Resident Spotlight: Kotoha Tanaka

Hi there! We’re back for another Resident Spotlight. You can find last week’s here.

Editor’s note: This is my reaction to last week’s topic reactions.

It’s super nice to be here to be here with @Shibuya-Kanon, or Kotoha Tanaka, or Sakurakouji Kinako, or Divine Spirit Mausoleum, or any number of other names of the South Pacific’s favorite Idol. Thanks for being here with me!

Ah, you’re welcome! I do have several aliases due to several characters being my favourite, haha.

Fair enough! I know you’re a big fan of Love Live and various parts of the Idolmaster franchise, and we’ll definitely explore a bit more of that, but I think it’d be nice to start off with what got you interested in NationStates in the first place, and what made you stick around for so long?

I actually got into NS back in 2013 from the Alternate History Wikia (now Fandom) community! Someone there decided to start a region for peeps from the Wikia, so I decided to join! I chose to go with Divine Spirit Mausoleum since I was a fan of Touhou 13: Ten Desires at the time.
Though that group on NS didn’t last long, so I soon moved to another small community here (which has been inactive for years, and am still guarding the region today!).

As for what made me stick with being here, it was the amount of nations I can have (though I didn’t make much puppets back then as I do now) and also the ideas I had for nations I made (even if most of my writing never comes into fruition, though I do constantly come up with stories and such in my head!!).
Plus the first two or three z-days were fun. Though I was more or less dormant for a good chunk until cards came along, which I found revived my interest to the game (though the S2 extension did drain me again later on… until S3 finally showed up!!).

I even had a few of my nations cte, which I later revived and gave new flags too haha.

Interesting. I’ve never known someone who stuck around because of the number of nations they could create, but that’s a totally valid reason to keep playing! What made you decide to join TSP after such a long time?

As for why I went with TSP… I’d have to thank Konsa to be honest. I know collecting anime cards had many other competitors from all three seasons, but S3 was especially noticeable early on. I did eventually wanted to negotiate about me letting have two cards I placed heavy bids on (also anime cards) so I decided to hang out on TSP RMB for a bit and getting to know others. And seeing the community there at the time, well I decided to stick around in general.

Everyone was pretty friendly too which was another reason.

It’s always good to hear about our community being especially friendly, especially when it comes to something as cutthroat as cards. Big thanks to Konsa!

If you were in charge for a day, what would you do?

What a fun and interesting question! Let’s see:

  • Love Live theme everywhere (with a little other themes from IM@S and glass)! Either Sayaka Murano or Setsuna Yuki would be featured on the TSP flag for a day (with a galaxy theme)!

  • The SPSF would be renamed slightly. Superstar would replace Special for a day. Also the flag for that would feature Shizuku Osaka, with galaxy theme and crystal glass in the bg).

  • Chocolates are also a regional thing like SPIT (ft Chiyoko Sonoda).

  • SPIT must be served in a Martini Glass, no other cups/glass.

  • Watching the night skies inside a blanket fort would be a major theme (not sure where else to fit this, but it’s a mention).

  • Events throughout the day would include: Watching Love Live (Nijigasaki and Superstar), (I’d say Idolmaster too but Million Live won’t happen until October this year, with Shiny Colours happening even later than that in 2024), and at night stargazing or shows about/relating to galaxies or space, and maybe a game event!

Also an 2 hour music listening event, with several idol music and some music from my favourite games!

Hmmm. I don’t know if SPIT should be served in such a small container as a Martini glass. It’s a lot of material to fit in there, but I look forward to trying out several iterations to see what works best!

The rest of it is a pretty good idea, and I might steal some of those ideas myself . . .

Here’s a difficult question: Favorite song from Love Live, or in general?

Oh yeah… super difficult (and changes a lot).
I’d say my favourite right now would be Do! Do! Do! from Mira-Cra Park (Hasunosora):
(YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music)
Second up would be Beginner’s Rock!! (Kinako Sakurakoji’s solo):
(YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music)

Good times. Okay, final question. Cake or pie, and why?

Pie! I’m a fan of the Hersey’s Sundae pie from BK, and also you can’t spell Pie without the numbers Pi and e! (but cakes good too tbh, but leaning towards pie haha)

Well, thank you for joining me, Kotoha! Massive thanks to everything you do here in TSP, from the SPSF to spreading Love Live cheer!

You’re welcome! I’m happy to be here, and am having lots of fun in the SPSF!!

Stay tuned for the next Resident Spotlight. . .