RMB Debate Days Topic Submission

Hello! For those of you who don’t know, I’m Legend, otherwise know as Dan, NAD, or simply New American Dictatorship. As the Minister of Culture MoC, I promised you RMB Debate Days (Info Dispatch), and I’m here to deliver. This page is here for you to recommend each weeks debate topic, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

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For the first RMB Debate Day, we’ve had to push it back to Monday the 23rd due to reasons you’ll be hearing about soon. Therefore, I’m not able to say how this system will work every week, but I’ll give you an overview for this first one:

From today, Tuesday the 17th (EST) through Thursday the 19th, you’ll be able to suggest topic ideas. Then, on Thurdsay, I’ll post a poll on this page to see what the most popular topics of the week are. From there, we’ll run a poll from Friday the 20th through Sunday the 22nd to choose the topic for the first debate!

Suggestions start… now!!!


Everyone, today is the last (full) day to submit topics for the first RMB Debate day. If we don’t reach three topics by a certain time tomorrow, the upcoming PM elections will automatically be made a potential topic, maybe even the only potential topic.

So come on everybody, I need you to start suggesting!

Drystar’s topic suggestion:


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Alright, since we got a topic submission, I think we’ll just go with that for our first debate, happening October 23rd!

Read the guidelines and get ready to debate to role of the government in TSP (and that means all of TSP)!!! If you want Drystar’s exact, unparaphrased topic idea, you can find that here :slight_smile:

Well timed, given the election!

Great timing for a topic, awful timing for advertising XD

The topic submissions for the debate of Monday the 30th are starting out strong! Drystar once again has suggested the first debate topic: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

I’d also like to suggest a debate topic:
Should microtransactions exist?

A bit late posting this, but still technically on time :stuck_out_tongue:
You can vote for the Monday the 30th debate topic in this poll from now (Friday the 27th) to Sunday the 29th

  • Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
  • Should microtransactions exist?
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Sorry for forgetting to open this, uh, yeah, debate topic submissions are open

My topic submission is: are the deterrents of nuclear weapons worth the risk?

Sorry, elections threw me a bit off track. Topic submissions for the Sunday the 19th debate are now open!

Debate topic submission: Are indie productions the future of media?

Debate topic submission: What should the legal drinking age be?

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Sunday the 19th debate topic vote

  • Are indie productions the future of media?
  • What should the legal drinking age be?
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Just a btw, all rmb debates for the foreseeable future will be on sundays

Debate Topic Submission: Are Human Rights Universal or Culturally Relative?

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Debate Topic Submission: should voting be mandatory?

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Sunday the 26th RMB Debate Topic Vote (sorry that I forgot to post this, my internal calendar is shot and I was busy this morning)

  • Are Human Rights Universal or Culturally Relative?
  • Should Voting be Mandatory?
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