Seaspride 2023: Invitation for Speeches

South Pacificans and Europeians,

In the morass of challenges faced by queer communities and people, both online and offline, it is important to create space for both celebration and sincere reflection. Pride in our regions also gives an opportunity for us to reflect on how much we all mean to one another and the communities that we’ve created together mean to one another.

In past iterations of both TSPride and EuroPride, each region has left a space for people to come forward and talk about what pride means to them, especially in the context of online spaces, NationStates, and in the South Pacific and Europeia respectively. This year, we continue that tradition, by opening our regional forums up as platforms for our members to share their thoughts on Pride in our online homes. We invite you to talk about whatever you want and at whatever length you want. This part of the event is intended as your platform to share any affirming and welcoming LGBTQ±related thoughts.

To post in Europeia, please post a new thread in this forum. To post in the South Pacific, start a new topic in the Lampshade Bar and Grill with a #seaspride-2023 tag. You’re also encouraged to cross-post your speeches to the other region’s forums, and we (the organizers) may also do that with some of the submissions.

With that, I look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts on this month :slight_smile:

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