Return of Jamun-Hotep

important storyline for Khamea if you are not the Khamea player then do not get involved

At the base of the massive pyramid of Jamun-hotep
The armies of the ancient rival of Jamun-hotep, Juuh where waiting there, their magicians where preparing their magic for today the army of Juuh was to destroy the pyramid due to rumors that someone intended to break the seal the gods put on the pyramid to keep Jamun-Hotep sleeping
Inside the burial chamber of Jamun-Hotep
Djihaunti-Hotep who was the chief of the house of magic for the entire long reign of Jamun-Hotep was poking around the ancient chamber looking for the seal. In life he had served no other and through undeath he refused to serve others. He now intended to serve his lord one last time by releasing him.
He found it and with a quick strike of his mace the seal was broken and his soul faded away.

At the base of the massive pyramid of Jamun-hotep
A great burst of golden light burst forth from the pyramid and covered the surrounding sky as the seal broke. Out of fear of his majesty all but Juuh fell to their knees in submission. After only a few moment Jamun-Hotep burst forth from the pyramid and slammed the blade of his sword through the chest of Juuh whilst he shouted one word “WARRRRRRRRRRR” and in that moment all of Khamea trembled

Juma begins preparations
Inside the ancient city of Juma the many leaders who once fought over it are preparing together for a battle against Jamun-Hotep. The red charioteers of Heuhk are prepared for battle outside the gate and they have assistance from the golden spear men of Naar who form two units and finally from the blue bow legions of Naar. The gates are guarded by a whole set of different units and in the center of the city the command efforts are lead by the many lords that reside there.

Jamun-Hotep’s pyramid stirs
Since the 3rd dynasty each pyramid has had compartments added under them where the most loyal units and units selected would all end up having their troops buried and inside Jamun-Hotep’s pyramid some of the fiercest warriors in all of Khamean history are buried there. The inside of the pyramid of Jamun-Hotep stirs as the units begin to awaken and equip as they know that the first thing their awakened king would want is battle. Outside the pyramid the units of Juuh’s former army are busy busting open areas for the buried army to emerge as the units not digging protect the rear. Jamun-Hotep thirsts to reconquer Khamea but to start he must return to his home city of Juma

12 in the morning a furious battle has begun
Outside the gates of Juma
The crest of the hill is filled with ancient bodies as the legions of Jamun-Hotep march on. The archer of his army are the crest of the hill but none fire. In an unexpected move the arrow fire comes from the west and east as the nimble chariot legions of Juma-Hotep do their work. Then from the hill come spearmen who charge down hill and even with their strongest will the spearmen crush the enemy and those remaining bow in submission. Jamun-Hotep steps up to the gates and begins casting an ancient and intricate spell to destroy them.

Inside Juma
The leaders in charge of defense where scrambling for a plan, especially Naar who is the great-grandson of Juman-Hotep. The general defense was being establish as the gate dissolved soon a the inside of the ancient city would see war.

Armies rush into Juma
Chaos overran those ancient walls of that decaying city. One name was on the mind of that whole city, Jamun-Hotep, the ancient king. His chariots rushed around the streets, his arrows fell upon enemies, it was him. Jamun-Hotep rode to the ancient temple of Jamun where he could renew his strength. He walked past the ancient pillars and pylons before he entered the gate to the inner sanctuary, there he found a bandaged form that quickly kneeled to him “Who are you?” he asked the man with a furious voice. The man replied “I am Naar your great-grandson, I yield, please spare me” he said beggingly, Jamun-Hotep then raised his sword and sliced through his heart “No traitor is spared” he said angrily. Soon Jamun-Hotep would be upon the statue of the silent serpent god and then
He could recharge his powers.

From the city a bright light arose
All around Juma the light surrounded, the fighting ceased as all fell to their knees in fear. Emerging from the temple of Jamun, Jamun-Hotep began running to his palace. His khopesh burning with fire he destroyed all the rebel lords in front of him, uniting his ever growing force they had to cross the river to capture the port city of Hekqwet.
Inside Hekqwet
Inside the city the son of Naar sat, Uatchd-Hotep. The great-great-grandson of Jamun-Hotep did not fear though for he was the last living human of Khamea. Uatchd had been to great green void where magic users risked there exile and in recent years he returned. He saw much and learned much in that dangerous dimension and was now ready For all out war

War raged
The ancient city was surrounded by war but Jamun-Hotep left that up to his commanders as he marched up the stairs to the ancient house of governor’s which had been converted into a poorly built palace. Jamun-Hotep raised his khopesh in anger and gazed at the living being “I will spare your rare example of life if you submit to me” he shouted commandingly at Uatchd-Hotep who sat calmly on his throne. Uatchd-Hotep raised his magic staff and with a few words, a impossibility in Khamean spell, He forced the blade from Jamun-Hotep’s hand. Instead of the fear that Uatchd-Hotep had hoped for Jamun-Hotep’s mind boiled with rage. It was said that in the moment of that fire of Jamun-Hotep’s rage had even scared the gods, for with the outreach of a single hand Jamun-Hotep’s flaming blade suddenly flew to him. Jamun-Hotep leaped across the room and with an angry strike had almost touched the flesh of his enemy. Uatchd-Hotep then called out the name of a god it was thought forbidden to call out in spells, Uatchd. The spell began to shatter the mind of Jamun-Hotep as reality began to warp around him. Jamun-Hotep could feel the blows of Uatchd-Hotep but could not sense him. Jamun-Hotep fell ever and ever back as reality for him fell apart. Fear, an emotion he never felt before began to creep into his mind. Jamun-Hotep began to unravel fully as fear set in. His mind was racing. He felt like a baby, for he felt defenseless. Every blow from his enemy broke him more, he would die soon he knew it. His boney arms began to give into pressure and his knees bent closer to the floor. His head bowled almost like a form of submission but just his amulet of Jamun fell off in front of him. His will forced his mind back together as he picked up his blade and with a quick strike burned the flesh on Uatchd-Hotep’s left shoulder to a crisp. Scared of the will of Jamun-Hotep, Uatchd-Hotep began to call on the god that had rebirthed him.