Resimulation of IUFA History

Hello peeps,

if you have followed my comments on Discord over the last 5-6 months, you will have noticed, that most of my energy went into our roleplay football tournaments.
If you aren’t aware for some reason, we hold (association) football tournaments every year, alternating between men’s and women’s world cups. A tradition started off by Qwert in 2017, which has been mostly kept up with until now. Later this year, the roleplay will continue as the Frost Empire hosts another women’s world cup.

At the end of last year however, something was noticed and noted: Why does our roleplay have a FIFA equivalent, the IUFA, but not continental confederations? How exactly do we deal with the fact, that there are nations coming and going in our roleplay? How can we create and keep some consistency with our world cups and is it possible to retrofit our history, so we can maybe finally write down good and realistic wiki articles about Pacifican football?
An answer to all those questions was supposed to be given by a resimulation of our world cups and a retcon of our football history to include football confederations with their own tournaments. As I already laid out though, I had to make a cut at the point, where we started to actually roleplay our tournaments, because the canon history cannot really get tied together with the retconned history, but I hope that this is not too much of a problem, as we are vague in some other instances as well and maybe, just maybe, we don’t need to explain everything, whether we talk about why our economies are so inflated or why our football history only makes full sense until 2016.

Here you have a link to a Google Drive folder containing all currently available stats for our current men’s football canon. To read the XML-file you will need the program Xkoranate. I will create an easier to read and cleaned up version (meaning a version, where e.g. Bailtemmic Hazelia doesn’t exist anymore) in a not-so-distant future as well as calculate the women’s statistics. I hope you can cut me some slack and understand, that I want to focus on some other IRL and IRP things for a few days, maybe a few weeks, before I go back to this again.

Once I have a clean version of all data up, applications to take over placeholders with your nation will be possible. Until then, I ask everyone to still be a little patient and am sorry for any inconvenience or annoyance I cause with all of this.