Rycco-Cordilian War Retcons

As most of you know, the Rycco-Cordilian War needs to go through some revisions as Doge Land no longer exists. Briefly mentioned with @Ryccia, The war’s location has been shifted to Ikaranara, but due to this, the war’s course needs to be dramatically shifted. New battleplans as well as a more detailed course to the war need to be developed. Why am I doing this on the forums and not in the discord? It being on the forums makes information easier to access since the main reason i’ve started this topic is for the benefit of the Wiki page.


Nice! I might actually flesh out Weisserstein’s involvement and make it actually do stuff, since during the RP I did basically nothing lol


I would like to start out by asking @Ryccia how far they would have wanted the Ryccians to push into Ikaranara.


Given that Ryccia would’ve concentrated its forces on Ikaranara in that instance, I think there would’ve been a deeper push into Ikaranarean territory.



(Sorry for old map)

The first day, Ryccian forces catch the Ikaranareans off guard and make a rapid advance into Ikaranara, albeit with heavy resistance. By the end of the day the front has stabilized, but Imperus and in particular Ikerea have been compromised and the Ryccians have plans to encircle Imperus. Luckily, as fresh troops arrive and civilian resistance begins to grow in scale, the Ryccians are pushed back by the 5th day of the war as coalition forces spill in.

Losavral Militia with Ikaranarean troops embedded in them unexpectedly begin to push into Ryccia as Losavra declares war, compromising the Ryccian troops (and perhaps opening up a southern front that leads to the isolation of Arkia and Icelast) on the 6th day. By the 7th, coalition forces have started to push into Ryccia on two fronts.


This would also mean the push to aurora should be shifted from somewhere else. Unless we can have an ikaranaran blitzkrieg


It’s likely that we could end up pushing from both Terelia and Ikaranara as forces threatening to envelop the Ryccians forces them to fall back in order to stabilize their lines.


(and everyone else)

Current timeline of events:

1st day, Ryccian troops unexpectedly pour into Ikaranara. LoC and Ikaranara declare a state of war. Ikaranarean diplomatic backtalks for Losavral aid commense.

2nd through 5th. Ikaranara, unprepared, loses ground to Ryccian troops. As Ryccia gets further into Ikaranara, however, resistance grows steeply and Ikaranarean soldiers show greater resolve. By the fith they are in a stalemate outside of Ikaera that eventually turns to the benefit of the Ikaranareans and allies as coalition forces spill in.

6th. Losavra declares war. Irregular troops with professional Ikaranarean troops embedded threaten to partially encircle Ryccian forces who weren’t expecting this, forcing Ryccia to fall back in order to stabilize the line. This allows coalition forces to hit hard and fast, pushing the Ryccians back into their own territory. The coalition then starts a counter-invasion of Ryccian territory, in the first “Xorostral” offensive.

Undefined: Coalition forces use Losavra as a jump point to potentially cut Ryccia in half. They might not make it to Icelast (unless deployment from Sugovia happens, but we’d have to confirm that with Weisserstein and Sugovia) but a bombing campaign of Ryccian military bases down there may ensue.

Coalition forces take Aurora.

Potential other stuff.


Well, since I was mentioned I might as well put my thoughts on this. I may or may not change Sugovia’s position on the war, but for now, keeping to Sugovia’s neutral stance throughout the entire course of the war, and factoring in things like the Weissersteiner-Sugovian Friendship Accords (or WeSFA), here are three plausible scenarios:

• Scenario 1: Sugovia remains fully neutral, allows Weissersteiner troops to go through its territory into Losavra for the offensive

• Scenario 2: Sugovia allows Weissersteiner troops to use its territory for an offensive into southern Ryccia

• Scenario 3: Sugovia joins the war under the pretext of WeSFA’s Mutual Defense Clause, however that would mean Weisserstein itself attacked by Ryccia

Now, Sugovia might be a bit more hesitant to allow other LoC countries to deploy troops within its borders. The LoC wasn’t exactly well received by the international community when the war started and Sugovia might’ve shared such sentiments. Also, while I’m unsure yet and it hasn’t been established yet, there may have been tensions which were a product of the Cold War, which brought Sugovia to have problems with letting LoC states besides Weisserstein (and possibly Ikaranara) to move troops into their territory

But again, I haven’t fully decided on what I want Sugovia to do in this war yet so things might change


After a bit of consideration, and unless something changes (like Ryccia suddenly nuking Kaiserslicht or something) I’ve decided to have Sugovia take scenario 2½. As in, Sugovia would allow Weissersteiner troops to use it’s territory as a staging ground for operations in southern Ryccia. The ½ part would be Sugovian troops bumping alongside Weissersteiner forces, however they would be using Weissersteiner uniforms and equipment. I’ll leave the rest, including map of the troops, to @Weisserstein

Besides that, I should also inform that the Milizkraft, Sugovia’s reserve force, would nearly double in size from 25,000 to 45,000 due to the war


I will also remark that the chemical attack to Huawan is a turning point for other countries to join in

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So, after me and Sugo discussed about the Rycco-Cordilian War, here’s what we came up with.

P.S: I totally didn’t forgot about this



Main Objective - cut off portions of Southern Ryccia, place pressure of Junta forces in the south. Diverge attention of Ryccian forces from the Xorostral Offensive

Secondary Objective:
A. Capture the city of Icelast
B. Capture the city of Arkia

Proposed timeline:

Day 1–3 - Weissersteiner forces build up in the Rycco-Sugovian border

Day 4–6 - Weisserstein declares war in solidarity with Ikaranara and the LoC, the Luftwaffe begins conducting sorties on southern Ryccia. Weissersteiner forces begin offensive to cut off southern Ryccia

Day 6 - as the first “Xorostral” offensive takes place, Weissersteiner forces launches Operation Autumn Corridor to help diverge Junta forces from the Ikaranara-Losavra front


-Weissersteiner forces establish air superiority (possibly with help from other LoC allies) in southern Ryccia

-Luftkavalleriekorps, or the Air Cavalry Corps, establishes a beachhead into Icelast, followed by forces deployed in the Semigarian Mountain Range

-Weissersteiner forces eventually cuts off the Junta forces in southern Ryccia (sometime nearing the end of the war, perhaps?)

-Status of the capture of Icelast and Arkia is up for discussion