentions.

they haven’t blew us up yet, so I feel like they have good intentions, he thought to himself.

“Well, I too hope we could establish ties between our two nations.” he told Captain Thanguriel. “I will send words of your nation and your intent to form close cooperation and friendship to the capital.” he further added. “Please, allow me to guide you to out waiting room.”

Captain Gottfried turns on his comms and begins communicating with his men on the bridge

“Nothing… Zero… Nada… Nothing in the old Dovian Imperial Archives ever mentioned the Calerostans.”

“Are you sure, Hans?”

“Sir, I’ve checked their database three times. Zero mention of any sort of Calerost.”

“I see, so the chances of the Dovians knowing about them is-”


“Siegfried, please contact the Capital as soon as you can. We’ll need someone of higher stature for the possible diplomatic talks with the Calerostans. I’ll be accompanying them in the waiting room until then.”

Gottfried turns off his comms before accompanying the Calerostans to the waiting room.

“Please, take a seat.” He says to his guests. A waiter droid comes over, preparing to receive orders, “Would you or your men like any drinks, Captain?” Captain Gottfried asks his Calerostan counterpart.


“Most certainly. It seems that the love of alcohol transcends species boundaries and stars!”

Thanguriel joked. She could still feel nervousness from the Weissersteiners, so she wanted to lighten the mood.

“So captain, talk to me about your people. I was only briefed on things important to the mission, and I’d love to learn more. As a navy officer I am especially curious about your military record. What we found was signs of strong warriors with a great spirit.”


“Well, this might seem surprising Captain, but our people rarely drink alcohol. We don’t have a positive view on such beverages, but we keep them in storage whenever situations like these arises.”

As the droids brought the guests their drinks and appetizers, Captain Gottfried decided to share their story to the Calerostans.

“Why thank you, Captain. Indeed, our people fought against many foes of our time. We fought against the Pharali, a large slave empire that tried to enslave our entire people. We fought against the Dovians, our kindreds who had been corrupted by greed, thirst for power, and despotism. We fought against many foes, no matter how larger they may be to us.”

After taking a sip from his cup of tea, Gottfried continued.

“Well, I’d like to hear more about your home, Captain Thanguriel. Tell me, what brings you to our fatherland?”


“interesting. In calerostan religion slavery is one of the greatest sins one can commit, it falls under high sacralige which is punished with death.”

“We’ve come to your fatherland to establish relations and diplomatic ties. As mentioned before ever since we first discovered you we ware fascinated. And recently by finding out how similar our cultures and values are we knew that this could be the start of something great, so establishing contact was logical. I personally am not authorized to negotiate anything, I’m just here to establish contact and start our relations.”


“I see, Weissersteiner culture and religion also vehemently opposes the disgusting practice of slavery. Our history is a reminder to us of how much damage slavery can cause to a people.”

Gottfried took another sip of tea before continuing

“With similarities in cultures and values, establishing ties is only natural. If that’s the case, I can perhaps take you to the Imperial Capital, where you can meet people of much better qualifications in diplomacy. Even though we are, at least I assume, of similar ranks, my mission as captain of an observatory isn’t really that well-versed in matters of diplomacy, I’m afraid.”

Gottfried then offers Thanguriel some pastries as part of the appetizers

“Oh, and please, enjoy yourselves. It is the duty of the homeowner to treat the guests”