Rules of Agrippa-259

This thread documents all rules placed on the canon.

Claim rules are in the map thread

The golden rule of Agrippa is respect the tech level and canon. Godplaying will not be tolerated and will always result in mod intervention. We’re here to all have fun.


Hyperlanes are intended to be the dominant form of travel in the cluster. Because of that the following things apply:

  • hyperlanes are the simplest form of FTL tech and because of that likely the first discovered by most nations. Specialized equipment is necessary though to transit hyperlanes so smaller objects like missiles/torpedos can’t transit them without a transfer vehicle.
  • hyperlane travel requires very little energy
  • full hyperlanes take only a few second to traverse, tattered ones (the ones connecting non system objects, depicted on the map as dashed lines) take longer, approximately 2 to 3 hours, because of safety measures, in which time the ship traveling can be attacked (most of the time is spent calculating a safe trajectory).

Interdimensional FTL is not allowed, but realspace FTL is, though it requires a lot of energy and access to negative mass so it is very high level and expensive tech, and isn’t common and should be used sparingly (mod intervention will happen if someone uses it in a not balanced way). The maximum speed for this kind of ftl is 2 light years per hour.

Regarding in system travel full freedom is granted here as long as it doesn’t exceed the speed of 1 astronomical unit per hour for ships, and 5 astronomical unit per hour for torpedos/missiles


Roleplayers have freedom to interact with NPNs at will and use them in any way they want, but their lore must be respected and major things (like a war for example) need to be approved by mods (aka me!).

More rules as i remember them or as they’re needed will be added here


Rule patch 1.1

Clarified rules regarding objects transiting hyperlanes and the speed of torpedos