SDR Megastructures

Directorate Megastructures
Megastructures created, stolen, or in use by the Scientific Directorate.

Long Distance Gate Assisted Warp (L-GAW) Center & Spaceport
Large Orbital Facilities that allow travel from one another in around twelve hours, avoiding the creation of millions of GAW Relays.

Relativistic Kinetic Kill System (RKKS)
A facility for launching Relativistic Kill Vehicles (RKVs), a long distance “planet killer.”

The Rose Nexus
A Dimension of Pure Data, unknowingly created and operated by the Directorate.


Long Distance Gate Assisted Warp North & South (L-GAW)

Replacing the Compass Stations, L-GAW works by using velocity from magnets to fling ships long distances through the Nebula. The two constructed L-GAWs in use are aptly named, North and South. Each is important for the North and South Districts, for economics, transportation, and military use. L-GAWs have ten lanes, as opposed to a normal Relays two.

How it Works (Serniani FTL Overview)

Called Relays, Serniani ships, atleast old models, didn’t have an integrated FTL Engine. They’d use Gates to travel Long Distances. Using thousands of artificial gravity wells and magnets, you’ll be fired out into space, going around 2-3 Standard Astronomical Units per Second (A SAU is exactly 200,000,000 Kilometers. For reference, the speed of light is 300,000 Kilometers), which is why gate travel in the Directorate is seen as near “instant.”

L-GAW North

A sprawling ring station that orbits a silent black hole. It hosts numerous shipyards, port facilities, and a number of other important infrastructures. The area around the Relay is bright with activity, numerous facilities working around the clock to make civilian and military craft.The Relay itself is fixed in a Geostationary orbit, allowing it to stay connected to L-GAW South. speaking of which…

L-GAW South

The nigh polar opposite of the north, L-GAW South orbits a young red dwarf star. Instead of hosting a large ring station, the star hosts a small Dyson Swarm. In progress, L-GAW South’s smallest terrestrial planet is in progress of being torn apart for this Dyson Swarm. The power generated from this swarm helps produce power for the system and several smaller gates nearby. The largest planet is host to a small ship recovery facility, aswell as the Space Traffic Control station for the Relays.