SDR Civilian Ships

SDR Civilian Ships Database
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Circa 5 ABT

Standardized Ships for the SDR

Clipper Shuttle – (Hull Code: CS)

Tugboat – (Hull Code: TB)

Cargo Monitor – (Hull Code: MN, CM)

Bulk Liner – (Hull Code: BLN, BLNS)

Cargo Liner – (Hull Code: CLN CLNS)


Authorized Release
Access: Drive Yard Staff

Communication Log

Kronos Drive Yards Communications Link

T: STN. DIR. Leahi Voslage
F: EL Victoria Cloasi


Hey Director, I’m going to personally beat the everloving [Expletive Removed, Obey Protocol] out of whoever designed this [Expletive Removed, Obey Protocol] Clipper Shuttle. I’m going to throw you a pattern from my early days, go take a peak, with an actual IFE and not-so [Expletive Removed, Obey Protocol] atmospherics. It’s quite speedy, and will actually work, unlike this piece of [Expletive Removed, Obey Protocol].

Kronos Drive Yards Communications Link

T: EL Victoria Cloasi
F: STN. DIR. Leahi Voslage


Victoria, please don’t, and I overviewed your outlined pattern, and yeah that’s quite better. I’ll be submitting this to the Pattern Board later. Start initial production runs when you get back in tomorrow.

Two Clipper Shuttles clearing asteroids in the ABH-009 System.

Clipper Shuttles

“Had to get people from place to place before the Nexus was popular.”

-Hannah Phasewood, DdCN Consultant

The small but mighty Clipper Shuttle is probably the most populous ship you’ll see in the Nebula, with millions of these being used to fly billions of people. The most popular pattern of Clipper is the Skypiercer, having been in service for thousands of years. Most are in the process of midlife retirements, as the Nexus is becoming more popular to transit through. But the Skypiercer is still used to ferry planet to planet, something the Nexus doesn’t have precision to do properly.