Scream into the void, and the void screams back. (230 BBT)

This topic documents the actidental first contact between the Gill-Atarnië Calerost and the Treecuu star empire

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4.7.1636. ERA OF UNITY

The INS Wind of the North was a ember class destroyer stationed on the southern border, patrolling a far position in the Beleg Lüme sector. It’s captain, Forodion Gilldring, was respected, but didn’t get much recognition. He was one of many on the border, with no notable achievements, despite earning a epithet. Little did he know he would make it into history books.

He was sitting in his personal lounge, reading a book, when he got called.

"Captain speaking, what is it? "

“Sir there was a large asteroid collision not too far from us, with debree putting us into a dangerous situation!”

“boot the front shields up, that will keep js safe”

“Yes captain!”

He didn’t want to waste energy on aft shields, they ware only passing trough a debree field after all, but that was a mistake. It wasn’t just a debree field, it was a trap.

As he enters the debree field, two mines go off behind him, sending shrapnel right into the back of his ship. The engines are damaged. Alarms go off. Farodion rushes to the bridge.

“what the hell is going on?!”

“Mines detonated behind us sir! The engines are damaged! Detecting a presence behind us!”

Pirates waren’t uncommon in this area, attacking mining ships. They would never dare tho to attack a imperial navy ship.

“shields on max! Warp away to a tactical location!”

The ship quickly entered Realspace FTL, but as they ware starting to move a nother mine detonated, sending them into a uncontrolled high speed warp towards the galactic south for a few seconds, untill they managed to regain control. But their warp wings ware damaged, meaning that they couldn’t travel FTL untill it was fixed.

“By the name of the emperor…
I want a report on the status of the vessel ASAP, as well as a distress signal being sent out. Keep weapons and shields online, in case whoever planted the bombs is foolish enough to attack us.”

And so the ship started screaming a distress signal into the void around itself, and soon it would scream back, but in ways unknown to the Edhelrim


Treecuu cargo ship Eteel bound for Duuc, a colony world due west of Ecteen

“Captain, the Stierrax is hailing again.” The old mammalian communications operator looked up from his rather cluttered interstellar communications console on the ship’s bridge.

“Again? Utacians are chatty alright, but we’ve got ourselves an extremist” joked the insectoid captain. “Well then, let’s hear what’s up this time. We’ll soon be out of range any way…”

The operator pushed a button and a some form of Treecuu with a heavy Utacian accent filled the bridge.

“Don’t worry captain. We are not calling to get a refund this time. The ceels are safely stowed in our cargo bay. No leaks this time… Any way. We have picked up an interesting signal of a kind that I suspect your sensors cannot pick up? We have a deadline you know so we cannot go, but perhaps you would be interested in investigating it? You Treecuu always seem so eager to boldly go exploring the frontiers and meet new people…”

“Sure, friend. Send the thing over over.”

“I knew it!” The Utacian chuckled. “Oh, and we will send you the origin coordinates.”

The communications operator and the captain looked at each other, amazed. The Utacians had wondrous technology, decades or even centuries ahead of the Treecuu it seemed.

“Thank you. And have a safe trip back to Utax” answered the captain.

“Anytime! Always a pleasure!”

The call ended. The communications operator confirmed that they had received a set of coordinates. They were just outside the territory of the Treecuu Republic.

“You heard the Utacian. We’re bold explorers! Change course!”

The Eteel was soon on its way to the source of the message. Meanwhile, the old man worked on interpreting the alien signal. He was able to determine that it was a message in an unknown language, but nothing more. The captain made sure to read up on first contact procedures.

A few thousand kilometers shy of the source of the message, the ship came out of warp. They immediately sent out the same message that had been relayed to them.


“captain, detecting a ship exiting warp!”

“lock weapons, combat computer code yellow. Aim main camera on them and put it on screen.”

“Yes captain!”

As soon as the ship came on screen there was shock. It was fully distinct from calerostan ship design, as well as what they observed of the galactyan stile. This was something new. They stumbled onto xenos.

“R-request a ship with a t-translation matrix from admiralty and s-send them live data. O-open hailing fr-frequencies to the S-ship”

Forodion was shocked and scared. He never expected to be the one to make first contact. He was captain for only 4 years at this point, and he knew that he was going down in history. He quickly got himself together and sent his message

“Unidentified vessel, this is captain Forodion of the INS Wind of the North. We are stranded after a incident involving pirates, please do not approach us. Any hostile actions will be met with f… Force.”

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“The ship is signalling us I believe…” the old mammalian said raising one finger as to indicate he had more to say. “Uhu… Yes. It’s very likely the same language as before. Can’t understand what they are saying.”

The captain’s antennae moved slowly from side to side as he was deep in thought. “Their ship appears to be damaged…”

He picked up the manual on first contact.

“The book discusses the first contact with the Dacoorans. The Treecuu captain let a maintenance drone project images on the hull of his ship while also transmitting what they depicted in our language. The Dacoorans responded with what those words were in their language, and their respective translation matrices could take it from there.”

The captain stood up excited.

“We shall do the same! Launch a drone, but do it slowly and carefully. It must not look like an attack!”