Requests for Rhaynan Diplomatic Missions

Here you can request to have the new Rhaynan president go to your irp nation to have a meeting with your head of state or other government members. Just write:

- The name of your nation
- The head of state or government member in question
- The irp date (just make sure it isn’t the same as another request)


- The reason for the meeting.

You can also DM me, don’t expect me to answer right away or start the roleplay the same day tho.


Nation: The United Kingdoms Of Emerald and Denver
Head Of State: King Joshua VII
Date: May 11th, 2023

Reason: The LoC and Starhawk Pact concerning Cimbria, Free Trade between both alliances, and discussing Joint Military Bases between the LoC and the Starhawk Pact.

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Nation: The Republic of Evinea
Head of State: President Aziz Traore
Date: June 24, 2023

Reason: Establishment of diplomatic relations

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