Reviving the Card Program (a.k.a. SPACE)

Any bank loss caused by gifting can be handled by selling or even junking cards that aren’t valuable enough for donation rewards (especially epic, there are a flood of epics here, way more than we ever need, junking most of them once all the rewards have been given out seems like the way to go atm) or bank transfer from SPACE’s administrative members (One person with a farm can make enough bank junking stuff in a run to pay for like a month of this). The government can technically request a lot of cards for other rewards leaving us no cards to junk but we can explicitly deny those requests to meet internal goals.

Don’t really understand most of this but I can help as much as I can. You can keep any rewards I get and put them back in the program.

Honestly, I had fun farming and donating this month! I do think that a good long-term goal would be better card farming guides. For example, it’s not so bad for me just donating to SPACE but I still have no idea how bank transfers work :sweat_smile: and some of my scripts are ones I hacked together myself because there are a lot of them on the cards Discord and I find it a bit hard to search sometimes.

I do want to see this program succeed if for no other reason than the number of government institutions already getting rewards from SPACE :stuck_out_tongue:. Perhaps we could have awards of some sort, or if there were some way to track the leaderboards throughout each month that could help incentivize participation. I just think it’s very common to see parts of our government giving away cards right now and it would be nice to showcase the people farming those cards.

I’m curious also how things felt from the administrative side! I think I went into this with some general ideas about card farming but part of me isn’t sure if I was all that helpful (see: donating 16 epics and no legendaries because I kind of underestimated how rare legs are :stuck_out_tongue:).

There are already well-written guides for card farming so we are covered on that front. It is just a matter of copy/paste and editing existing materials for our needs. I am still not clear what the most efficient farming pipeline is though. The mentorship thing can just be a list of experienced traders for contacting or a general “ask if you dont know” or something similar.

I would say just a dispatch listing the recipients is enough, the card rewards are the real trophy with real value.

Adminstrative side is as simple as it can be, no scripts were used, everything was done with google forms and spreadsheets.

Leg count can be boosted if you have a lot of puppets and use scripts to go through them. With a set of 100 puppets + 1 hour of farming your odds are high.

Sure…but are they accessible? Easy to find? And do we have like some sort of SPACE dispatch? Sorry, I’ve been out of the loop on this.

No, SPACE exists solely as an experiment for now. Which mean there is no formal paperwork or guide anywhere rather than what I’ve written here. There are existing materials like DGES’s card guide and a bunch of related dispatches. There is no central location for these so when we launch the program for public use we will definitely have to make it. The existing card guides are a little bit too verbose so I intend to make something simpler but still shares the same content.

At the risk of grave digging, I want to get an update on the status of SPACE and whether the momentum is still there?

I was too busy to write up an analysis now. But overall, I think the thing worked quite well. You can expect me to post something long here with a future plan in a week or so.