Resignation as Minister of Engagement

I, Doge Land, resign as Minister of Engagement, effective immediately.

Instead of waiting for a recall vote with a result already decided, I have decided to raise the white flag now. I have decided that being Minister of Engagement is not worth committing political suicide over.

I had drive and determination at the beginning of the term to get things done, however, reasons—some personal, some not—prevented me from achieving my campaign goals. And now that I have the time, my drive and determination to get things done is gone. I have decided to hand the torch over to someone else, in the hopes that they will be able to restore the MoE in ways I was unable to.

I apologize to everyone I gave aggressive remarks to in the Office of the Cabinet thread. I was not thinking straight and I was letting my emotions take control, when I should be guided by reason when acting in official Cabinet matters.

Thank you for reading.
-doge land