Rhaynan Design Firm for Orizontas Seria Space Station and Possible Cordilian Cooperation

The Rhaynan Government, the Space and Aeronautics Rhaynan Administration and the Ministry of Science of Rhayna have decided to offer a firm by the value $150M for the design of a new module for the expansion of the Orizontas Seria Space Station.

The SARA will consider design, weight, size, functionality, reliability, price of construction and simplicity of the design, among other factors, and will only accept designs of LoC members.

(ooc: I will take in account also how realistic is the design and how much information for the design its supplied, the more the better. If some information is unspecified or too unrealistic, the design will possibly be subjected to redesign)

**Country of origin:**
**Image:** (a simple drawing will be enough, but it will be appreciated the effort on the design, labeling, etc)

**Propulsion (if present):**
**Energy production:**
**Telemetry systems**
**Fuel capacity:**
**Docking port number:**
**Docking port location:**
**Additional/special information (optional):**

(Also here are some ideas of things you can add to the module to make it look realistic)